Rebirth of the Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 392 - Another Year (1)

Chapter 392: Another Year (1)

When Gong Yimo left, she didn’t forget to leave two Huoyun Grasses. She didn’t know why, but after doing this, she felt much better and as if she had understood something. The road in front of her became clearer.

When Gong Yimo returned, Jin Yun clearly felt her change as if she was the sparkling and splendid legendary luminous pearl shining and polished into a magnificent violent pearl. Being with her made him more delighted.

After handing the documents over to Jin Yun, Gong Yimo felt her body relaxing and the latter didn’t ask what she went to do, because he wasn’t in the best of situation himself recently either…

Mother Imperial Concubine had been forcing him to take an Imperial Concubine, but he was unwilling. Therefore, she placed her thoughts on Yimo… Mother Imperial Concubine probably found out about his feelings, but he knew that Gong Yimo didn’t feel the same. Plus, she… didn’t belong to Yu Heng…

As time passed, from the blazing sun to snow-white snowflakes, another year passed and Gong Yimo just turned 17.

This year, many things have happened. For instance, the precious bank of Yu Heng was established and overthrew many different past styles of banknotes, pushing for a new style for the entire nation!

It took over the past banks and it now became the private bank of the nation and of Jin Yu.

Other nations didn’t even dare to think about how successful the development was.

The nation was becoming more and more prosperous, but Yu Heng’s Emperor’s body was weakening day by day, and no one understood the root cause of the problem. He had been on medicine and resting, but his pampering for Jin Yun didn’t change. Now, only Jin Yun could enter the Jintang Hall to serve him and so, one could tell how gloriful she was.

He naturally couldn’t attend to worldly matters, so the big and small matters were managed by Jin Yun right now. Whether she’s the next in line as Emperor, it didn’t matter much.

While Yu Heng was becoming a successful nation, Da Yu was much more tragic and bitter!

In the short span of a year, four Princes died! Of the three, Gong Jue personally murdered them. Likewise, Da Yu also established the nation-owned bank just like Yu Heng!

However, Da Yu had much more resources, so the original bank was more firm and steady than Yu Heng’s! Plus, Da Yu had a lot of forces and many Princes. Whoever people decided to side with, there will be a battle!

Therefore, Gong Jue spent an entire year capturing these people. After killing them off, he finally took power as the monarch and established Shengshi Bank! For some time, Gong Jue took the spotlight, covering Gong Cheng’s spotlight who had been depressed and dejected because of his son’s death. He became the most powerful person of Da Yu!

At this time, because Gong Che was about to return, the situation was slightly profound.

Gong Jue relied on the bank for money, but it was still in the earlier stages of development. Therefore, he relied on the past businesses.

However, Gong Che had repaired the canal and in recent years, money has been flowing into his pocket like water. Plus, he was the Crown Prince supported by the public! Liu Family also rose abruptly at a rapid rate!

Many people were wondering if Da Yu will experience a huge change after Gong Che’s arrival….

Gong Yimo’s fleet business had been extremely prosperous and she obtained a huge profit from smuggling people. She believed that not long later, she would be able to escape out in the open! Therefore, she had been in a pretty good mood every day.

The mine in which she had observed in the past was gradually going on the right tracks and she had a share in Jin Yun’s bank. With this, she definitely will become the richest woman in the world!

Gong Yimo was in a beautiful mood, but that quickly vanished when someone came looking for her.

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