Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 366 - Qin Xiu, A Man That Is Like Scenery

Chapter 366: Qin Xiu, A Man That Is Like Scenery

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She felt as though her desert training just happened yesterday.

When she mentioned the desert, Xia Jinyuan remembered his training in the desert that lasted for almost 70 days. Two times, something went wrong with his engine and he almost died. However, when he heard her talking about it, he didn’t remember all the dangerous moments. He only felt happiness.

“It’s a piece of barren land with no sign of living things. It blocks you from the rest of the world. I only felt that I’m alive when I heard travelers walking past me.” When Ye Jian recalled these precious memories, her eyes were sparkling. They were vibrant and lively like the sun.

The light shone on her back and bathed her in a holy light.

It enchanted the person who was looking at her.

1“Mr. Qin.” Outside the glass window, a man in a suit ran over quickly. He had a tie on his neck. He ran towards a man who was also dressed in a suit and had a gentle aura around him. “I’m sorry. I was caught up with work so I didn’t manage to fetch you in time.”

The hurried footsteps and the sound of panting traveled through the glass window. Ye Jian was distracted by the voice. She looked over and saw a tall man walking out from the side of the building.

His gaze landed on Ye Jian. He smiled and walked out of the shelter as though explaining to her that he just happened to be there because he was taking shelter from the sun.

This was an elegant looking man who looked knowledgeable and well-mannered.

His brown formal pants had no crease on it. His shirt was pure white. He paired it with an equally clean suit along with a tie that had the same pattern as his pants. He looked formal and refined.

Ye Jian was stunned for a moment. She didn’t understand why this man was explaining to her.

Outside, the man known as Mr. Qin smiled. You could tell that he was well-mannered from his actions. “It’s alright. Everyone knows that I’m bad with directions. It’s my own problem. It has nothing to do with you. Where did you park the car?”

“This way, please. The car is parked on the side of the road.” Ye Jian could feel the other man heaving a huge sigh of relief.

Xia Jinyuan sized up the man called Mr. Qin. He narrowed his eyes. He seemed to have guessed the man’s identity.

He retracted his gaze before Ye Jian. When he noticed that Ye Jian was still distracted by the man, he said in a clear voice, “How long did you stay in the desert? You don’t look like you stayed for long. You didn’t grow dark.”

Ye Jian looked up casually as though she was looking at a piece of scenery just now.

“The desert is a hard place to live in. Yet, you spent four months there. Not bad.” He didn’t tell her that he had been in the desert too. It was a classified mission. As an Ace of Hearts mission, he couldn’t tell anyone, including the person he loved the most.

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