Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 859 - Find A Hole To Hide In

Chapter 859 Find A Hole To Hide In

“Useless people from the Supreme Academy…”

The midget screamed at the top of his lungs, and his voice was already a little hoarse.

However, before the midget finished speaking, Ye Qingtang walked out from the dark slowly with the little white tiger.

“Who said that the Supreme Academy does not have anyone!” Ye Qingtang took a step forward and reached the midget’s side immediately.

“Ah, it’s you… You finally came!” Seeing that Ye Qingtang was here, the midge immediately pointed at Ye Qingtang and spoke.

“Your line is wrong…” Ye Qingtang moved her lips without a sound.

“Cough cough… Ah, it’s you. You’re actually here!” The midget corrected himself immediately.

“F*ck. Can you not repeat your line?” The little white tiger looked at the midget helplessly. Ling Yan was so intelligent, but why did he have such a subordinate…

At the same time, the disciples in the Shun Tian Formation looked at Ye Qingtang one by one with surprised expressions.

Ye Qingtang was wearing the Supreme Academy student’s uniform from a few batches earlier.

“Ha… Do you know who I am?” Ye Qingtang looked at the midget, and her lips curled up into a devilish smile.

“Of course I know. You are Ye Qingtang, one of the insanely-talented disciples from three batches earlier who was directly managed by the Supreme Academy’s President. You have frightening martial gifts and are a super powerful figure. I never thought that you would appear here. I never thought that I would actually be able to see such a talented disciple like you in my lifetime. Humph! Am I right?” The midget scoffed coldly.

The corner of Ye Qingtang’s lips twitched a little. Can… she say no…

The midget’s extremely exaggerated way of expression almost caused Ye Qingtang to leave directly.

Furthermore, did this midget just say her name? The lines that they practiced earlier on did not use her real name…

Not mentioning Ye Qingtang, even the little white tiger could not help but shut his ears.

“Why aren’t you talking? Don’t think that you can be condescending just because you’re an insanely-talented disciple from the formidable Supreme Academy. I am not one with an undeserved reputation!” The midget said while giving Ye Qingtang a look, signaling her to follow up with her line.

“Humph, don’t think that you can be condescending just because…”

Nonetheless, before the midget finished his sentence, Ye Qingtang hurriedly waved a hand to interrupt him. “That’s right. It’s me.”

“Good. It’s you. You finally admitted! Come on, let me take a look at your brilliance!” The midget stared at Ye Qingtang and put on an extremely exaggerated stance as though he was ‘confronted by a formidable enemy’. year

Ye Qingtang could point to the sky and swear that if not for the current circumstances, she would definitely turn around and leave.

“Come on! Come on!” the midget said and curled his index finger at Ye Qingtang.


Unable to bear it anymore, Ye Qingtang immediately unsheathed her black sword, exuding a strange gleam.

“This… Just the force of unsheathing the sword is so powerful already… You!”

Before Ye Qingtang attacked, the midget’s face was filled with horror as he retreated backward.

Both Ye Qingtang and the little white tiger were speechless.

“You… Could this sword be the legendary Executed Immortal Sword?!” The midget shouted in alarm as he stared at the long sword in Ye Qingtang’s hand.

“This is called the Regicide Sky Blade!” Ye Qingtang was at the end of her patience.

“What! It’s the Regicide Sky Blade! Could this… be the legendary Heaven-level divine weapon!” The midget’s expression was even more horrified.

Ye Qingtang sighed immediately. “An imitation.”

Even if she was an insanely-talented disciple from the Supreme Academy, it was impossible for her to possess a Heaven-level divine weapon. Thus, she could only correct him helplessly.

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