Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 28 - Why the Rush?

Chapter 28: Why the Rush?

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Mrs. Ke was a 40-year-old female teacher of Class Two Grade Eight. Her decent and rigorous outfits did make her look like an educator.

But she had a son who was a big spender. He was currently a college student in the provincial capital.

She had always spoiled her son by giving every penny she had to him, leaving only a bit to cover her and her husband’s meals.

No one had ever suspected that she would accept bribery in private. Neither did Ye Jian in her past life.

But on the year that Ye Jian had the senior high school entrance exam, she saw with her own eyes that Sun Dongqing had handed a red packet to Mrs. Ke during her home visit.

It was not until Ye Jian grew older did she realize why Ye Ying was so rampant in the old days.

As it turned out, she had Mrs. Ke to back her up!

Ye Jian had been keeping silent. But at this instant, she raised her foot to stop Mrs. Ke from leaving.

With a gentle smile in her black eyes, she looked at Mrs. Ke who was leaving in rush, and said calmly, “Mrs. Ke, don’t leave so quickly, not until my case is settled.”

Mrs. Ke couldn’t accept that her student was blocking her way. She yelled furiously, “How dare you, Ye Jian!”

“I dare not. But please, just wait a few more minutes,” said Ye Jian with a smile. She then turned around and locked the door to the principal’s office from inside.

Now that the door was locked, it’s time to put on the show.

“Principal Chen, I know that you were previously a soldier. And I bore in mind what you have said to us before. You stressed that integrity and honesty are characters that a person must possess.” Ye Jian said in a calm voice slowly.

As soon as she spoke, she surprised Principal Chen.

This was a girl who could maintain her composure, even when facing such a serious accusation against her.

“Indeed. Those are essential qualities for being a human. I am glad to hear that you have remembered them.” Despite his stern facial expressions, Principal Chen looked at Ye Jian with encouragement in his eyes. “Tell me. What happened?”

This girl’s composure and confidence were enough to confirm her trustworthiness.

Mrs. Ke’s face turned gloomy. She pursed her lips and said, “Principal, no student would admit they are wrong after making mistakes. Ye Jian…”

“Mrs. Ke, even judges would allow prisoners under death sentences to defend themselves before announcing their judgment. This is a student from your class, and she is also a student at our school. Deputy town mayor, I don’t think you wish for anyone to misunderstand your niece.”

With a grave expression on his face, Principal Chen interrupted Mrs. Ke’s words and turned to look at Ye Zhifan. He said in a deep voice, “The school will punish students who have made mistakes. But we will never treat our students unjustly, especially when they are facing such a serious scandal.”

“Thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak,” said Ye Jian in time. From the corner of her eye, she saw Ye Zhifan pulling Sun Dongqing—who wanted to stand up and speak—back to her seat. She laughed scornfully in her heart, but she said calmly in a moderate speed, “First of all, I don’t admit to seducing my math teacher.”

“Someone has accused me of expressing my affection for my math teacher on Friday. Mrs. Ke, at 14:45 in the afternoon, Zhang Bin and I handed in our exam papers together; at 14:50, I was in the lobby of the teaching building; at 14:55, I went to find Ye Ying at the playground; and at 14:58, I fell over and passed out.”

“While my math teacher and Zhang Bin left the school together at around 3 o’clock. From the timeline, Mrs. Ke, it was impossible for me to find my math teacher at that time.”

Ye Jian could name the times, places and witnesses clearly. Principal Chen nodded in approval, “That’s right, from the timeline, no way could you have met your math teacher on that day. But Ye Jian, what about before? Have you met him in private previously?”

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