Rebirth of the Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 396 - Making a Move (1)

Chapter 396: Making a Move (1)

Gong Yimo almost spat blood!

She was only touching her stomach because she had eaten too many snacks, but why is Yun Jin saying that she was pregnant?

She was only saying that to scare Yun Jin. Plus, she wasn’t wrong. She and Jin Yun had collaborated on many different locations, so if Yun Jin really made a move on her, Jin Yun will definitely do something about it.

But an idea popped in her mind and she smiled, vaguely saying, “Then are you still going to make a move on me?”

If not, then let her go home. Gong Yimo smiled and wrapped the snow-white fur coat around her like a cute fox.

Yun Jin was provoked by the words! She was speechless!

She knew that this girl with an unknown origin had ulterior motives! She’s actually pregnant!

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Wow, she really knows how to play her cards!

Yun Jin clenched her teeth in anger. Ever since Gong Yimo appeared, Yun’er didn’t treat her as well as he did in the past. Take the white coat on her. She adored it a lot in the past, and wanted two. However, an obedient child like Yun’er persisted on taking one, and it’s the white that she liked the most!

Therefore, the moment she saw Gong Yimo’s clothes, she was frustrated and didn’t talk to her nicely.

Firstly, she had backing and she was only venting her hatred. Secondly, as long as she wasn’t overboard, Yun’er won’t do anything to her.

But it was different now. The woman had Jin Yun’s child!

Thinking about the past few years and how nice Yun’er was to Gong Yimo, she wondered if Yun’er would remember her, his mother, if they really got married.

No… her life was already bitter enough! Yun’er was her only son and the only one that would be nice to her! She can’t let anyone take him away!

Thinking of this, her gaze turned cold and said to the secret guard, “Toss her!”

Yun Jin knew that Gong Yimo knew martial arts, but from the bottom of her heart, she looked down upon her, so she didn’t think Gong Yimo was that good.

Although there were many blessed women, but in front of Yun Jin, only Gong Yimo could provoke her the most because she had seen her most tragic and miserable side. She also knew that she was living a bitter and sorrowful life even now. Therefore, it seemed like as long as Gong Yimo disappeared, she could pretend like nothing had happened before.

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Since this is the case, then let her disappear!

Gong Yimo was shocked by her words. Why did she still want to make a move on her?! She was “pregnant” with Jin Yun’s child!

Seeing the people actually inching closer, Gong Yimo asked confusedly, “I really don’t recall any enmity between us. Why are you treating me like your enemy?”

Maybe it wasn’t sudden. Ever since Yun Jin left the cold palace a few years ago, she faintly felt her hostility towards her, so she was unwilling to meet her in the past two years.

“Enmity?” Yun Jin laughed. On this gloomy foggy day, she actually looked charming with her heavy makeup. She touched her face and said in a random tone, “Do you know… the type of life I have been living in the past few years?”

When the secret guards heard this, they just surrounded Gong Yimo, but didn’t do anything.

Gong Yimo listened.

“You don’t know how disgusted Jin Sheng made me! He had strange interests. In the beginning, I was basically living in hell! If I hadn’t held on, I would’ve died in bed…”

Gong Yimo was shocked. She didn’t think that these words would come out of Yun Jin’s mouth one day.

Yun Jin actually lifted her sleeves in front of everyone. There was a burnt scar on her fair-white shoulder and some past scars, but it wasn’t obvious now.

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