Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 1179 - The End of Planet Earth?

Chapter 1179: The End of Planet Earth?


Countless people on Earth were experiencing complex feelings and mulling over troubling thoughts. Some of them had changed their minds and were ready to follow the North Qiong Sect wholeheartedly. Some had been forced to put their hatred aside and yield helplessly. Some knelt in front of Chen Fan respectfully and bowed to that new Divine Lord. Some… However, none of them were thinking about going against Chen Fan.

Thousands of sects had made a move to attack, but they were all defeated by one person. So, who else could fight against Chen Fan?

The Golden Bird Emperor?

No matter how powerful he was, he wouldn’t be able to enter the Abandoned Planet Region. Even if he could, he would have to injure himself to lower his realm below the Soul Formation level. Otherwise, the Soul Formation Cultivators of the large sects in the Star Ocean would have already conquered the Abandoned Planet Region and leveled Mount Emperor. Why would they care about a Pseudo-Soul Formation Cultivator, like “Divine Lord Tatian?”

And what about the Wuji Sect, the Changshen Sect and the Taichu Divine Realm?

They weren’t even comparable to the Apollo Palace. The difficulties the Golden Bird Emperor was facing were also their problems.

What about the Nascent Soul Cultivators from other planets? And the Universe Predators that were behind the attack on Earth back then?

Even Heavenly Lord Anpo—who was said to be the top cultivator in the Abandoned Planet Region—had to kowtow before Chen Fan. How would the Nascent Soul Cultivators from other planets resist the North Qiong Sect? The Universe Predators that caused the Battle of Deities on Earth a few thousand years back were even a joke at this point. As for cultivators like Divine Prince Mingyang, they had already lost before the fight started. Chen Fan’s existence was completely beyond everyone’s imagination.

He was incredibly powerful!

The Grand Elder of the Chinese touched his beard and said with a smile, “This battle has ended. Divine Lord Chen has risen to the top of the entire planet region. He will undoubtedly be titled Divine Lord. He will officially be given the title to rule over a region when he returns.”

“Right, right. I agree.” The others also nodded.

Someone even yelled, “I think this planet region should be named Planet East Region or North Qiong Planet Region. Who else can resist Planet East as long as Divine Lord Chen is here? Planet East will be the most powerful among the others. Divine Lord Chen is just fifty years old right now. He’ll be able to live to a hundred thousand years if he can become a Grand Cultivator. How long is a hundred thousand years? The Chinese will be all around the whole Abandoned Planet Region by then. Naming it Planet East Region isn’t a problem at all.”


Many people also nodded and even the Grand Elder of the Chinese agreed. The cultivators from other planets didn’t have it in them to refute.

As for Qin Dongmu, Japan, Europe and the escaped first Blood Ancestor of the Kindred, they were just like animals. The Grand Elder and the others didn’t even bother to mention or care about them.

Once Chen Fan officially became a Divine Lord, he would rise to the top of the Planet East Region.

Then, countless cultivators from other planets, rogue cultivators and small sects in the Star Ocean would be willing to work for Chen Fan without him asking for it. That was the power of a Divine Lord! Even though he was just the Divine Lord of the Abandoned Planet Region, there would still be people eager to work for him, throwing themselves into his lap and following his charm as he suppressed the world.

“Master, Master, you’re impressive.”

A’Xiu, Lu Yanxue and Qi Xiu’er broke through the atmosphere and flew into space; they were ecstatic as they rushed to Chen Fan. There were a hundred thousand disciples of the large sects—including Nascent Soul cultivators and Divine Princes—on the battleships along the way.

But none of them dared to attack those few Golden Core cultivators.

Chen Fan was too powerful.

The entire planet region was enveloped by his terrifying power. Chen Fan could easily kill anyone with a casual slash at the smallest provocation. He could even make the Divine Soul of that person fall into Hell, forever losing the chance to be reborn.

“What is powerful? This is what truly means to be powerful! He made everyone yield; he single handedly subdued millions of soldiers; none of them dare to look up.” An onlooker heaved a sigh.

A lot of cultivators from the Star Ocean were left with heavy hearts.

They understood.

Even though there were still a hundred thousand Golden Core Cultivators left among the million soldiers, and even a dozen Nascent Soul cultivators and Divine Princes. A’Xiu and the others could be killed easily if one of them attacked. After all, the girls might be powerful, but they were only Golden Core Cultivators after all; none were stronger than the Nascent Soul Cultivators. And yet, those disciples of the large sects had already lost their fighting spirit.

Even if they killed A’Xiu and Qi Xiu’er, then what?

They would still be unable to hurt Chen Fan a bit; they would only anger him, which would only make him kill the remaining hundred thousand soldiers. Given his earth-shattering power, none of them could escape and walk out of the solar system alive. So, they preferred to yield, hoping Chen Fan would spare them. Chen Fan didn’t seem to be planning on killing them right then.

“This is a Divine Lord!”

Someone lowered his head and sighed.

Many individual cultivators from the Star Ocean were looking at Chen Fan differently at the moment.

The Abandoned Planet Region was just a small place which had a few hundred planets with life, located in a remote area of the universe. There might not even be five hundred Nascent Soul cultivators and the cultivation arts were incomplete, Dharma Laws were absent and Spirit Qi had been exhausted.

But that was a planet region after all!

Any person who dominated a planet region would rise to the top, with everyone him or her as their ancestor and being addressed as “Divine Lord,” a rare being who stood above the universe. At least no one in the Little South Heavenly Realm would offend him; even the imperishable sects had to be respectful to him. No matter how powerful the Golden Bird Emperor was, he had never tried to disrespect Divine Lord Tatian and had always been polite to him.

“This is the legendary place where the Deities trapped a fiend. Although the Dharma Laws here are incomplete, there’s been rumors that there are many treasures and ruins left by the ancient Deities. This planet region is still reviving; it may be comparable to the Shanyang Planet Region or the Nanli Planet Region in the future. Besides… Divine Lord Chen is just forty years old; he may be able to become a real Grand Cultivator,” said an elder of the Purple Dove Sect.

Everyone around then was startled.


Chen Fan wasn’t even fifty.

With such talent, if he couldn’t become a Soul Formation Cultivator, it would be because God didn’t allow it. The most powerful Golden Bird Emperor of the Little South Heavenly Realm wasn’t even a Golden Core cultivator when he was at that age.

Chen Fan was like a Quasi-Soul Formation Cultivator in front of them.

He might have just caused a bloodbath as he dealt with the disciples of the seven Divine Sects and killed millions of people, scattering dead bodies around. He might have killed the Prince of Apollo Palace, provoked countless Overlords in the Little South Heavenly Realm and angered the seven Divine Sects. He might have destroyed the Immortal Will of the Golden Bird Emperor and established an endless feud with that top cultivator of the Little South Heavenly Realm.

However, this was a Divine Lord, an Overlord who dominated a planet region and a future Grand Cultivator after all!

Upon giving this some thought, many rogue cultivators from the Star Ocean were shaken. Some of them looked at Chen Fan with burning light in their eyes, thinking if they should go to his faction. Whenever a Soul Formation Cultivator and an imperishable sect rose, a large number of cultivators—including the Sect Masters and elders of some small sects—would choose to join them. After all, if Chen Fan really became a Soul Formation Cultivator, they would be the senior members and elders of the imperishable sect in the future.

“Brother Fu, you mean…” The elder of the Qiyun Sect turned around and looked at the elder of the Purple Dove Sect.

“Haha, didn’t Brother Lin mean the same thing? This is an extraordinary achievement. A Divine Sect is going to be established here. Such a thing doesn’t even happen once in a hundred thousand years in the Little South Heavenly Realm. It’s a great opportunity. We have to celebrate together.” The elder of the Purple Dove Sect burst into laughter.

“That’s right.” The elder of the Qiyun Sect nodded.

Many small sects and individual cultivators from the Star Ocean also thought the same.

“Why are you here? Don’t you know it’s still dangerous?”

Chen Fan frowned and looked at A’Xiu and the others.

And yet, he also cracked a smile in the end after seeing the excitement on their faces, especially when A’Xiu was smiling joyfully.

That battle had only lasted for half a day.

Waves of enemies had made the trip by traversing across the universe, but Chen Fan defeated them all. He had also paid a price for that; his body was a bit damaged, his energy declined and even the base of the Three Deity Body was a little unstable. He had to constantly use his full power for the last three slashes to perform the Grand Divine Power, as well as the Flying Deity. However, he still won in the end.

Chen Fan looked far away and pondered, “The Soul Formation Cultivators of the large sects in the Star Ocean should have given up by now. They sent the Prince of Apollo Palace here, but I killed him. I also destroyed the Immortal Will of their Emperor and he didn’t send his incarnation or come in person in the end. He must have realized that he wouldn’t be able to take me down in the Abandoned Planet Region. As long as I’m alive, they will never send anyone over in the future.”

He preferred not going too far and was completely willing to take a step back and negotiate with the Divine Prince of Apollo Palace, Qin Jian and the Divine General of Apollo Palace. After all, those imperishable sects didn’t want to fight, either.

But Chen Fan had to leave Earth eventually. Once he did, how could he protect the Earth? How could he protect the North Qiong Sect?

“I can only beat them up until they no longer dare to send anyone else, even after I’m gone for decades, until they know they’ll suffer from unimaginable and unbearable consequences if they offend me. Then, they’ll truly think and know how to be afraid,” Chen Fan thought.

That battle was just the beginning. He would go to the Little South Heavenly Realm to have another battle again when he left the Earth in the future. He had yet to settle the scores with Apollo Palace, the Wuji Sect and the Changshen Sect. However, that was for the future; He merely had the Half Nascent Soul Power right then; he would not be a match for the real Grand Cultivators. It would be the time for him to dominate the universe and defeat the Grand Cultivators when he completed the real Full Nascent Soul Power.

Chen Fan caressed A’Xiu’s head and thought, “One Origin Divine Palace helped me complete my Three Deity Beauty, and there are ninety-nine of them in the deity ground. After the battle ends and I’m titled the Divine Lord, I’ll go into seclusion and open that ninety-nine Origin Divine Palace, to push my body and Divine Soul to the Nascent Soul level. I won’t ever come out before I manage to form the Full Nascent Soul Power.”

He also looked relieved.

He had won that battle after all. Even though it was easier than what Chen Fan had thought, and he didn’t even use his trump cards, he still won, beating Qin Ye and the immortal Will of a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator. He was still a bit worried, but he kept hugging his disciples with a smile and got ready to return to Earth to officially be titled Divine Lord.

Suddenly, a cold and old voice resounded in the air.

“Nothing special.”

That voice sounded flat. It only resounded around half of planet Earth. Many people didn’t even hear it. Judging from the voice, that cultivator didn’t seem to be powerful; he sounded much weaker than Qin Jian and Qin Ye, but Chen Fan’s eyes widened when he heard the voice.

“Who’s there?

A’Xiu widened her eyes and looked over.

A solemn, fierce young man—who was wearing a luxurious black robe with star patterns like a silver dragon—walked slowly with hands behind his back as he moved in front of a group of Nascent Soul Cultivators. Many people were familiar with the young man’s robe. It appeared to be the robe worn by Mount Emperor’s Divine Lord. The energy radiated by the young man wasn’t too powerful. He should be on par with the Grand Divine Prince of Apollo Palace, Qin Feng; he wasn’t even a Half Grand Cultivator.

The Ancestral Patriarchs of the Luowu Sect said in shock, “Divine Prince Mingyang?”

“He’s Divine Prince Mingyang? Divine Lord Tatian’s son? Even the Prince of Apollo Palace has died. He’s just the son of a Grand Cultivator. How dare he provoke Divine Lord Chen?” While everyone was snickering.

Chen Fan had already turned around slowly; he looked at the young man wearing a Divine Lord’s robe from Mount Emperor with an extremely serious face.

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