Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 858 - Bastard

Chapter 858 Bastard

Hidden in a dark corner, Ye Qingtang could not help but facepalm as that midget’s acting was overly exaggerated.

However, what surprised Ye Qingtang was that the midget consumed a certain elixir, and his current height was about two meters tall. He seemed rather muscular and was completely different from the earlier image of a midget.

Ye Qingtang could not understand one thing though: the midget was already masked and wrapped in a black robe. Thus, there was simply no way of seeing his face. Why did he need to change his build as well? Was he this afraid of being recognized by the students from the Supreme Academy?

“Hahaha, you all are stuck in this Shun Tian Formation and will not be able to escape even if you all have wings!” Disguised as a black-robed person, the midget stared at the young people in the formation and cackled coldly.

“How hateful!”

“You are a despicable and shameless lowly person! How dare you mount a sneak attack on us with an Array Formation In A Talisman! And you still don’t dare to face us with your true appearance! What kind of hero are you?!”

“Retract the Shun Tian Formation if you are a figure. If you have the capability, release us and let us have a battle with you. If we are defeated, we will have no complaints dying!”

“Humph. Full of crap. I didn’t say that I’m a hero either. Today, you all will die in my hands, and it can only be said that all of you Supreme Academy people are useless and unable to withstand a single blow.” The midget scoffed.



“How dare you insult my Supreme Academy!”

In the Shun Tian Formation, the Supreme Academy disciples were towering with rage and desperately wanted to chop that black-robed person into pieces. Yet, they were unable to escape from the formation.

After saying that sentence, the black-robed person cast a discreet look at where Ye Qingtang was hiding at. They clearly agreed that after he said that line, Ye Qingtang would walk out from the dark and pretend to be a senior sister from the Supreme Academy… Why was there still no movement?

“You, Supreme Academy students, are all useless and unable to withstand a single blow! Completely useless!” the midget said again but with a louder voice.


“Bastard! If you have the guts, let us out from the Shun Tian Formation, and you can see for yourself if we, Supreme Academy disciples, are useless or not!

“You are a lowly person who can only use such underhanded means. You don’t even have a sense of shame and still dare to make such big talk shamelessly!”

Hearing that the black-robed person repeat what he said before again, all of the Supreme Academy students exploded with fury.

The midge frowned and scanned the dark corner ahead, but there was still no movement.

“Cough cough… Cough Cough… You, Supreme Academy students, are a bunch of useless people and cannot withstand a single blow!!” The midget shouted loudly.

“Cough cough cough cough!! You, Supreme Academy students, are all useless…” At this moment, the midget was close to shouting himself hoarse.

At the same time, Ye Qingtang, who was hidden in the dark, looked at the midget strangely.

“Is… he crazy?” Ye Qingtang muttered. His acting skills were so exaggerated that it was an unbearable sight.

“I think it should be you who made him crazy.” The little white tiger in Ye Qingtang’s arms suddenly spoke.

“I made him crazy?” Ye Qingtang pointed at herself instinctively with a questioning expression. “What has this to do with me?”

The little white tiger inched closer to Ye Qingtang and licked its paws. “So when do you think you should go out and accompany him with this show?”

Ye Qingtang was immediately stupefied when she heard the little white tiger.

At that instant, the midget was roaring at the top of his lungs. “You, Supreme Academy students, are a bunch of useless people… Unable to withstand a blow…”

“Damn you! Are you done?!”

“Let us out if you have the guts!”

“Bastard! You already said it over ten times! What is your intention!”

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