Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 16 - Too Strange

Chapter Ch16 - Too Strange

Yan Tianhen swallowed with much difficulty, then said, “Dage, you’re really too amazing, even the best craftsman in the Qi family can’t compare to you.”

Lin Xuanzhi has always had a very steady temperament, but when he hears compliments that come from Yan Tianhen, he can’t help but feel a bit pleased with himself.

“I naturally have some talent for crafting.” Lin Xuanzhi said, “And some of the cultivation methods used by craftsmen do not require a Dantian. I can enhance my soul force through crafting, then my cultivation level will also rise just like that of a magic cultivator1.”

Yan Tianhen was so excited he was at a loss for words. He didn’t even ask what kind of cultivation method Lin Xuanzhi was using, then nodded with all his might and said, “For Dage to return to normal, that’s really great! From now on, no one will dare look down on us and bully us anymore!”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and said, “Yes.”

Not only that, a craftsman is an existence worshipped by the entire Dongzhou2 mainland.

The swords used by swordsmen, the furnaces used by alchemists and the magic tools used by magic cultivators as well as all kinds of offensive and defensive auxiliary tools – all of these depend on craftsmen to be made.

Most of the time, the equipment crafted by craftsmen can be used to determine a cultivator’s true ability.

They are so important that no one on the Dongzhou mainland would belittle a skilful craftsman.

However, a good craftsman is rarely found. Afterall, it could be considered as the end of the magical era right now, so it has been several years since the birth of a magic treasure that could shake the earth and heavens. Also, most of the mighty powers had passed away after the ancient Immortal-Devil War. Countless magic treasures had perished, and because the path of a craftsman is an auxiliary cultivation path, the number of craftsmen had declined rapidly. Today, craftsmen cultivation methods that are above the Profound level can rarely be found in the Dongzhou mainland.

As someone who had been reborn, along with the Revert World Mirror that he had repaired, Lin Xuanzhi had absolute confidence of becoming the number one craftsman.

After he knew that Lin Xuanzhi was no longer a handicap and didn’t need to return to dirt after living for a short hundred years or so, Yan Tianhen felt as happy as he had picked up ten thousand spirit stones for free.

He was so happy that he unwittingly swept clean all the food that had been cooked.

As he saw the empty plates, Yan Tianhen wiped his mouth in embarrassment.

His Dage had not touched the food at all, and was only looking at him eat from start to finish. He actually didn’t notice that his Dage hadn’t eaten, it was really a big mistake on his part.

“Dage, are…are you hungry?” Yan Tianhen scratched his head and asked.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “I’m not hungry, are you full?”

Yan Tianhen nodded, “I’m super full.”

Lin Xuanzhi asked, “How does it taste?”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes lit up as he praised, “Dage, your cooking is amazing! It’s obviously the same vegetables, but how do you make it so good?”

He……” Lin Xuanzhi began laughing, and gently said, “Since you like it, then I’ll cook for you everyday from now on.”

Without waiting for Yan Tianhen to recover from his shock, Lin Xuanzhi continued, “Rest earlier today, tomorrow I’ll bring you out to redeem the tiger cub.”

“Ok.” Yan Tianhen replied in a daze.

After he had snapped out of his daze, he realised that Lin Xuanzhi had already returned to the main room and closed his doors, even the plates on the table were gone.

Yan Tianhen, “……”

This was too strange!

Within the Han residence, Han Yanran pursed her lips and dashed into Han Yuran’s room in a fit of anger.

Han Yuran was preparing to craft an equipment, when he saw Han Yanran, he furrowed his pair of elegant eyebrows and said, “Yanran, do you have any manners? Didn’t I say before that you’re not allowed to come in when I’m crafting?”

1. The chinese term for this is fa xiu (法修), which refers to cultivators who wield the five elements – wood, water, earth, fire and metal. I find the term magic cultivator a bit weird though, but I can’t think of an alternative and I don’t have much exposure to english translated xianxia haha would appreciate it if anyone knew if there was another term for this kind of cultivator!↩

2. Dong = east↩

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