Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1186 - We Can’t Benefit Other People

Chapter 1186: We Can’t Benefit Other People

Sun Yaozu left with his two subordinates beside him. As he walked out of the main entrance, the anxiousness on Grandma Ye’s face disappeared and her expression turned sharp. She said to her daughter who was trembling in anger, “Do you see the difference between man and woman? A woman can go through hardships with a man and a man can go through hardships with a woman too. However, they can’t go through sweet moments together.”

“Zhixiang, you need to find a path of retreat for yourself. Sun Yaozu is different from the past him. His identity as an escaped convict forced him to keep a low profile for more than ten years. Once he got liberated, he played without any worry.”

“Your married life with him will end soon. Live your own life properly. Don’t think about getting anything from him. Raise Leilei and Chengcheng properly. You will have to rely on your sons in the future.”

Ye Zhixiang felt chills on her body when she heard these words. After some time, she said in a low voice, “Let’s wait and see first. Let’s wait and see… We can’t let other people benefit.”

Grandma Ye nodded indifferently. She wasn’t expecting her daughter to accept this instantly. However, she felt slightly at ease when she heard her reply. At least she listened to her and didn’t remain stubborn.

Her gaze landed on the main entrance of the villa again. Grandma Ye’s hands clenched discreetly.

She didn’t plan to offend Third Master Hou. There was a saying in the underworld. You’d rather offend the police than provoke Hou Zi. In the end, her daughter and her offended Hou Zi.

As expected, that wicked girl was just like her mother. She was born as her arch-enemy!

Grandma Ye wasn’t as calm as she looked. After so many years of leading a good life, she was afraid that Hou Zi would pop out one day and claim her and her daughter’s life. She remained anxious for the entire night. Bright and early in the morning, she decided to go to Provincial No.1 Middle School.

“You’re going there alone? You can’t do that. Let me go with you.” Ye Zhixiang was still a filial person. She furrowed her brows and gritted her teeth as she continued, “Bring some people along. If that wicked girl dares to disrespect us, you can take care of her promptly!”

Grandma Ye felt mentally drained as she listened to her daughter’s stupid suggestion. If her daughter inherited just a little intelligence from her, why would she have to look for Ye Zhifan again? Why would she need to bear with the arrogance of her foster child?

However, Ye Zhixiang was still her biological daughter so she just sighed and raised her wrinkled hand. She touched her daughter’s face. It was still red and swollen after one night. “Zhixiang, I can’t protect you forever. You need to learn to endure and learn to calculate. Don’t be naive in thinking that you’re the biggest in the world.”

“Leilei and Chengcheng don’t like the food from their school, right? Why don’t you rent an apartment near their school and go to Hongkou City to take care of them? After Mom and Sun Yaozu settle Third Master Hou’s business, you can come back.”

Ye Zhixiang’s eyelids started twitching. Grandma Ye sounded as though she was saying her last words. “Mom, don’t worry about me. I know that I’m not as smart as you but I can take care of myself. Sun Yaozu is not reliable. I know that. I’m not that stupid.”

“It’s good that you know that. I will go to the school now. You can help me to do something.” She took the piece of paper placed on the table and passed it to Ye Zhixiang. “Type the words out and print a hundred copies.”

“Why do we need to print a hundred copies?” Ye Zhixiang took the paper and read it. She laughed immediately. “Mom, you’re really clever. That way, that wicked girl’s reputation in school, no, her reputation in the entire Southern Province will be damaged!”

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