Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1496 - Trust Me

Chapter 1496: Trust Me

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They didn’t regret sacrificing their daughter for their son!

Obviously, Fu Hui’s parents never regretted anything. They only had eyes for their son.

“Keep an eye on her. If she runs away, I might break your legs.” The moment they entered, Fu Hui’s father warned her in a low voice. His eyes, which were supposed to be simple and honest, were now cruel and cold. He cared about his own life and used other people’s pain to fulfill his wish.

Fu Hui’s mother looked at Ye Jian as if she was measuring the value of an item. She sized her up from top to bottom. Suddenly, her eyes flickered.

This lady was really good. Her eyes were big, and her skin was white. Her mouth was small, and she had a slight aura around her. The lady from the village didn’t have any aura around her. Her body was clean too. One look, and you could tell that she was a virgin.

She pulled her husband, who was warning her daughter and used her eyes to signal them to talk outside.

After that, she continued, “Keep an eye on her. If anything happens, your father will get angry.” The women in the mountains didn’t have any thoughts of sovereignty. Their men were the ones who called the shots at home.

Fu Hui didn’t know if the girl could understand her hometown’s language. She felt unhappy when she saw her parents helping the villains.

She tried to persuade her parents to turn back, but she got beaten up instead. They warned her that they would sell her to Li E and buy a wife for her stupid brother if she were disobedient.

Fu Hui, who had always been filial to his parents, was extremely sad when she saw how stubborn her parents were and how they were even willing to sell her off.

She also knew that the so-called God’s Church in the village was the evil cult organization in the news. Her parents were brainwashed and could never go back to the past.

“Don’t take off your clothes when you sleep tonight. I will bring you out of our village. Don’t ask for the reason. Just follow me.” Fu Hui couldn’t bear for the girl in front of her to land in Li E’s hands. However, she couldn’t tell her everything. She feared that she would be afraid, so she could only mumble a few words.

Ye Jian had already believed that the girl in front of her really wanted to help her. Her black eyes were as bright as the stars and as bright as the blue waves. She smiled at the girl and said softly, “Hello, Fu Hui. I’m Ye Jian. I was sent here by the Guilin police.”

“Believe me. I won’t let anything happen to me. At the same time, I will bring you out of the mountain village safely.” Ye Jian spoke quickly and told Fu Hui what needed to be done urgently. “I need your help now. Find the person who killed the police…”

Before she could finish speaking, Fu Hui’s face turned pale and fear appeared in her eyes.

She glanced outside quickly and said with trembling lips, “Why are you the only one who came? No, this place is too dangerous. You can’t stay.”

Fu Hui was unable to accept and believe that a girl around her age would protect her.

The land that gave birth to her and raised her had changed. The kind and simple neighbors had changed. Selfish, cold, heartless, violent… These were her neighbors now.

Ye Jian raised her hand and patted the girl who had been suffering day and night. “Trust me. The police sent me here which proves that I have the ability to handle the difficulties you’re facing now.”

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