Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 3526: Assassination

Chapter 3526: Assassination

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They were going to massacre the freighter.

The three black market bodyguards who were lucky enough to escape naturally listened to Li Chuhai’s orders. The man Li Chuhai was leaning against, the man who had been in contact with Li Chuhai, asked in stiff Chinese, “Do you know who they are?”

Who they were? Li Chuhai gritted his teeth and said, “It should be people from the military!”

He wanted to shout, but it was too painful. It was so painful that he had to force himself to say harsh words.

These people must’ve been sent by the military. They must’ve been sent by the military!

They were not police officers or coast guards. The military must have sent the special forces!

When did the special forces in this country become so powerful?

They actually managed to reach the freighter!

Li Chuhai’s eyes were red from the pain. He said, “I’ll reward you with 50,000 USD for killing one person from the military! If you kill two, that’s 100,000 USD!”

What would make these bodyguards risk their lives?

Of course, it was money.

They worked hard for money. Now that there was a chance for them to earn more money, how could they let it go?

There were not many people outside. The special forces soldiers from the Xueyu unit took the initiative to kill six people. There were not many people left.

However, these people were not ordinary black market bodyguards. The people Li Chuhai chose and brought with him were different. These people were well-trained and cooperated well with each other. It was obvious that their past was extraordinary.

Facing the people sent by the military, they still dared to go up against their guns.

Li Chuhai didn’t bring back many bodyguards to the country. There were a total of 20 people. Last night, five of them were already eliminated. Just now, Pigeon and the rest cleared six. Previously, Ye Jian cleared two of them. That meant that there were only seven people left.

Besides three people beside Li Chuhai, the other four had dispersed. They were hiding in various spots and waiting for the chance to shoot.

Li Chuhai knew what he was doing, so he had his reservations.

The freighter had already quietened down. Li Chuhai, whose lips were already pale, thought of a vicious idea that could make the military worry. His face was dark as he said slowly, “Tie the people on the ship together first. Kill those who are disobedient!”

They needed chips on hand. Li Chuhai asked the bodyguards to use the crew members of the freighter as bargaining chips.

There were almost a hundred people on the freighter, including the crew and captain… Once they became their chips, the entire situation would be beneficial to Li Chuhai and the rest.

The special forces soldiers from the Xueyu unit had thought of this, so they had been guarding against it.

The howling sea breeze blew away the smoke. The sea breeze carried the smell of blood from time to time. The freighter that sank into the darkness was like a ghost ship sailing in the sea. It was sinister.

Ye Jian carried her rifle on her back and held the railing of the ship with both hands. Slowly and gently, she jumped to a deck like a petrel.

The other comrades used infrared and night-vision goggles to approach the people who were moving in the dark. Assassination was the favorite method of the special forces of the Xueyu unit. Now, with the help of auxiliary tools, it was easier for them to assassinate.

“I’m going to shoot,” White Crane, who was guarding the entrance of the freighter’s staff cabin, said calmly. His slender fingers, which were wearing half a combat glove, gently buckled the gun…


After less than five minutes of silence, gunshots sounded again on the freighter. One of the guys who tried to enter the cabin was killed by White Crane, and the other quickly dodged the bullet.

The assassination was carried out quietly.

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