Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 15 - Won't Sell Tiger Cubs

Chapter Ch15 - Won’t Sell Tiger Cubs

Lin Xuanzhi skilfully cooked for Yan Tianhen while Yan Tianhen watched from a side with wide eyes and stared unblinkingly.

“When did Dage learn how to cook?” Yan Tianhen quickly discerned Lin Xuanzhi’s standard; just by the way he held the knife Yan Tianhen could tell that Lin Xuanzhi was better than him.

Lin Xuanzhi casually said, “A long time ago.”

Yan Tianhen was a bit puzzled, a long time ago? When he was still in Profound Sky Sect?

Profound Sky Sect actually made their own disciplines cook for themselves, that wasn’t very nice.

Yan Tianhen didn’t dare to mention Profound Sky Sect, because every time he mentioned Lin Xuanzhi’s ex-sect, it would make Lin Xuanzhi very unhappy.

Yan Tianhen felt like a heavy stone was crushing his heart, and he was as anxious as an ant on a hot stove. After he hesitated for awhile, he finally plucked up the courage to say, “Dage, those two tiger cubs, I only sold one of them for 500 gold. After the beast tamer who buys beasts found out that I had another tiger cub, he gave me another 500 gold as a deposit. I couldn’t bear to sell the other cub, so he said that if I returned the money to him within three days, he would treat the 500 gold deposit as a loan.”

Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, “Tomorrow I’ll accompany you to go find that beast tamer.”

Yan Tianhen immediately tensed up. He pinched the edge of his sleeves, looked at Lin Xuanzhi and pleaded, “Dage, can we not sell the remaining tiger cub? I can take up three more jobs to earn money, plus Daddy left behind quite a bit of money. You can take it as I borrowed the money from Dage&#k2013; you can even make me write an IOU!”

Lin Xuanzhi knew that this silly boy had completely misunderstood him.

Yan Tianhen’s probably thinking, that he would choose to sell the other tiger cub too?

Actually he never thought of selling the tiger cubs at all, in his past life, Yan Tianhen never mentioned anything to him regarding this matter. After he discovered that Yan Tianhen had hidden the remaining tiger cub at the back of the mountains, he took the tiger cub and directly gave it to the Han Yuran who had shown up at his doorstep requesting for it.

Lin Xuanzhi remembers, Yan Tianhen had sobbed very pitifully at that time, and for the first time ever he didn’t approach Lin Xuanzhi for three whole days. For the Yan Tianhen at that time, that was an extremely rare occurrence.

Lin Xuanzhi abhorred his past self, is there anyone else under the sun who’s more heartless than him?

Lin Xuanzhi put out the crystal fire he used for cooking, then seriously said to the pleading Yan Tianhen, “Ah Hen, I’m not going to find him to sell the other tiger cub, but to redeem our tiger cub that was sold.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes widened instantly and thought that he had heard wrongly, “What? You want to redeem it? But it would cost 1500 gold! If you were to spend all your savings now, what would you do if you urgently need medicinal pills next time? Your body isn’t in a good state now, you can’t stop your intake of medicinal food and pills……”

1500 gold is not a small sum of money even for a Refining Qi stage cultivator.

Even though Lin Xuanzhi still had some magic tools and pills that were of some value on him, but these items were used to hold down the bottom of their box1. Based on Lin Xuanzhi’s current situation of only consuming and not giving out2, if he wants to live out the rest of his life well, then he can’t easily convert these treasures into money and only take them out during critical situations.

Yan Tianhen immediately became anxious. He’s capable of earning money, it’s just that he can’t earn a lot. But in order to upkeep Lin Xuanzhi’s health, they would require high-grade medicinal pills and that was definitely not something Yan Tianhen could afford.

Lin Xuanzhi hadn’t even opened his mouth when Yan Tianhen appeared to have made up his mind and said, “Or…we should just sell the other tiger cub too.”

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and felt a bit helpless as he said, “Ah Hen, I can still afford to pay 1500 gold, or have you not realised that my current body is completely different from before?”

When Yan Tianhen heard his words, he immediately looked Lin Xuanzhi up and down carefully, and Lin Xuanzhi had also removed the disguise that he had set up within his body so that even Yan Tianhen could clearly tell the difference.

After his careful observation, Yan Tianhen was stupefied and almost jumped, “Dage, you seem to have reached the second layer of Refining Qi?”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded slightly and said, “I’ve already broken through Refining Qi second layer, in a few days time I should be able to reach Refining Qi third layer.”

Yan Tianhen’s opened his eyes so big they almost popped out from its sockets.

How, how can this be?

It’s only been one night, and Lin Xuanzhi actually jumped from the first layer to the second, and even more importantly, Lin Xuanzhi had already been diagnosed by the most authoritative medicinal master in the Lin family to be unable to cultivate anymore.

“Did you practice any of the devil’s arts?” Yan Tianhen suddenly thought of a terrifying possibility.

He had heard before that demonic and ghost cultivators didn’t need a Dantian Qi sea to practice their arts, but once they start practicing, their personality will undergo a 180 degree change and become bloodthirsty murderers.

Yan Tianhen was afraid that Lin Xuanzhi would take this unconventional path and become that kind of demonic cultivator.

Lin Xuanzhi patiently said, “No, I didn’t. I’ve already abolished my own Dantian, and restarted cultivating through the path of the craftsman. Simply put, I started cultivating from scratch.”

Yan Tianhen gasped with his mouth wide open, “What Dage meant was that, you’ve changed your cultivation path, and then within one night, your cultivation jumped to Refining Qi stage second layer?”

Lin Xuanzhi was very satisfied with Yan Tianhen’s comprehension ability, then nodded and said, “Exactly so.”

1. Stuff that you use to hold down the bottom of your box is a Chinese phrase to refer to items that are very precious/items that are very meaningful/items that you won’t easily show others/precious family assets etc.↩2. I’m not very sure what the author was trying to say here cause the original phrase directly translated meant “only going in and not out”, so I took it to meant LXZ would only eat all kinds of expensive medicinal items but not offer anything in return because he still can’t cultivate so eventually he’ll go broke↩

T/N: LXZ actually speaks in a very gentlemanly and refined way that I’m not sure can be fully captured in English, and because of his tone, it makes his sarcasm stand out x99999 more LOL

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