Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 22 - An Astute Fox

Chapter 22: An Astute Fox

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On the mountain, Xia Jinyuan was talking through his earpiece to instruct his soldiers to stop searching for the girl.

I told this girl to hide. I can’t believe she left without telling me. Is it so hard to say farewell?

“Captain Xia, should we send someone to inquire about her in the village, to see if she’s back home safe?” Returning from the search mission, Liu Bing was a bit concerned about her safety. There were boars in the mountain.

An order had come from the headset. It’s time for them to return to the military camp. Looking at the dimming sky, Xia Jinyuan gave a subtle smile and said, “No need. An astute fox can survive anywhere. Assemble the team!”

“Assemble! Assemble! Stand at attention! At ease!”

When in a mountain, it was impossible to make the team standing as neatly as on the training field. After confirming everyone was back, Xia Jinyuan led the patrolling team back to the military camp.

As if gilded with a pale layer of gold, the rays of the setting sun crossed through the forest and sprayed on the handsome guy in the front of the team, making his physique look increasingly taller and stronger, like a deity from another world.

His steps were very steady. Every step he took, he gave out a formidable vibe that would make every creature subject to him. Today, the 20-year-old Xia Jinyuan encountered the 14-year-old Ye Jian.

And it was an accident that brought them together.

As the mountain finally darkened, dim electric lamps were lit up in the village.

In the 1990s, though this village in the mountain was poor and remote, thanks to the army, it was one of the earliest villages to establish an electric power grid.

It was a bit chilly in the evening of the warm spring. The villagers put on overcoats and headed to Aunt Qiu’s house to watch television.

Because her family was the only household in the village equipped with a black and white television, it was always crowded and noisy at her home at night.

The villagers talked to each other while watching TV.

What Sun Dongqing did during the day had culminated in a criticism session against her. Lucky for the villagers, she was not there. If she were, she would have made a scene.

Aunt Qiu, the proprietor of the television set, said to the villagers with indignation, “That Sun Dongqing is a real bastard! If I had not bumped into her, Ye Jian would not even have clothes to wear for school on Monday. Her clothes, as well as her textbooks, would be locked in her room.”

“And her daughter Yingying. You didn’t see her, but she jumped out and whispered to me, telling me to mind my own business. And that’s when I realized she is actually a bully. Ye Jian is silent and introverted. How can she fight against them?”

While listening to these conversations, Ye Jian closed her eyes and smiled gently. Her current life would start to change from here.

Although it was dark outside, Grandpa Gen didn’t light up his house. Someone was with him inside the house.

“Good to hear that you have caught the criminals. You should transfer the information soon, and I will keep an eye out for suspects in the village.” Grandpa Gen’s eyes were glowing. Sitting in his chair in the dark room, he said slowly in a deep voice, “Now that I am aged, I want to find a successor who can assume my role from time to time.”

“I already have someone in mind. No need to bother the army.”

A few people cleared their throats very gently. Their breaths were almost imperceptible. Someone talked to Grandpa Gen with respect, “We will leave that up to you. Contact us at any time if you need help from the army. It’s getting late, we should not disturb you from your rest. See you.”

“We will be in the camp tomorrow, waiting for your instructions.” the man who was speaking stood up. In the darkness, there were metallic sheens flickering on his shoulders.

“Some villagers are trapping bamboo rats in the mountain. Don’t let them see you.” Grandpa Gen reminded them to be careful without getting up to send them off. He didn’t get up in silence until the several people in his house were gone.

Ye Zhifan’s family was getting outrageous. He needed to visit the village leader.

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