Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter Ch775.12 - Extra 12: I Find that I Love You Even More

Chapter Ch775.12 - Extra 12: I Find that I Love You Even More

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The position of East Empress had always been reserved for direct descendants of great families, and those who could hold it securely include the current Fairy Zhi Wei, who was a direct descendant of the Yin family and had high cultivation. As for Lin Zhan… First of all, his origins were unknown. He seemed to have come from a small world. There must be no powerful family backing him. Secondly, his cultivation level was not high, and his talent in cultivation could basically be ignored.

Even if one day he becomes the East Empress, he would still be pushed down from this position.

Unexpectedly, Lin Zhan actually had such thoughts.

Lin Zhan looked at the maidservant’s shocked face and smiled. “Why, do you think it’s impossible?”

The maidservant hurriedly shook her head. “I don’t dare. People like the Young Lord are like dragons and phoenixes among men. You will one day become His Majesty’s East Empress.”

Lin Zhan blinked. “People should be honest.”

The maidservant thought to herself, ‘With your vengeful temperament, if I were more sincere, I might not live to see the sun tomorrow.’

Not long after, Xuan Wushe came.

Probably because he had sex and felt great satisfaction in some aspects, Xuan Wushe seemed to be in a good mood. Seeing Lin Zhan, it was rare for that poker face, which had remained unchanged for thousands of years, to smile a bit.

Lin Zhan was sitting on the waterside fishing, with his feet on the steps, which were soaked in the water. He held a fishing rod in his hand and wore a straw hat on his head, looking very much like a fisherman by the riverside.

Xuan Wushe sat down behind Lin Zhan, fearing that the water would get on his boots.

Lin Zhan turned back to look at Xuan Wushe. “Your Majesty is done with your work.”

Xuan Wushe looked at the back of Lin Zhan’s head. “Why do I think that you’re not happy at all?”

Lin Zhan didn’t even look back. “Happiness should be kept in the heart, you can’t just talk about it. Your Majesty has been with me for so long, yet he can’t even see through my thoughts and still blames me. It seems that Your Majesty really only regards me as a tool that can be played with at will, and nothing else.”

Xuan Wushe had the urge to vomit blood.

When this person speaks pleasantly, it can make his heart feel completely comfortable. When he speaks unpleasantly, it can make his hands itch with hatred. But even if he wants to beat him up and make him change his mouth, he also can’t bear to see this person be hurt. It’s really a contradiction.

Xuan Wushe took a deep breath and patted Lin Zhan on the shoulder. “Are you still angry?”

Lin Zhan said coolly, “Who dares to be angry with you? If I offend Your Majesty, maybe next time you won’t just sweep me out in this vast Lotus Garden, but directly sweep me out of the East Palace. When the time comes, I’ll have to plead to Your Majesty to spare my measly life.”

Xuan Wushe was dumbfounded by Lin Zhan’s words. “If you say that, then you really are angry.”

Lin Zhan ignored him and continued fishing.

Xuan Wushe: “Is the fish more important than me?”

Lin Zhan: “Doesn’t Your Majesty also think that your boots are more important than me?”

Xuan Wushe: “….”

He just doesn’t want to get wet.

However, since Lin Zhan said this, the signal released was naturally caught by Xuan Wushe.

Xuan Wushe condescended to sit next to Lin Zhan.

His boots were soaked in the water.

Although it was invulnerable to water and fire, it still felt strange psychologically.

But at this moment, Xuan Wushe naturally couldn’t care less.

In the final analysis, Lin Zhan was more important.

At this moment, Lin Zhan raised his head and looked seriously at Xuan Wushe’s handsome face.

Xuan Wushe: “Are you still fishing?”

Lin Zhan suddenly laughed. “How can fishing be as important as His Majesty? If you don’t want me to fish, I won’t fish anymore.”

Xuan Wushe pinched Lin Zhan’s nose and smiled. “Why are you acting like a child?”

Lin Zhan turned away. “Don’t pinch me, I’m still angry.”

Xuan Wushe thought to himself, “He finally said what’s in his heart.”

He was not afraid of Lin Zhan losing his temper, but he was afraid of Lin Zhan’s submissive and frightened appearance. He had to admit that Lin Zhan, who knelt down in front of him that day and talked about admitting his mistakes and correcting them, was nightmare fuel that kept him awake all night long.

Xuan Wushe leaned over and kissed the tip of Lin Zhan’s nose. “I’ll admit my mistake to you. It was my fault that I ignored you before and favored another. Now I have driven him away, and I will not do anything like that in the future. So please be more tolerant and don’t stay angry at me anymore.”

Lin Zhan also gave up as soon as he was satisfied. Since Xuan Wushe had already spoken to this point, it would be hypocritical for him to continue to hold on to the grudge.

Everything in this world must have a degree.

Lin Zhan was a very smart person and saw things very clearly, so he naturally knew where Xuan Wushe’s patience and bottom line lie.

Lin Zhan snorted softly. “Since Your Majesty said so, then that’s the end of it this time. If Your Majesty is seduced by another little demon next time and leaves me behind, I won’t get along with Your Majesty again.”

Xuan Wushe smiled softly. “Isn’t it enough for me to have you as a little demon? You alone can stand up to a hundred others.”

Lin Zhan curled his lips and said sourly, “Your Majesty is always with that little vixen accompanying him all day and gives him whatever he wants. Where have I ever received such treatment?”

“That’s because I can give whatever he wants, and I can give those things to anyone.”

Xuan Wushe looked into Lin Zhan’s eyes and said seriously, “But what I give you can only be given to you.”

Lin Zhan felt a warm current flowing through his heart.

To be honest, he had never thought that Xuan Wushe could say such words. After all, as the lord of a realm, from the time he first met Xuan Wushe, Xuan Wushe was a high-ranking person who could not be approached easily by just anyone.

Lin Zhan only felt sweet, and couldn’t help but show a sincere smile, then said with a hint of coquettishness, “Then what I gave to Your Majesty will also not be given to anyone else.”

Xuan Wushe said matter-of-factly, “That’s for sure. If you dare to treat others like you did to me again, I will kill them first.”

“You will kill me too?” Lin Zhan asked.

“If I kill you, wouldn’t it be a cheap deal for you?” Xuan Wushe said leisurely, “I will tie you up and lock you up in a place where no one can find, and then let you only see me and stay by my side for the rest of your life.”

Lin Zhan made a trembling movement and said in horror, “Your Majesty, your idea is too scary. Then if I want to run away in the future, I must run farther to avoid being caught by Your Majesty.”

Xuan Wushe knocked on Lin Zhan’s forehead. “You still dare to run?”

Lin Zhan muttered, “When you have an East Empress in the future, why wouldn’t I run? Why would I stay?”

Xuan Wushe stared at Lin Zhan.

Lin Zhan also looked at him and even shrugged.

Xuan Wushe was amused. “Who’s saying such nonsense? There’s no East Empress.”

Lin Zhan said seriously, “Your Majesty will marry a wife and have children sooner or later. Otherwise, how will the direct lineage of the Xuan clan be passed on?”

Xuan Wushe glanced at Lin Zhan’s belly. “Are you starting to worry about children now? Isn’t it too early?”

Lin Zhan blinked. “Your Majesty, you think I am meddlesome?”

Xuan Wushe: “No, I think you are really worried about the East Land. Although I don’t want to have children too early, if you want to have children, I will gladly accept it.”

Lin Zhan: “….”

Lin Zhan looked confused. “How am I going to give birth to your child? Your Majesty is joking.”

“What’s the point of joking about this kind of thing? It’s not hard for a man to give birth to a child. As long as he gets the Pregnancy Pill, he can naturally have a child.” Xuan Wushe thought about it seriously. “I remember, Yan Zhonghua had a few in his hand. I don’t know if they have been given away, but they are priceless treasures. I will go and get them from him another day.”

Lin Zhan stared at Xuan Wushe in horror. “Your Majesty, I was just joking.”

Xuan Wushe: “It doesn’t matter. If you don’t want it now, you can ask for it later. You are right. The East Land cannot live without an heir. It’s just that giving birth is a bit difficult and painful. It’s better to wait until your cultivation level is higher, and then let’s talk about this matter.”

Lin Zhan felt miserable in his heart. He finally understood what it meant to shoot oneself in the foot.

Deep down, as a person from modern society, Lin Zhan never thought that men could have children, nor did he think that he would have children.

Now thinking about how he would stagger when walking with a big belly, Lin Zhan felt like he had a toothache.

So, Lin Zhan said quite seriously, “Your Majesty, I just said it casually. You must not take it seriously.”

Xuan Wushe: “Are you unwilling?”

Lin Zhan: “This is not a question of willingness or unwillingness, it is a question of whether I can accept it or not.”

Lin Zhan then laughed. “Didn’t His Majesty say that now is not a good time to have a baby? It’s better to leave this matter for later.”

He was afraid that Xuan Wushe would continue to dwell on this topic, so he quickly said, “I feel really happy that Your Majesty can think of our long future together.”

After such a long time, Xuan Wushe finally heard something that made him feel at ease, and he stopped worrying about having a child.

“Otherwise, why do you think I am so indulgent to you? You dare to shame me, not giving me face. In the entire Nine Lands, you are the only one who dares to do this,” although Xuan Wushe was a bit complaining, it was not difficult to hear the hint of doting in his words.

Lin Zhan’s smile became even brighter. “Isn’t it all because Your Majesty spoiled me? But Your Majesty is now blaming me.”

Xuan Wushe refused to argue with him. “There is another piece of good news that I want to tell you. You will definitely be happier after hearing it.”

Lin Zhan raised his eyebrows. “What’s the good news?”

Xuan Wushe: “I have sent people to find your former friend Su Mo. After he fell off the cliff that day, he did not die. Instead, he was rescued by You Ming, a disciple of Fuyao Sect. He is currently doing business in the Northeast Land. He is doing quite well and is quite capable.”

Lin Zhan was stunned for a moment, and then he showed a look of ecstasy. “It’s so great that Su Mo is still alive! I really couldn’t have imagined it, even in my dreams… Oh my goodness, Your Majesty, you are simply my little angel!”

Xuan Wushe looked at Lin Zhan’s ecstatic expression, and his mood was a little complicated. He was naturally willing to see Lin Zhan happy, but Lin Zhan was so happy for another man, and he felt somewhat unhappy.

Of course, this bit of unhappiness was insignificant compared to Lin Zhan’s mood.

Lin Zhan suddenly threw himself into Xuan Wushe’s arms, hugged him tight, and said with a trembling voice, “Wushe, I find that I love you even more.”

Xuan Wushe: “…”

The last bit of unhappiness was gone, and he felt that the matter of Su Mo was well worth it.


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