Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 15 - Criminals

Chapter 15: Criminals

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The flowers on the mountain were blooming. While walking on the path in the mountain, Ye Jian found that the birches had blocked the spring sun.

As she walked further, she could see the wire fence meandering along the ridge.

The wire fence was built by the military unit stationed deep in the mountain. It was to prevent ordinary people from entering the restricted areas and avoid the military from injuring the children from the mountain by mistake.

When she was halfway up the mountain, Ye Jian heard the rustling of leaves. Someone else was also walking in this mountain.

It was normal for the villagers to walk in the mountain, but Ye Jian panicked for no reason. Out of instinct, she completely hid herself under a tree.

Ye Jian slightly pulled open the bush in front of her. She saw three men she had never met before. They were carrying objects on their shoulders. It seemed like they were searching for something.

“Damn it! That bastard takes our money but doesn’t get his job done! What can we film from this place?” said a man who was around 24 or 25 years old and was the shortest of the three of them. Carefully, he unloaded the object from his shoulder and leaned it against a tree. “We have to climb over the mountain.”

The tallest man was probably tired from walking. He leaned against a birch to rest. “Take a break. F*ck it! We have been walking in this deep and remote mountain for a couple of days. If we can’t get what we want, let’s just go down the mountain, find a rural family, and get something to eat.”

“Tut. Do that if you are not afraid to die.” said the second-tallest but the strongest man coldly. He had a pair of gloomy eyes. He fumbled around in his chest and took out a cigarette. He sniffed it beneath his nose and put it back into the cigarette box. “Let’s go. Upwards.”

“If we can’t get this job done, we won’t get paid this month.”

Obviously, he was the leader of this gang. As soon as he gave the order, the other two men packed their things and moved right away.

It was a bit hard for the shortest man to carry those things, so he said to the taller one, “Carry this ‘canon’ for me. My shoulders are rubbed so bad that they are peeling.”

“Canon”? Camera lens?

As the short man carried the object out from his waterproof canvas bag, Ye Jian’s pupils tightened subtly. It was indeed a camera lens.

And it was not an ordinary lens. It was an imported good that cost tens of thousands of yuan!

Carrying expensive lenses with them, these men had been in the mountain for days. In the blink of an eye, Ye Jian had figured out the intention of their trip by pondering over their conversation.

They came here to steal classified information from the battalion deep inside the mountain!

Ye Jian was supposed to go to the neighboring village. But now, she looked at these men coldly. If they really wanted to film the battalion, their only destination was the Hawk Beak Cliff, which they could arrive within one hour from here.

Now, she decided to go down the mountain to find Grandpa Gen, who definitely had a way to connect to the military unit in the mountain.

While putting the heaviest lens into his bag, the tall man said sarcastically, “Don’t spend too much time bedding women. You should learn from Brother Lu and stay in the gym more frequently.”

As the tall guy failed his first two attempts, he put it aside and placed his hands on his belt. As he unbuckled his belt, he said, “I’m going to pee. Put the lens in my bag yourself.”

Ye Jian tightened her hands that were holding a branch. This man was unleashing his belt and walking toward her direction!

She looked around swiftly. She could no longer squat there. Instead, she slowly moved behind the tree and kept her shoulders closer to her body, hoping that the tree could keep her out of the man’s sight.

Water was splattering. Although Ye Jian was holding her breath, she could still smell something. She was so sensitive to smells that she could recognize the lingering scents that occurred several days ago.

A jet-black snake had slithered down from the tree branch. It was gliding towards the feet of the man who was peeing.

The man shook comfortably and lowered his head. As he looked at his feet, he let out a terrified scream and drew back.

When the tall man screamed out of fear, Ye Jian realized that she could not hide any longer.

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