Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 12 - He Does it on Purpose

Chapter 12: He Does it on Purpose

Why does Song Yunxuan need this man to help her?

How can she trust men again this life?

Shao Tianze has torn her into pieces. Now that she is reborn in this world, she will no longer rely on any man but herself.

She only believes in herself.

“Mr. Chu, you appear in my bathroom, should I say what a coincidence or should I call the police immediately?”

She knows that rich people are concerned about face-saving most.

Especially young heirs like Chu Mochen who are bound to inherit family businesses can’t stand the criticism from the public opinions.

Chu Mochen can’t help laughing when he hears this.

He steps in with slender legs, slightly leans sideways, and opens the door to show her Xue Tao lying on the table in the box: “Miss Song, Master Xue is beaten like this, should I bring you to justice immediately? Or help you finish the plan? ”

Song Yunxuan’s white and comely face flashes with disgust, and her bare feet move back half a step.

But it is only a half-step.

She bears Gu Changge’s decisive and proud soul.

Gu Changge will never retreat.

No one can intimidate her and threaten her to step back.

Despite that this body belongs to Song Yunxuan, it does not hide her inherent pride.

The alert and slightly scared look in her eyes is gradually suppressed by her calm and resolute character.

In her beautiful eyes, there is a flexible and intelligent calm.

“Mr. Chu, what do you want from me when you threaten me like this?”

She is very clever and speaks to him straight out.

We are all people who have come into contact with commercial economy since childhood and give top priority to interests.

Chu Mochen is the successor of a business group, and maybe he wants the same thing as she thinks.

That is interest!

Chu Mochen, what on earth does he want?

“Miss Song, I want to know what is your next plan?”

Chu Mochen becomes more interested in her, watching her cheeks flushing and killing time on purpose.

“Are you not feeling well?”

“Mr. Chu, thank you for your concern. I want to go back now.”

Chu Mochen frowns slightly: “But your sister hasn’t come yet. What will you do with Xue Tao?”

Song Yunxuan thinks Chu Mochen knows too much.

He has no reason to know so much, but why does he know all this?

Could it be that there is monitoring in this room?

At the thought of this, Song Yunxuan can’t resist looking around slightly.

Chu Mochen stands upright and looks around her, but does not conceal it: “There is indeed monitoring in the room because I am not at ease with customers like Xue Tao.”

“Is Yese yours?”

Song Yunxuan is very surprised.

Chu Mochen corrects her lightly: “Yunting is mine.”

Song Yunxuan suddenly falls silent, staring at Chu Mochen with slight hostility: “when did you acquire Yunting?”

“Yunting is originally Chu Family’s property, but it has been always announced as my mother’s.”

Song Yunxuan feels that she underestimated Chu Mochen.

It turns out that Chu Family has no less industry than Gu Family in Yuncheng.

If this is the case, it will be a shortcut to use the strength of Chu Family to attack Shao Tianze, who is now in power in Gu Family.

However, she doesn’t want to have too much relationship with this man.

She is lost in thought, her long feather-like eyelashes hanging down and covering the flowing look in her eyes.

Just then, Xue Tao’s cell phone suddenly rings outside.

Startled, she hurries out.

It must be Song Yunying calling, eager to know where Xue Tao is.

However, just as she passes Chu Mochen, Chu Mochen suddenly stretches out his hand and gives her a hard tug on the wrist, pulling her into his arms, followed by a covered kiss.

This kiss detonates the heat source line in her body.

The drug effect is suddenly stimulated.

Chu Mochen! He does it on purpose!

What on earth does this man want to do?

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