Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1188 - Hospitalized From Shock

Chapter 1188: Hospitalized From Shock

When he gave his order, Hou Zi took his phone and openly called Xia Yiwei. He needed to ask her to pass on the news to Ye Jian that nothing would happen outside.

When he heard Xia Yiwei’s cold voice, Hou Zi felt that he shouldn’t get rid of the Ye family so quickly. If he settled them so quickly, he wouldn’t have a valid reason to call Xia Yiwei.

In a blink of an eye, Hou Zi decided to torture the Ye family slowly. He should torment them until OLd Sixth’s girlfriend finishes her university entrance examination.

Because of Hou Zi’s decision, the Ye family welcomed their darkest period in life.

Grandma Ye was really frightened of black cats. She was so scared of them she would scream in terror. Hence, when ten black cats appeared outside her window in the middle of the night, looking at her with flickering green eyes, the entire villa was filled with Grandma Ye’s withered shrill screams.

“Someone help! Someone help me!” She shouted. The black cats got a shock and started meowing. They arched their backs and escaped from the window.

When you’re afraid of something, it will happen. Grandma Ye was so frightened that her spirits flew away. She rolled her eyes and fell on the bed directly. She had fainted from fright. Ye Zhixiang got so scared she hurriedly called the ambulance and sent Grandma Ye to the hospital.

After this happened, they didn’t have the heart to kick up a fuss in school anymore. Grandma Ye stayed at the hospital for an entire day under observation. When she went back that night, before she had even regained her senses, she almost had a heart attack because of Ye Zhixiang’s screams.

She held onto her daughter who was screaming in fear. Grandma Ye watched the servants as they caught the snakes. She trembled furiously.

“This is so scary. Mom, I’m so scared. They suddenly dropped down and I almost, I almost got bitten.” Ye Zhixiang was so scared her face was pale and she stumbled over her words when she spoke. Her legs were also shaking.

When she was bathing, a colorful snake entangled around the showerhead. Ye Zhixiang didn’t see it and released the hot water. The snake on the showerhead dropped down with a ‘splat’… Ye Zhixiang screamed on the spot.

Ever since yesterday night, weird things have been happening. Grandma Ye knew that Hou Zi had acted.

He didn’t send people to teach her and her daughter a lesson directly but he clearly knew what they were afraid of. She was afraid of cats and her daughter was frightened of snakes… As for her son-in-law, he was scared of the police!

Sun Yaozu hadn’t come home since the night before. Grandma Ye didn’t dare to live in the villa anymore. She dialed Ye Zhifan’s number with trembling hands.

Ye Zhifan didn’t know what had happened. When he heard that she wanted to stay at his place overnight, he rejected her directly without a second of hesitation. “Mom, you know how much Sun Dongqing hates you. If you really stay with us, there won’t be a moment of peace. Yingying is going to take her university entrance examination soon and she’s staying at home. I need to be considerate to her.”

Ye Ying was taking the university entrance examination this year so she’s the priority of the family now. Every morning, Ye Zhifan would drive her to school. In the afternoon, Sun Dongqing would bring some soup and fruits she made and fetch Ye Ying back.

Grandma Ye felt a little more comfortable after hearing this reason.

Grandma Ye was the one who wanted to seek help from Ye Zhifan. Ye Zhifan kept waiting for good news but there was no progress on the matter even as the university entrance examination drew near.

The matter hadn’t been settled and she still wanted to stay with him? How was that possible?

However, there was something amiss. Why did she call him in the middle of the night and said that she wanted to stay at his house? Did something happen there?

They didn’t manage to kick Ye Jian out of her school and called him so late at night… Suddenly, Ye Zhifan’s expression changed. Could it be that his wild guesses came true… His aunt’s family came to look for Ye Jian and acknowledged her as part of their family?

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