Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter Ch775.11 - Extra 11: Young Lord Guangling

Chapter Ch775.11 - Extra 11: Young Lord Guangling

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The servant said flatly, “Your Majesty said that sparing your life is already granting you mercy. If you dare to appear in the East Land’s capital again in the future, you will die. He wants you to leave quickly.”

Ah Li: “I don’t believe it! It must be you who is alienating us! No… It must be that old woman Zhi Wei who is doing this. Let me in, I want to see His Majesty!”

The servant glanced at Ah Li with pity and disgust. “Take care now.”

Until now, Ah Li still didn’t know why he fell from the top of the sky overnight. It never occurred to him that everything he received was given by Xuan Wushe, and if Xuan Wushe didn’t want to anymore, he could take it back at any time.

Lin Zhan was much more incredible than him. Because Lin Zhan had always been able to win people’s hearts.

Xuan Wushe drove Ah Li out of the palace, and he couldn’t wait to find Lin Zhan.

However, before he could change his clothes, someone came to report that Lord Guangling had come and wanted to see him. Xuan Wushe’s heart suddenly felt a little higher.

He had not seen Lin Zhan take the initiative to look for him for several months. This was the first time in a long time.

Xuan Wushe hurriedly told them to invite Lin Zhan in.

Lin Zhan looked quite haggard.

He was wearing a bright red palace dress, with his long hair falling behind his back. He walked up to Xuan Wushe with his eyes lowered, and then knelt down.

Xuan Wushe: “…………”

“Your Majesty.” Lin Zhan didn’t give Xuan Wushe a chance to speak and said in a low voice, “I… I know I was wrong, and I will never argue with Your Majesty again.”

Xuan Wushe’s words were suddenly stuck in his throat.

Looking at Lin Zhan like this, Xuan Wushe was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, he felt like his heart was being grasped tightly by a hand. He wanted to see Lin Zhan submit, but at this time he realized that seeing Lin Zhan’s appearance only made him feel distressed, but not happy.

“I haven’t seen Your Majesty for a long time.” Lin Zhan’s voice was even lower and he said, “Does Your Majesty really not like me at all anymore?”

Xuan Wushe denied it, “I never did.”

I never disliked you.

Lin Zhan sniffed. “I knew that His Majesty really doesn’t like me anymore. Even if I wore the clothes His Majesty liked, had my hair styled the way His Majesty liked, and imitated him in making wine, playing the zither, and playing chess, it’s nothing more than a fake imitating others. It’s understandable that Your Majesty will feel disgusted when he sees me.”

Xuan Wushe: “…………”

What the hell are you talking about? I wasn’t even aware any of those things happened!

Just as Xuan Wushe was about to explain something, he saw a tear falling down the corner of Lin Zhan’s eye.

“But even if Your Majesty doesn’t like me anymore, the person I miss most in my heart is still Your Majesty,” Lin Zhan said weakly.

Xuan Wushe looked at Lin Zhan’s wronged look and suddenly felt that he was very pitiful.

Lin Zhan was not a person from the Nine Lands. He has neither family nor friends here; he was just alone. He easily fell in love with Xuan Wushe and followed him, but was still ignored. Xuan Wushe had a feeling of guilt and self-blame.

“Don’t be like this,” Xuan Wushe finally managed to say. He pulled Lin Zhan up. “I don’t dislike you. I have already driven Ah Li away, and I won’t let him bother you again.”

He thought that by saying this, Lin Zhan would understand that he was actually the only partner for Xuan Wushe from beginning to end, but unexpectedly, Lin Zhan looked surprised at first, and then looked a little depressed.

He sighed. “Even a person as beloved as Ah Li will one day be abandoned because he makes His Majesty displeased. A fool like me, who has always had a bad temper and is not good at pleasing people, I don’t know how long it will take before I will be kicked out of the East Palace by His Majesty.”

Xuan Wushe: “…..”

No, you misunderstood.

Xuan Wushe had a headache and pressed his eyebrows. “Guangling, he was driven away because I never thought of letting him stay from the beginning. He is sent by my Mother, so naturally I have to make a show of it and find a reason to drive him out of the palace.”

Lin Zhan shook his head. “I can’t understand His Majesty’s deep foresight, but I only know that His Majesty drove me out of the Lotus Garden for him and ignored me for several months, allowing others to bully and humiliate me. Now, His Majesty says he doesn’t like Ah Li, so he doesn’t like him anymore. Today’s Ah Li will probably be tomorrow’s me.”

After saying that, without giving Xuan Wushe a chance to explain, Lin Zhan threw away Xuan Wushe’s hand holding his wrist in despair and gave him a faint look. “Your Majesty, in order not to wander in front of you all day and annoy you, I better go back first. In the future, Your Majesty should not come to me too frequently, so as not to let Your Majesty dislike me too early. If I have to leave Your Majesty, I will not be able to survive.”

Xuan Wushe watched helplessly as Lin Zhan left while wiping his tears. He felt as if he was still in a dream.

He seemed to have said nothing wrong.

He seemed to have done nothing wrong either.

But why did Lin Zhan come to such an inexplicable conclusion?

Xuan Wushe thought that he had really broken Lin Zhan’s heart and felt guilty. After hesitating for a moment, he just waved his hand to summon someone and personally selected several treasures such as magic weapons, pills, medicines, and famous artifacts, and asked them to deliver them to Lin Zhan. However, he felt like he was ashamed to see him.


In the other courtyard where Lin Guangling resided, Lin Zhan was sitting on a chair with his legs crossed, holding a spiritual fruit in one hand and gnawing on it vigorously. He glanced at the piles of gifts that were about to fill half the room.

The maidservant’s eyes widened, staring at the precious treasures full of spiritual energy. “My Lord, has His Majesty wronged you somehow? How come His Majesty changed his tune as soon as you went to see him once?”

Lin Zhan didn’t have the previous look of being humble and pretending to be pitiful. He raised his eyebrows. “He’ll never admit that he wronged me, and I didn’t plan to make him admit it either.”

Maidservant: “Then why did His Majesty suddenly send so many things to you?”

Lin Zhan thought for a while. “Maybe he is afraid that I will be too sad and despairing and I will hang myself with a rope.”

Maidservant: “…………”

She couldn’t see a single hint of sadness and despair in Lin Zhan.

After all, when Lin Zhan received the news from the hidden guard today that Ah Li was kicked out of the palace by His Majesty, he just calmly trimmed a crooked flower branch, and then applied some powder on his face that he normally never did and put on a set of bright red clothes that he would never wear on ordinary days.

After Lin Zhan put it on, he even scattered his hair, cast a seductive glance at the mirror, and asked his maidservant, “Am I beautiful?”

The maidservant’s lips twitched., “What are you going to do?”

Lin Zhan blinked. “Of course, it’s a matter of staying humble and admitting your mistakes.”

The maidservant was a little puzzled. “Lord Guangling has been treating His Majesty so harshly for so long, why did you soften now?”

Lin Zhan looked at his haggard and unfamiliar self in the mirror and curled his lips. “You don’t understand. This is called taking a step back to make progress. He has made life difficult for me for so long, so of course I will make life difficult for him too.”

The maidservant thought Lin Zhan was very incredible.

Although she couldn’t really say why Lin Zhan was incredible.

If she lived in modern times, she would probably know that there is a phrase called “I have no idea what’s going on, but you sound very incredible”.

Lin Zhan would accept all the gifts from Xuan Wushe with a wave of his hand. He neither praised nor criticized them, nor did he say whether he liked it or not, but he arranged all the gifts in his collection room so that no one else could touch them.

Lin Zhan did as he said. From that day on, in order to prevent Xuan Wushe from getting tired of him too early, he never bothered Xuan Wushe again.


Xuan Wushe endured it for less than half a month, but finally couldn’t bear it anymore.

He took the initiative to come to Lin Zhan’s courtyard and pressed Lin Zhan against the wall without any explanation.

“Can you stop being angry?” Xuan Wushe said these words that had been brewing for who knows how long.

Lin Zhan lowered his eyes. “How dare I be angry with Your Majesty?”

Xuan Wushe pinched his chin and raised his face. “Look at my eyes and tell me again, do you dare to be angry?”

Lin Zhan glared at Xuan Wushe. “Your Majesty, isn’t this bullying too much? If I admit that I am angry with you, will Your Majesty torture me in other ways? Your Majesty wants to hear nice things, but you still insist on making me say ugly things, making yourself unhappy. How did Your Majesty become like this?”

Xuan Wushe: “…”

Xuan Wushe was so angry that he laughed. His fingers rubbed against Lin Zhan’s rosy mouth. “Your mouth is the most lovely when you don’t speak.”

So, Xuan Wushe followed suit, took action, and kissed Lin Zhan directly on the mouth, blocking all his words.

Lin Zhan initially refused, but then he obediently kissed Xuan Wushe back.

The two kissed each other until they reached the bed.


When Lin Zhan woke up in the morning, he found that he had returned to the Lotus Garden. There were a few more unfamiliar faces among the maidservants around him, and even a few more guards protecting him.

Lin Zhan raised his eyebrows, endured the discomfort of his body, and got dressed.

“What’s going on?” Lin Zhan asked the head maidservant beside him. “Am I being imprisoned?”

The maid’s lips twitched. “Congratulations, Young Lord, His Majesty has promoted you to a higher status. From now on, you will be our Young Lord Guangling.”

Lin Zhan let out a sigh and glanced around. “Young Lord’s treatment is really much better than my past treatment.”

The maid saw that there was no joy on Lin Zhan’s face and couldn’t help asking, “Why are you unhappy, Young Lord?”

Lin Zhan picked up a water lotus flower, put it under his nose, and sniffed it. “What’s this worth being happy about? My desire is not here. If one day I become your East Empress, then you can congratulate me.”

The maidservant looked at Lin Zhan with an incredulous expression.

She really felt that Lin Zhan was the most daring person among the people she had ever served.

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