Rebirth of the Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 395 - Pregnant (2)

Chapter 395: Pregnant (2)

She knew very well that Da Yu’s Emperor had brilliant methods. No matter how many women were in the harem, they would cause no trouble. However, it was different from Yu Heng. In the past years, it was in a turmoil and Yun Jin wasn’t a person with a firm mind. At this point, she must have a distorted mind. It was no wonder that Jin Yun had been sighing frequently in the past two years as she knew where the root of the issue was!

“Then why did you call me over? To get me to leave?”


Yun Jin quickly rejected this and glanced at Gong Yimo with her beautiful eyes.

“In the past, I wanted someone to drive you away for me, but now… I hope that you can marry Yun’er! That way, you will be in the same situation as me. We’ll both be birds in cages… When the time comes, I will have Yun’er marry many other women and let you have a taste of how I feel…”

Her tone was mixed with that one of resentment and hatred.

But when she said that, she had a normal expression as if talking about the weather. However, the meaning of her words were shocking.

Gong Yimo knew that Yun Jin was jealous that she had freedom and resented the fact that she stole Jin Yun’s attention. After all, indeed, in the past, Jin Yun was just hers. The crueler the battlers in the harem were, the more she missed the worry-free times in the cold palace. Naturally… she hated Gong Yimo more and more!

She seemed like… the mothers who were attached to their sons. However, for her, it was forced.

Gong Yimo decided to provoke her and have her give up on this thought…

She slightly smiled.

“Didn’t Jin Yun tell you?”

“Tell me what?” She acted like the listener, quietly glancing at Gong Yimo.

“Jin Yun, he…” Gong Yimo smiled, exposing her white teeth and her smile was splendid!

“Jin Yun said he likes me a lot! He said that as long as I agree, he’ll only marry me! Therefore, it’s going to be a bit difficult to find someone to divide his pampering for me…”

Yun Jin’s face became distorted by the words and Gong Yimo stuck her tongue out in her heart. Continue to lie!

“Plus, he said that his Mother Imperial Concubine had suffered a lot of hardships in this life, so he can’t allow that to happen again. Thus, he’ll only marry one person in his life and said it must be me. But I didn’t agree because I wanted to play around. There was nothing he could do, but to let me. Therefore, he had been rejecting marriage requests. You don’t know this, do you?”

“Presumptuous!” Yun Jin suddenly slapped the table and said, “A person like you wants to marry Yun’er? Keep dreaming!”

But she felt extremely distorted in her heart as if a flame was burning!

Why could Gong Yimo encounter a great person like her son, but she could only encounter Jin Sheng, this disgusting man?

“Whether I’m dreaming or not… don’t you know?” Gong Yimo acted like she was telling the truth as if Jin Yun had said this before!

Yun Jin glanced gloomily at her and suddenly hollered!

“Guards!” Accompanying her words, people quickly ran over and stood behind her. They were clearly the secret guards that the Emperor had given to her as protection and they clearly only follow her orders now.

“This person has disrespected me! Toss her into the lake and have her reflect on her mistake!” She had a sinister expression and said coldly.


Someone hurriedly grabbed Gong Yimo, but she said without even looking, “If you want Jin Yun to hate you, go ahead.”

As expected, Yun Jin hesitated, but she had a straight face. “Nonsense! Yun’er is my son! He will hate me?”

Gong Yimo touched her stomach and smiled, saying, “If you don’t believe it, then try…”

Her fearless expression and her action made Yun Jin look fiercely at her! The tone of her voice changed as she asked, “Could it be that you’re pregnant with Yun’er’s child?!”

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