Rebirth of the Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 393 - Another Year (2)

Chapter 393: Another Year (2)

At that time, she was getting the fire started on the stove and eating some snacks. When she was reading a book, someone came from the imperial palace. Originally, she was a bit confused because Jin Yun had left. But she found out that they were here for her!

Calculating the time, she hadn’t been to Yu Heng’s imperial palace in two years. In the past, whenever there was a decree from the imperial palace, Jin Yun had blocked it off for her. Now that Jin Yun wasn’t here, she was a bit lost. It seems like… it wouldn’t be nice if she didn’t come.

Therefore, she placed her snacks down unwillingly. She slightly arranged her clothes before coming out…

Plum blossoms were blossoming in the yard… alluring and enchanting. One couldn’t help but steal a few more looks at it.

It was heard that the plum blossoms were transplanted over by the Second Prince at an expensive price. Many died, but those that survived became a beautiful scene in Gong Yimo’s courtyard.

But once Gong Yimo walked out of the room, the eunuch announcing the decree glanced at her and then his gaze couldn’t be attracted by the plum blossoms anymore.

Yu Heng’s Emperor loved beautiful women and there were countless women in his harem. Even the famous Lady Yun Jin and the Senior Imperial Concubine Yun right now had never made him gasp in admiration before.

Gong Yimo was changing every day, becoming more and more beautiful. Even someone as handsome as Jin Yun was in a daze when he glanced at Gong Yimo.

When she looked at you, you would find it an honor to be able to see yourself in her pure and clean eyes!

People say that beauty comes from the heart. Not only was Gong Yimo beautiful, but she was also a generous person with an elegant temperament!

It was rare to find this temperament in men, let alone a woman. Even he, an eunuch, couldn’t peel his eyes off of her!

He couldn’t help but reveal a splendid smile, saying, “You must be Lady She! I’ve long heard your name and this person invites the lady to the palace under the Senior Imperial Concubine Yun’s decree!”

A gush of wind blew and Gong Yimo pulled back, wrapping herself in the pure white like snow fur coat, like a huge cat. However, not only wouldn’t people think she wasn’t elegant, but people thought that that’s how beautiful women should act.

“Hm…can I not go?”

The eunuch passing the decree was stunned and then Gong Yimo snorted. Her smile seemed like the warm sunshine in winter.

“I’m kidding! Let’s go.”

The eunuch snapped out of his trance and hurriedly nodded, following.

She had dressed up properly, so there was no need to change. But after the eunuch saw it, he was a bit hesitant because this white fur coat… wasn’t proper…

This white fur coat was extremely expensive and according to the rumors, the Second Prince had bought this for a costly price. There were only two, one violent and one white. Senior Imperial Concubine Shi liked both the violet and white one, but the filial Prince didn’t even give her one. Instead, he had her choose one and the other one was actually given to this lady…

Therefore, he wanted to remind her, but the moment he recalled that this lady was definitely the Second Prince’s beloved… who was the Second Prince? He’s definitely the Emperor in the future and since the lady is very favored by him, the Imperial Concubine will probably not make things difficult for her…

Gong Yimo who walked into Yu Heng’s imperial palace didn’t feel good.

Yun Jin had changed. Although she hadn’t been in the imperial palace, she had many spies. Why would the Emperor be sick at such a young age? How come all the powerful and influential women had landed themselves tragic consequences? One didn’t need to think deeply.

She heard that the Empress Dowager of Yu Heng barely made any progress. Hopefully, Yun Jin wouldn’t be the next Empress Dowager, otherwise, Jin Yun will be miserable.

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