Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 11 - Do You Want me to Help You

Chapter 11: Do You Want me to Help You

Song Yunxuan drinks a glass of beer in the room for getting over the shock.

Then feeling agitated, she pours another glass of wine on Xue Tao’s head to vent her anger.

After that, she shows a faint sneer and takes over Xue Tao’s mobile phone to check his address book.

With her finger slipping, she is not surprised to find the name Song Yunying on Xue Tao’s mobile phone.

Besides, she also reads the messages between them.

Xue Tao has sent a message to disown Song Yunying.

Since he finds Song Yunxuan, Song Family’s youngest daughter who is cleaner, younger, prettier and more docile than Song Yunying.

He plans to marry the docile ‘kitten’.

However, Song Yunying is so stubborn that she refuses to let him go.

The latest message was sent by Song Yunying ten minutes ago, saying that she wants to tell him a message.

Song Yunxuan dials out the phone and waits for Song Yunying to connect excitedly.

About three seconds later, Song Yunying picks up the phone and blurts out excitedly, “Xue Tao, I’m pregnant, and it’s yours!”

Song Yunxuan is slightly stunned, and then her eyes and lips are beaming with smiles: “Well, sister, come to Yese.”

Song Yunying at the other side of the phone is obviously shocked and then shouts, “Song Yunxuan! Why are you holding Xue Tao’s mobile phone?!”

Song Yunxuan can feel that Song Yunying is going to be carried away by jealousy, so she slows down her tone a little and coldly tempts her: “Sister, if you still want to marry Xue Tao, then come quickly and I will give you a big gift.”

Yes, she wants to send Song Yunying a big gift.

But this gift is just the sugar-coated beginning.

Now, Xue Tao has become a piece of meat on the chopping board to be trampled upon. If she doesn’t hurry to do something to him, wouldn’t it be a waste of opportunity?

Besides, slaughtered fish does not always lie on the chopping board.

As a person who has been in the business circle for over ten years, she is quite clear that she should cut off the fish on the chopping board in a timely manner to get the edible parts.

Song Yunying is dumbstruck there.

Song Yunxuan does not wait for her response, but smiles evilly and hangs up the phone.

She pulls her clothes, feels a reeking of booze, and frowned with disgust, then she turns to walk into the bathroom of the nightclub box.

The box design at Yese is pretty considerate and humanized.

It seems that some rich young men like to seek excitement on occasions, so each box is equipped with a bathroom, and the bathroom is also provided with bathrobes for both the man and woman.

She Gu Changge has a serious morbid fear of getting dirty from an early age, and now she can’t stand the smell of heavy reeking of booze.

She gets up and locks the door for a while, and then goes to the bathroom to adjust the water temperature.

After the water temperature is adjusted, she sprinkles rose essential oil in the bath. Smelling the faint smell of essential oil, she feels that the blood flow in her body is beginning to accelerate and her limbs become weak and hot.

After a quick rinse, she goes to lie down in the bathtub. While feeling that her body is getting hotter, she adjusts the water temperature very low.

However, this still cannot suppress the frenzy in her body.

Her eyes narrow with resentment. She grabs the edge of the bathtub, pulls the towel and gets out of it, and then wraps the bathrobe in her body. Suddenly, she can’t help breathing heavily.

“Xue Tao, this bastard! How dare you drug me!”

She grips the curtain of the isolation bathtub tightly, grinding her teeth resentfully.

Looking up at the mirror in the bathroom, she suddenly sees that the bathroom door is pushed open by a large male hand with long fingers.

“Who is that?”

“Chu Mochen.”

The man responds to her calmly.

A little dumbfounded, she hurries back two steps, posing as a guard, sticking to the wall and looking warily at the man who pushes the door and comes in.

Just like last time, Chu Mochen still looks cool and composed.

However, after looking at her flushed cheeks this time, he wears a mocking smile breaking on the corner of his good-looking mouth: “do you need me to help you?”

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