Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 773 - Activating the Grand Array

Chapter 773 - Activating the Grand Array

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Esteemed Lan Yue couldn’t wait to open the scroll. He was a rare person in this period who knew the characters making up the divine script. It didn’t take long before he finished reading the few words on the scroll.

Esteemed Lan Yue’s expression didn’t look very good. “This method is extremely dangerous. If you haven’t mastered it well, the whole Nine Lands will be destroyed in your own hands without the need for evil Qi cultivators. Moreover, no one will be able to escape this catastrophe.”

Yan Tianhen scratched his head. “I didn’t want to use this method at first, but if you look at the current situation, isn’t it the last resort? The evil Qi cultivators are too powerful, and the evil Qi has covered the sky and blocked the sun, which is a hundred times stronger than the evil spirits in Spirit Sect’s era. If we don’t make a move now, once the sparrow spirits are absorbed by the evil Qi cultivators, we can only wait for death.”

In a one-on-one fight, no one would be Sheng Ren’s match.

Even if Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi joined hands to fight, at most, they’d only be able to fight him to a draw. But Sheng Ren wasn’t the only terrifying thing here.

Esteemed Lan Yue also understood this truth. At this time, they needed to have the courage to take risks and give it a go. The matter could no longer be delayed.

Esteemed Lan Yue said, “I’ll notify the rulers of the Nine Lands.”

Yan Tianhen nodded. “Dage and I will find the eye of the Grand Protection Array, and then directly tell the leaders of all circles of the Nine Lands.”

Esteemed Lan Yue paused for a while. “Who did you see in the evil spirit array?”

Yan Tianhen answered, “I saw Dao Zu and many people in the Spirit Sect era.”

Esteemed Lan Yue nodded. “Dao Zu should be the most reliable. Go ahead.”

No one could’ve imagined that the Nine Lands had actually been secretly connected by a huge underground array during Spirit Sect’s era. It went without saying who did that.

Moreover, if Yan Tianhen hadn’t seen the records on the scroll, he would never have thought that the eye of the array was on the Myriad Dao Academy’s Little Penglai Island.

Maybe everything had its own destiny.

Dao Zu was someone who took one step while looking ahead a hundred steps. Although he was no longer alive and although it was extremely likely that he never entered the cycle of reincarnation, he was still determined to spare no effort in order to leave future generations a treasure that could turn the tide for them.

“Once the Grand Protection Array is activated, there will be no going back.” Yan Tianhen remarked, “I wonder how many people will agree with what we’re doing.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him. “At this time, anyone who disagrees can only be killed.”

“How cruel.”

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, “When you see the world being overrun by evil creatures, you won’t feel that it’s cruel anymore.”

Yan Tianhen shrugged and thought of something else. “Dage, if we lose control, and the Nine Lands explode, this will be our last day together.”

When a world explodes, nothing will be able to survive.

Even if a soul remained, it would be bound to be shattered to pieces and turned into dust between Heaven and Earth. In any case, it would be impossible to return to reincarnation.

Lin Xuanzhi embraced Yan Tianhen. He bowed his head and kissed Yan Tianhen gently on the corner of his forehead. “Then let it be the last day. At least we’ll still be together, whether in life or in death. That’s enough for me.”

Yan Tianhen smiled knowingly.

At that moment, a strong evil spirit approached from a distance and getting closer and closer.

Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi drew out their swords at the same time and prepared to fight against it.

Unexpectedly, when it approached, it turned out to be Cangdi Fenglang.

Cangdi Fenglang roared at Yan Tianhen with a pale face, “Where the hell have you been? I thought you were dead!”

Yan Tianhen’s mood was definitely different from before when he saw Cangdi Fenglang. He rubbed his nose, walked forward, stood in front of Cangdi Fenglang, and blinked at him a few times.

Cangdi Fenglang flattened his mouth. “You can only be killed by me. You can’t send your head to other evil Qi cultivators.”

Yan Tianhen raised his hand and Cangdi Fenglang subconsciously retreated a little. The next second, his head was gently rubbed by Yan Tianhen a few times.

Cangdi Fenglang: “???”

Cangdi Fenglang was frightened.

Yan Tianhen said, “I’m sorry.”

Cangdi Fenglang was dumbfounded.

Yan Tianhen said, “I misunderstood you before. Little Lang is a good child, both in the past and in the future. I killed you by mistake. If you hate me and blame me, we’ll settle our private accounts after the culprit is killed. Do you think this is feasible?”

Cangdi Fenglang stammered, “H-How did you know?”

Yan Tianhen said, “Master left an evil spirit array. Dage and I entered the evil spirit array. When we saw the truth many years ago, we knew that the culprit was Sheng Ren, and you were hurt by him.”

Cangdi Fenglang pouted. “Now you know. When you cursed at me and killed me, you never listened to my explanation.”

Yan Tianhen felt even more guilty. “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I’ve always been biased against you.”

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t bear to watch anymore. He came to pull them apart and said to Cangdi Fenglang, “Are you still being controlled by Sheng Ren now?”

Cangdi Fenglang looked at him blankly. “Since when have I been controlled by him? No wait, how can the culprit be Sheng Ren? Isn’t Sheng Ren Master’s younger brother?”

Yan Tianhen: “….”

Lin Xuanzhi: “….”

To be honest, a fool has a fool’s blessings, and ignorance is also a kind of happiness.

Yan Tianhen said earnestly, “Do you still remember that guy who was bitten by you?”

Cangdi Fenglang couldn’t help shivering. “How could I forget? He’s really a bad person.”

Yan Tianhen explained, “That person is Sheng Ren. You bit him and gave him the opportunity to become an evil Qi cultivator. He may have obtained some secret methods and soon became an evil Qi cultivator who brought disaster to the world. This current evil Qi cultivator who’s a hundred times more powerful than you is also Sheng Ren.”

Cangdi Fenglang’s jaw almost dropped in surprise.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, “Are you with us or with Sheng Ren?”

Cangdi Fenglang murmured, “Can’t I be on my own side?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him and didn’t speak.

Cangdi Fenglang came back to his senses. “What if I choose not to participate?”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled gently. “I don’t mind if there’s one less evil Qi cultivator in the world. Although I can’t kill Sheng Ren, it’s not difficult to kill you.”

Cangdi Fenglang: “….”

He shouldn’t be here. He should be in the graveyard.

Cangdi Fenglang had to join.

Yan Tianhen glanced at Cangdi Fenglang. “What about that impostor? Why didn’t he come with you?”

Cangdi Fenglang had an unnatural expression. “He’s angry with me.”

Yan Tianhen asked, “What did you do to him?”

Cangdi Fenglang glanced at him. “I merely said that he’s an impostor, so he shouldn’t delusionally believe that he can replace Shixiong’s position in my heart.”

Yan Tianhen gave Cangdi Fenglang a deep look.

Cangdi Fenglang rolled his eyes.

“That fellow was originally a ghost cultivator. It’s just that he had some memories belonging to Lingyu Shixiong. He didn’t know before, but later I told him that he wasn’t Lingyu. He actually threw a tantrum. He doesn’t even remember who was the one who saved him before.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “Truly scummy.”

Cangdi Fenglang: “…”

To be honest, he felt that Chang Sheng was more than a little biased against him.

With the support of Cangdi Fenglang, the crisis at Myriad Dao Academy was alleviated. Extremely bored, Cangdi Fenglang transformed the evil Qi into evil creatures and had them fight the invading evil creatures.

He sat to the side and watched as Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi completely drained the only river on Little Penglai that went through the entire island. They then placed the Twin Lotus Lamp on the dried-out soil.

At the same time, Lin Xuanzhi placed a branch of the sacred Jianmu tree from the Tomb of Youshan with the Twin Lotus Lamp on the land in the middle of the meandering river.

Cangdi Fenglang rested his chin on his hands as he watched them do all this. He asked curiously, “What’s this for? That tree branch looks a little familiar, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen it.”

Yan Tianhen explained, “In a while, you’d better hide in Lin Xuanzhi’s soul plate. Otherwise, you might die miserably.”

Cangdi Fenglang stared at Yan Tianhen warily. “What are you guys going to do?”

Yan Tianhen smiled. “We are going to… Destroy the Nine Lands.”

Cangdi Fenglang: “…”

Esteemed Lan Yue soon sent over the news that all the leaders of the Nine Lands had been notified, and they had decided to let them have a go at it and let Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen start as soon as possible.

Lin Xuanzhi took out the forged engraving pen, and with a gentle stroke across the air, he cut a thin hole in the thick evil Qi that hid the sun in the sky. Then, he led the natural brilliance from the sun to the dried up river with a special secret technique.

The scattered air flow soon filled the whole winding river like a map, and in the blink of an eye, these air flows condensed into a solid water flow, rushing into the river course from all directions as they headed for the Twin Lotus Lamp.

Lin Xuanzhi stepped back unsteadily.

Yan Tianhen quickly supported him.

“Are you okay?”

“No problem.”

Cangdi Fenglang pursed his lips.

Although Lin Xuanzhi seemed very relaxed when he used that technique, appearances were deceiving. In fact, that earlier move was enough to exhaust all his spiritual Qi.

The sun spot fell into the eye of the array. The Jianmu branch that originally seemed to be withered sprouted roots at a speed visible to the naked eye and clawed towards the ground.

“Jianmu!” Cangdi Fenglang stared wide-eyed and exclaimed.

“Call him Shixiong.” Yan Tianhen said, “Don’t be rude.”

Cangdi Fenglang habitually gave an “Oh”, then showed a speechless expression. At the same time, when the river water flowed, the arrays under every region of the Nine Lands were activated by the respective ruler of the Land.

If people who were very familiar with the terrain of the Nine Lands saw this, they would be surprised to find that the rivers in Little Penglai correspond to sparrow spirit veins in the Nine Lands.

The rumbling sound could be heard everywhere in the Nine Lands. The earth was shaking and the land was constantly disintegrating. At a speed visible to the naked eye, the original sparrow spirits buried in hard stones of the sparrow mines were separated.

As if pulled away by a force, they all flew towards the same location. The sparrow spirits flew all over the sky – red, orange, and cyan.

One after another, bridges built by the sparrow spirits that traversed the Nine Lands appeared in front of all the Daoist cultivators in the Nine Lands.

“This… What exactly is this array?”

“It’s amazing!”

“I’ve already sensed the powerful spiritual Qi inside this array. My cultivation has actually increased!”

“Look! Look at those evil creatures, they’ve been smashed by the spiritual Qi!”

“The evil Qi has been forced back. Great, this move is effective!”

“We are saved, the Nine Lands are saved!”


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