Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 30 - This is Frigging Unbelievable

Chapter 30: This is Frigging Unbelievable

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The scandal of seducing a teacher may exist, but Principal Chen did not believe it was Ye Jian who had done it.

Ye Jian started to call several students to the office. She had encountered them before and had heard their conversations unintentionally.

At first, the students were bewildered and thought that they were in trouble. As Ye Jian stated clearly what they had said at the specific time and place, some of them were so shocked that their feet became weak, because they had spoken ill of their teachers in private.

“I know what you said at that time because I was walking past there. I am not aware of your conversations on other occasions.” Ye Jian smiled while explaining to those shaky students, who exhaled quietly in relief.

That was why she knew! The students felt lucky that she didn’t hear them speaking ill of their teachers. But still, it was a close call!

There was still time before the evening study session began. On Sunday afternoon, Mrs. Ke’s face turned pale as groups after groups of students and teachers entered and exited the principal’s office.

She could accuse Ye Jian of colluding with the first group of students, but she had no other excuses to use when the following groups arrived!

“During math class on that day, you failed to answer a question, and you said something to Yu Jing…” Ye Jian clearly recapped what happened on March 16th, including the people she met and the words they said. “And Yu Jing comforted you by saying, ‘That was a difficult question, it’s normal that you didn’t get the answer.’ And then she said, ‘There is a beautiful butterfly hair clip in our school’s grocery store. I want to buy it and wear it on my birthday.’”

In a gentle voice, Ye Jian repeated every word the two female students of Class Four Grade Nine had said on their way to the cafeteria. Dumbstruck, the two girls widened their eyes.

Oh gosh! How could she remember their conversations so clearly?!

The 9th-grader, Yu Jing, pointed at Ye Jian and pointed at herself. Then, she looked at her classmate and stammered in shock, “Y… you are so scary. I can’t even remember what I said on which day. But you… Oh my God! What kind of brain do you have? How can you remember that?”

She was not the only one who was shocked. “Damn it, damn it, damn it!” screamed the following boys who came into the office.

They had forgotten what they had said on that day. So, it was remarkable for this girl who had remembered every word said by them by merely walking past them.

The boys raised their hands in front of them and bowed to Ye Jian. “Respect! It’s freaking unbelievable for you to remember them!”

In total, 16 groups of students came into the office in two hours. Principal Chen was astonished at the beginning, but now, he stood up from his chair.

He observed Ye Jian carefully and said to the last group of students in front of him, “All right, you guys please go out.”

The boys fled speedily. God! What kind of monster was that girl in the office? She had only one head, but from her remarkable recollection, it seemed like she had ten brains!

What kind of incredible memory was that? It was freaking horrible!

Holding a water glass, Ye Jian took a sip of water and looked at Principal Chen with a smile. “Should we continue? 17 groups of students have come to the office. To avert suspicion, I didn’t ask anyone from my class to come over.”

“That would be unnecessary. I trust you.” Principal Chen couldn’t restrain his astonishment anymore. He looked at Ye Jian as if he had found a treasure.

Despite his efforts to make himself appear calm, his eyes betrayed him. “How can I have never learned that there was such an amazing person in our school. Ye Jian, have you been keeping a low profile on purpose all these years?”

Sitting in a trance, Mrs. Ke went as white as a sheet and her eyes became dull.

Ferociously, Ye Zhifan glared at his wife Sun Dongqing, who was dumbstruck. As a public officer, he remained calm and said, “It seems that my niece is innocent. Principal Chen, I hope that…”

“Uncle, don’t leave so quickly. The show has just begun.” Ye Jian raised her eyes that were as transparent as spring water to look at Ye Zhifan who was trying to leave. Peacefully, she said, “We have not figured out who has seduced my teacher yet.”

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