Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 774 - Conclusion and New Beginning

Chapter 774 - Conclusion and New Beginning

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Of course this move was effective. Otherwise, Dao Zu wouldn’t consider this as the last resort that could only be used when there was no other alternative.

The bridge piled up by sparrow spirits became higher and higher, and in the blink of an eye, it had reached the sky.

As soon as the time came, the rulers of each of the Nine Lands began to cast spells according to the guidance of Esteemed Lan Yue, so that all the spiritual Qi in Heaven and Earth gathered towards the sparrow spirits.

Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi stood on Little Penglai to guide the sunlight into the center of the array.

The array became more and more powerful, and the spiritual Qi – like violent gales and enormous waves – crazily drove all the evil Qi out of the ground and into the sky.

In only a moment, the evil Qi in the ground began to dissipate at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The people who were fighting against the evil creatures soon found that their enemies had disappeared for some inexplicable reason. They all stood in place and looked around at each other. They were afraid that these things would suddenly make a comeback.

In the Royal Heavenly Capital, Yan Zhonghua and You Ming stood on the top of the Imperial Palace and looked at the Protection Array of all walks of life in the Nine Lands.

You Ming said with a little satisfaction, “If it goes on like this, the murderous Qi of the Nine Lands will be completely expelled in less than three days.”

Yan Zhonghua just lowered his eyes. “But the Nine Lands will no longer be the same. No one even knows how long the Nine Lands will last like this.”

You Ming tugged on Yan Zhonghua’s sleeve. “Don’t think about it so much. Anyway, we have to pass this crisis first.”

Yan Zhonghua looked at You Ming. “I don’t think this crisis is the most difficult. On the contrary, if the sparrow spirits and spiritual Qi in the Nine Lands are exhausted, then I’m afraid the Nine Lands won’t last long. When that happens, all the cultivators in the Nine Lands will choose to go to small worlds for survival. They will plunder the spiritual Qi and resources of the small worlds. At that time, I don’t know how many disasters will result from this.”

You Ming shrugged. “There’s nothing we can do about that. To begin with, the cultivation world follows the law of the jungle. Whoever has a harder fist has the right to speak. If it weren’t for the fact that the Nine Lands has a strict imperial hierarchy, then stuff like this would happen more often in the Nine Lands as well.”

Yan Zhonghua sighed and didn’t say anything else.

This Grand Protection Array throughout the world was really powerful.

However, before the array could exert its strongest power, Tu Feng, the driving force behind the scenes, couldn’t sit still anymore.

A powerful vortex of evil Qi swept across rivers and seas from the Northeast Land, sweeping through Ethereal City and swallowing hundreds of people’s lives along the way, killing everything in its wake.

In merely a few seconds, it had already arrived at Myriad Dao Sect.

Several ancient demonic beasts also resurrected one after another, purple flames burning in their eyes.

Every step they took had the power to shake the earth and mountains, and their bodies emitted strong evil Qi. Plants withered everywhere they went, and even the bugs and insects crawling on the ground couldn’t escape this calamity.

When evil creatures couldn’t hold up, evil spirits took their places to continue harming the world. The ancient beasts were as big as small mountains. They could spew sinister flames to slaughter an entire village completely.

Yan Tianhen noticed this from his location on Little Penglai and immediately sent a message to Esteemed Lan Yue, telling him to have everyone in the Nine Lands use the sparrow spirit array to kill those ancient beasts. It would be difficult for humans to directly confront this kind of monster, so it was necessary to use the spiritual Qi array to minimize the casualties.

There was an unpleasant smell.

Cangdi Fenglang suddenly stood up and looked around. “Shixiong, Sheng Ren is coming.”

“Just call him Tu Feng.” Lin Xuanzhi said, “I refuse to acknowledge this kind of Sheng Ren.”

In the blink of an eye, a man wrapped in a cloak with long ink black hair, which was blown behind him by the strong wind, appeared on Little Penglai. He smiled ferociously, then raised his hand and slammed his palm down at the eye of the Grand Protection Array.

The pressure became strong and maddening. He was just about to interrupt the river representing the spirit veins of the sparrow spirits when–


Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen simultaneously blocked Tu Feng’s palm head-on with their own palm strikes, deflecting the attack onto a nearby mountain.

The loud noise rumbled in everyone’s ears and the mountaintop was blown to pieces.

Tu Feng faced Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen and gnashed his teeth coldly. “You two actually want to ruin this Venerable’s plans.”

Yan Tianhen countered expressionlessly, “You have no right to call yourself this Venerable. That’s Dao Zu’s address. Even if some people believe they are venerated and holy, they’re nothing more than sanctimonious scum in the eyes of others.”

Rather than get angry, Tu Feng laughed instead. “Youshan Lingyu, you are an evil Qi cultivator yourself, yet you insist on siding with the humans – isn’t that laughable? Human beings are so fragile. They can never escape the suffering brought about by the cycle of reincarnation. But if you become a god, you will not be shackled by the five elements and six paths, and can stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun, moon, and stars!”

Yan Tianhen also laughed. “You actually want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun, moon, and stars? You know, people worship the sun, moon, and stars not because they last forever, but because they bring light and hope to the world. The power of the sparrow spirits comes from the sun, so humans naturally worship the sun. Even if you obtained immortality, do you think that you – a fellow who turns the world into hell for his own selfishness – can still leave an everlasting and perfect impression in people’s hearts? Dream on!”

Tu Feng’s face changed dramatically and suddenly became ferocious. He clenched his fist and shouted, “Shut up!”

Then he proceeded to throw a heavy punch towards Yan Tianhen’s head.

Cangdi Fenglang jumped up and blocked the punch with all his strength. He was thrown out for hundreds of meters and almost fell into the ditch.

Seeing this, Lin Xuanzhi no longer held back. He directly unsheathed the Zhige sword and attacked Tu Feng.

After a few moves, Tu Feng was surprised to find that Lin Xuanzhi’s cultivation was no longer what he had seen before, but seemed to have already reached Sky Realm.

“Impossible!” Tu Feng’s eyes narrowed dangerously. While fending off Lin Xuanzhi’s flurry of fatal attacks, he said, “You were clearly still in Earth Realm’s Grandmaster Stage. How could you have broken through to Sky Realm in such a short time!”

Lin Xuanzhi calmly stabbed out with his sword, watching Tu Feng dodge in an embarrassing manner. “In this world, evil Qi cultivators aren’t the only ones who can quickly increase their cultivation levels. There are countless other methods.”

What greeted Tu Feng was another sword strike.

Another rumble sounded.

Yan Tianhen looked at the array and smiled knowingly. It turned out that the ancient beasts in the East Land had been guided to the most powerful spot inside the sparrow spirit array and were slaughtered by those spiritual Qi without any need for people to attack.

Once people mastered this method for the first time, subsequent attempts would be much easier.

Tu Feng also noticed this and was clearly flustered. His footwork fell into disarray, and he was stabbed in the shoulder by Lin Xuanzhi’s sword Qi.

Tu Feng quickly retreated a few steps. “This method will only end in mutual destruction!”

Lin Xuanzhi snorted coldly. “Even if we perish together, we’ll never let you succeed.”

As he said this, he attacked Tu Feng again.

Both of them had already reached Sky Realm. Everywhere they went on the battlefield, the earth and mountains were trembling and the Qi field turned chaotic.

Seeing this, Myriad Dao Academy’s disciples all fled around under the leadership of the Hall Masters to avoid being affected by the battle.

Tu Feng said, “You really deserve to be my older brother’s core disciple. Your swordsmanship is more powerful than before.”

Lin Xuanzhi said indifferently, “But you don’t look like Master’s younger brother. To think that a person of noble and proud character like him actually had a treacherous younger brother like you.”

“Hahahaha! You say he’s noble and proud?” Tu Feng laughed wildly, as if he heard a big joke. “He is the one who is the best at pretending. You don’t even know how many people he secretly killed. He doesn’t allow anyone to criticize him, or else that person will pay the price. He’s merely putting on an act. He’s just pretending! Do you really think he’s anything good!?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Tu Feng like he was looking at a lunatic and smiled contemptuously. “You can slander Master all you want, but remember that you can’t obliterate Master’s devotion and desperate efforts for the peace of the Nine Lands, even scattering his soul.”

“He deserved it!” Tu Feng screamed fiercely, “Who let him not put me in his eyes at all, from beginning to end? Who let him like those stupid disciples of his who can’t understand shit rather than give me a second glance? I’m the one who understands him best in this world. He’s blind! He deserved it. Someone like him was sanctimonious when alive, but now that he’s dead, all the troubles have been resolved.”

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help laughing again. “It turns out that in the end, you didn’t even know who he liked, yet you dared to say that you understood him best. Where do you get your confidence from?”

Tu Feng suddenly froze when he heard that.

“The person he likes? Who exactly is that?”

Lin Xuanzhi curled his lips evilly. He saw Dao Zu sitting on the top of the mountain playing the stringless zither.

The Zhige sword drew a complex and beautiful flower. Suddenly, the spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth was controlled, delicately forming an absolute balance.

The world became silent.


Suddenly, Lin Xuanzhi struck Tu Feng with a sword across the air.

This strike, carrying Lin Xuanzhi’s lifelong cultivation and Dao attainments, attracted a strong light from the scorching sun in the sky, which mixed with the teal and gold sword Qi and directly struck Tu Feng’s head.

There was another terrifyingly loud explosion.

After the tremors, Tu Feng, who was trapped in the Grand Array and couldn’t move, was directly struck into a pitch black charred figure.

The stringless zither sounded.

This sound penetrated the clouds and was very beautiful. Upon a closer look, nine strings had appeared on the stringless zither.

With each pluck, the sparrow veins in the sky over a certain region of the Nine Lands would instantly emit a pulse of stronger spiritual Qi in line with the musical note. And if the nine strings were plucked with both hands at the same time, the spiritual Qi of the Nine Lands would rush towards the place with the densest evil Qi.

And in this world, didn’t Tu Feng possess the most evil Qi?

Tu Feng lay on the ground, spitting blood continuously.

“Even though you are very powerful, you are no match for the power of Heaven and Earth.” Lin Xuanzhi stood with his sword in his hand. He looked down at that charred thing and continued, “Who is in Dao Zu’s heart? When you see Dao Zu, why don’t you ask him yourself?”

Around them, the disciples of Myriad Dao Academy poked their heads out and stood around, waiting.

After Lin Xuanzhi turned and left, these disciples, who had been suppressed for a long time, gave a shout, then swarmed forward and punched and kicked the immovable guy on the ground, venting their anger.

Lin Xuanzhi returned to Little Penglai and smiled at Yan Tianhen, who was playing with the Grand Array.

Seven days later, the last bit of evil Qi between Heaven and Earth was expelled by spiritual Qi.

“Heaven’s Wail has disappeared, and peace returned to the Nine Lands, but the spiritual Qi here is now very thin.” You Ming was very melancholy. He sighed. “Many demons couldn’t survive. At the very least, they were my subordinates. If this continues, I’ll become a general without any troops.”

Yan Zhonghua said, “Many cultivators have also died. This can’t be helped. Now, many people have proposed that we move to other small worlds to find a way to survive.”

“Dad! Father!” Yan Tianhen held Lin Xuanzhi’s hand and ran in. He looked very excited. “Did you hear? Jianmu has grown up!”

“What!” You Ming’s eyes suddenly widened.

“That’s right. It grew up today. In Myriad Dao Academy, Dage and I tried, and it can fully support opening the path to ascension!”

Yan Zhonghua was also stunned. “This quickly?”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “In fact, half of the spiritual Qi of the Nine Lands’ Grand Protection Array that day was absorbed by Jianmu, which is half of the spiritual Qi of the entire Nine Lands, so it matured easily.”

You Ming sighed with emotion. “You two are already Sky Realm.”

“Yeah.” Yan Tianhen smiled. “So Dage and I are going to leave the Nine Lands and go to the Boundless World to look for opportunities.

Dao Zu once said in the scroll that there are many spiritual species in the Boundless World capable of nourishing sparrow spirits. They are like kindling. If they can be brought back, then the sparrow veins can be revived again. In this way, the Nine Lands would become the former Nine Lands once again!”

“Is that true!?” You Ming’s eyes brightened.

“Naturally it’s true,” Duan Yuyang was the one who answered as he walked in with Yuan Tianwen.

Duan Yuyang waved his fan and said with a smile, “Dao Zu came from the Boundless World. Of course his words won’t be lies. Tianwen and I plan to go with Ah Hen and the others. After all, we are already at Sky Realm. If we stay in the Nine Lands, we’ll be waiting for death.”

All of Yuan Tianwen’s souls and spirits had already returned, so his cultivation naturally returned to Sky Realm.

Lin Xuanzhi said, “My parents also intend to go together. My Dad is about to have a baby. The spiritual Qi of the Nine Lands is not suitable for him.”

You Ming blinked a few times and said to Yan Zhonghua, “Let’s go too.”

Yan Zhonghua nodded. “I might as well give the Nine Lands to Yan Zizhang. He’s always wanted to be an emperor, so this can be regarded as fulfilling his dream.”

Yan Tianhen’s lips twitched as he thought, My father really is evil, to throw such a damaged Nine Lands to Yan Zizhang. Yan Zizhang will probably cry from depression.

Duan Yuyang rubbed his hands excitedly. “There must be many romantic figures and challenges waiting for us in the Boundless World. I really can’t wait.”

“Yeah, I’ve long wanted to go to the Boundless World. I didn’t expect that my dream would come true one day.” Speaking of this, Yan Tianhen flattened his mouth again and sighed, “But just when will we be able to live in seclusion with beautiful mountains and rivers ah? Why is life so hard ah? Heaven is deliberately going against me, isn’t it?”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and rubbed Yan Tianhen’s head. “Don’t worry, there will be such a day.”

The two looked at each other and smiled.

The road ahead is actually not difficult.




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