Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 1178 - Top of the Planet Region!

Chapter 1178: Top of the Planet Region!

Qin Ye was dead.

The Prince of Apollo Palace, the fifth son of the Golden Bird Emperor, was completely killed by Chen Fan’s slash; both his Divine Soul and body were destroyed. There wasn’t a trace leftover of his soul to be reborn.

In space—

There were countless broken limbs and many shattered battleships, leaving the flags and damaged hulls floating in the air. Blood spouted out of the massive corpses from the Divine Beasts’ descendants and the Monsters’ battling beasts. They were at least a few hundred to a thousand feet long. The dead Golden Core and Nascent Soul Cultivators couldn’t even be counted precisely. There were as many as a few hundred thousand of them.

Their dead bodies were stacked like a mountain and some evil energy rose to the sky.


After seeing such an aftermath, a Golden Core Cultivator suddenly let go of the sword in his hand with a dumbfounded look, letting it fall on the deck. From the former million soldiers, a few hundred Nascent Soul Cultivators and the Divine Princes remained; less than one-fifth had survived.

“Clank!” “Clank!”

That seemed to be just the beginning.

Then, the remaining soldiers and Divine Generals also dropped their weapons. In the end, almost all the surviving cultivators had thrown away their weapons and lowered their heads, facing Chen Fan without saying a word. Those disciples of the large sects didn’t even think about resisting anymore in front of the Divine Lord of the North Qiong Sect; the one who had destroyed the Immortal Will of the Golden Bird Emperor. All of them looked pale.

“We lost. We completely lost,” Qin Jian whispered.

His eyes were full of sorrow.

Everyone thought the coalition army of the sects in the Little South Heavenly Realm would have been able to take down Earth easily and smoothly during that conquest. Some people had even predicted optimistically that the cultivators on Earth would surrender when the seven Divine Princes made an appearance; nobody would be strong enough to resist. They thought that the Grand Elders might need to step in and help at some point, but no one had expected the Prince of Apollo Palace to die there.

All the disciples of the losing sects pursed their lips with a pale face.

They too lost miserably. Even if they survived and escaped back to the Little South Heavenly Realm, they wouldn’t be able to face the enraged senior members and Sect Masters of the Divine Sects. Countless cultivators from the Star Ocean were also terrified. They knew that they wouldn’t hear stories about some cultivator from a sect in the Star Ocean being treated like a VIP by everyone in the Abandoned Planet Region, or about a Nascent Soul Cultivator suppressing the Abandoned Planet Region easily, because Earth and the Abandoned Planet Region had got a new master:

Divine Lord Chen Fan, Chen Beixuan!

On the other hand, Earth was extremely thrilled.

Looking down from the sky—

The vast Earth had turned into a sea of joy.

Countless flags were thrown into the sky and fireworks were set off above cities. All the people on Earth, white-skinned, black-skinned or yellow-skinned, hugged each other and yelled cheerfully, venting all the excitement in their minds.

Many disciples of the North Qiong Sect were so excited that they almost cried.

“That’s great! That’s really great!”

“For countless years, Planet Tianhuang has been seen as the weakest place in the entire planet region. We didn’t have abundant Spirit Qi and our cultivation arts were incomplete. The Overlords of other planets didn’t even bother to come here. Our Heaven’s Equal was even forced to travel across the universe to Planet Tianhuang and was then detained by Mount Emperor. Who would have thought that Earth would rise to the top of the Abandoned Planet Region again, while even not being afraid of the large sects in the Star Ocean?”

The old Earth Level Deities from the Realm of Kunxu—including Fire Spirit King and the Sect Master of the Mieqing Sect—were all crying.

“Right, even Divine Lord Jiang was killed by the Mount Emperor people back then; Earth missed a hundred thousand years of development because of that. And today, we can finally announce proudly that Earth is the center of the Abandoned Planet Region with the Chinese as the most powerful race!” Azure Dragon clenched his fist as he held his head high.

The Grand Elder of the Chinese was covered in tears as he stood on his shaky legs with his crutch.

Although Lin Wuhua, Yun Yier and Shenxi weren’t familiar with such a feeling that had been existing in the Chinese for a hundred thousand years, they were still happy for Chen Fan and the North Qiong Sect.

A’Xiu and the others couldn’t repress the joy in their minds. They shot into the sky and flew towards space, getting ready to welcome Chen Fan.

The Ancestral Patriarch of the Wu family, Wu Wendin, also yelled emotionally, “I knew it. Divine Lord Chen is invincible and he dominates the universe. How could he lose? These so-called large sects from the Star Ocean are as vulnerable as animals…”

Everyone from Planet Tianhuang, including Wang Xuanlong, turned to look at him.

In comparison—

Many Nascent Soul Cultivators from other planets—like Heavenly Lord Anpo, the few Ancestral Patriarchs of the Luowu Sect and Li Yuan from the Changshen Sect—were currently having complex feelings. Although they were in awe of Chen Fan’s power, they were still a bit upset in their hearts. After all, they were Ancestral Patriarchs; each of them dominated a planet and a planet region. They were superior in their own home planets and had been running wild for thousands of years. And then, they suddenly had to yield to a young man who wasn’t even fifty years old. How could they be fine about it?

Still, nobody dared to resist anymore since Chen Fan had even killed the Prince of Apollo Palace.

Heavenly Lord Anpo turned around and yelled at his first disciple, Xing Hu, “If you still have any thoughts in your minds, put them all away and don’t show any of it. From now on, if I find out you disrespect the North Qiong Sect or Divine Lord Chen… Don’t blame me for not showing you mercy.”

Heavenly Lord Anpo scolded him harshly with his Immortal Will.

Xing Hu clenched his fists and his eyes were filled with unwillingness, but he could only lower his head in the end. The fourth disciple, Zhang Qihao—the extremely handsome practitioner who wore a green robe—could only sigh at the moment.

“Senior, don’t blame Master for yielding. Chen Beixuan is too powerful. If we provoke him, countless people will come after us, even if he doesn’t do it himself. Everyone on Planet Tianlan will be gnawed into skeletons.”

The Nascent Soul Cultivators from Planet Tianhuang—including the Sect Master of the Changshen Sect, Li Yuan, Heavenly Lord Astral Sea and the City Lord of Saint Fire City—had also accepted the result. They all left with the last bit of unwillingness in their minds.

The first Ancestral Patriarch of the Luowu Sect also told his juniors in secret, “Don’t blame me for being ruthless from now on if someone talks about your fourth brother. The Luowu Sect only has three Nascent Soul Cultivators. He has left forever and his whereabouts have nothing to do with us.”

“Senior, we understand.”

The two red robed juniors nodded.

The Luowu Sect had originally decided to place bets on both sides and sent their fourth Ancestral Patriarch to follow Divine Prince Mingyang. But then, Chen Fan had already been destined to rule Planet Tianhuang and he even killed the Prince of Apollo Palace. So, Divine Prince Mingyang was nothing. Even if he was the son of Divine Lord Tatian, so what? No matter how strong Divine Lord Tatian was, could he be stronger than the Golden Bird Emperor? That was a real Soul Formation Grand Cultivator, while Divine Lord Tatian was just a Pseudo-Soul Formation Cultivator and would only have the power of a Grand Cultivator in that planet region. Once he left, he would immediately fall into the Half Grand Cultivator level.

“Brother, please don’t blame me. There’s nothing else I can do!” The white haired Ancestral Patriarch shook his head.

He looked at Chen Fan high above the sky, as he dominated the world.

He understood.

Unless Divine Lord Tatian from a hundred thousand years before were to be reborn, nobody else would be able to deal with Chen Fan, not even the large sects in the Star Ocean.

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