Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1558 - Snatching My Girlfriend?

Chapter 1558: Snatching My Girlfriend?

After the supplies were delivered, a rope was thrown out of the helicopter. Everyone held their breaths.

Someone was coming down. Who would not sleep in the middle of the night and come to their deserted island?

Inspection? A lecture?

A figure appeared at the cabin entrance and waved at them. He looked so familiar!

Before they could figure out who it was that greeted them, they saw the person grabbing the rope and landing swiftly and suavely. The person had already fallen into the sea.

The figures standing on the shore gasped one after another. The descending figure was slender. One look and you could tell that it was a woman.

A woman? A female soldier? A female commander? Someone’s girlfriend?

Ye Jian, who landed on the water surface, had already received dozens of gazes. One was hotter than the other.

Long time no see. The comrades of the Snow Region Brigade and the comrades of the Storm Commando Brigade.

She turned on the multi-purpose military waterproof military watch. The lights on it flickered three times, indicating that everything was safe. The helicopter crew who received the message gave her an ‘OK’ gesture. As the door closed, the helicopter carried the sea breeze and sand away from everyone’s sight.

She had just sent the helicopter away. Before she lowered her head, Ye Jian heard the sound of dumplings falling. She looked up and saw dozens of people rushing towards her.

Ye Jian, who came with the supplies, became popular in the eyes of the male soldiers. Z7 Han Zheng had already recognized who the female soldier was. Because he was standing in the front row, he rushed towards Ye Jian like a dragon coming out of the sea.

Oh my god, he finally saw a female creature!

However, someone didn’t like him. Little boy, why are you struggling when my girlfriend is here? Go away.

It was really cool. Xia Jinyuan had always been extraordinary. He bent his back like a cheetah and pulled Han Zheng’s legs. Han Zheng, who was running happily, fell into the sea and drank a few mouthfuls of salty seawater mixed with sea sand.

“Who is it? Who played dirty with me?” He climbed up quickly. He must be fast. He was afraid that his comrades behind him would rush up. They wouldn’t look at the water. They would step on him and rush to Ye Jian’s side!

This bunch of brats, they were all perverted!

Pfft! Are they still brothers?!

A cold voice came from the sound of splashing water. “It’s me. What do you want?”


Han Zheng shrunk his neck and started running in a straight line. Damn, he was so happy to see Ye Jian that he forgot that her real boyfriend, Xia Jinyuan, was in the team too!

What else could he do? He just needed to pick up the good posture!

The man standing on the shore didn’t move. His handsome face, which was as cold as snow, had a hint of gentleness that was hard to see. He quietly looked at the two teams of comrades who were struggling in the sea. Then, he looked into the distant sky.

The weather tonight was good. The moon was bright and the stars were shining brightly. Ye Jian knew how to pick a date to come over.

However, he didn’t expect to lose his composure when he saw Ye Jian. It was interesting that he rushed into the water with his comrades.

Other than Li Jinnian, who had only walked five steps on the beach, everyone else went into the sea to welcome Ye Jian warmly.

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