Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 25 - You are Not Qualified

Chapter 25: You are Not Qualified

Chu Mochen is slapped heavily by Song Yunxuan in the face.

Song Yunxuan’s eyebrows are still as immature and tender as that of young girl’s, but the mercilessness in the black pupil of her eyes is extremely scary.

“You are not qualified to say that, Chu Mochen.”

Song Yunxuan pushes him aside, finding his fingers touching the half of his face that he had just been beaten. Her eyes were cold, saying, “Since you have not gotten her, it means that you do not understand her heart at all. Now that you don’t even understand her heart, you’re not qualified to comment on her?”

While she is looking at Chu Mochen, and the furiousness in her eyes gradually subsides. “Mr. Chu, Gu Changge is dead. Please don’t talk about the dead anymore. Excuse me.”

Before Chu Mochen has completely relieved himself from the pain of that slap, Song Yunxuan has taken a deep breath, pulled the door and gotten out.

After a while, Chu Mochen looks up at the door with an odd smile on his face. He murmurs almost inaudibly, “Are you reincarnated in somebody else’s body?”

The room is quiet but there is a light laugh of self-mockery.

Song Yunxuan had a tough night. All night long, she had been struggling with the nightmare in which there were car accidents, amputations, and finally, her heart was dug by Shao Tianze’s with a knife in his own hand.

When waking up in the middle of the night, she raised his hand to touch her face. Tears instantly wet his fingers.

“Gu Changge…” She calls her name with her fists clenching tightly, and the hatred in her eyes almost turns into an indestructible sharp knife. ” Gu Changge, you must revenge! Shao Tianze should be killed! ”

She will return all her pains and sufferings to Shao Tianze as well as Gu Changle, the bitch!

In the early morning of the next day, she applies a very thick foundation in front of the mirror to cover up the dark circles and her poor complexion.

When she goes downstairs, Song Yunqiang looks unhappy. “Yunxuan, when did Childe Chu leave yesterday?”

Song Yunxuan glances over Song Yunqiang: “I don’t know.”

“Hadn’t you…”

“I just helped him get to the guest room but didn’t sleep with him. How could I know when he left?”

When Song Yunxuan turns around and finds that Song Yunqiang still wants to talk, she can’t help but shows a soft smile, “Big brother, if an unmarried daughter of the Song family sleeps in a bed with a sick man without permission, it will be harmful to the honor of the Song family and will be called by outsiders as — degradation!”


After listening to the last two words, Song Yunqiang almost chokes in his throat, unable to breathe.

Song Yunxuan smiles sweetly and comes to her elder brother. She reaches out to help her elder brother feel better. “Don’t be angry, elder brother. I’m only eighteen years old. Whether Childe Chu is serious or he is just flirting, it will take a few more days to see that. As the saying goes, as distance tests a horse’s strength, so time reveals a person’s heart.”

Of course, what she said is reasonable.

Song Yun ponders for a while before reluctantly returning to the table for breakfast.

Papaya milk on the table makes Song Yunxuan frown. (The papaya milk is said to be good for female’s breast enhancement.)

Song Yunqiang and she sit on both sides of the table. She reads some newspapers while eating regardless of the cup of papaya milk. Song Yunqiang frowns, “Yunxuan, you are still growing your body. Drink that cup of milk.”

Song Yunxuan looks up at Song Yunqiang, and then gives a glance at the milk in front of her, sighing: “Big brother, diet therapy has little effect on breast enlargement, and the progress is very slow. If you think my figure is not good, you’d better let me go to Weifang salon to make an essential oil SPA. I heard that they have some massagers from Thailand, with first-class techniques.”

She has a smart smile on her face, which makes Song Yunqiang feel stunned when she gazes up.

His younger sister always carries a kind of noble spirit which should belong to sophisticated women from upper social brackets.

However, it is clear that she is only an illegitimate daughter picked up from a small town.

Why is this sister born with such dignity?

Song Yunqiang begins to wonder.

“Yunxuan, when you were in Qingcheng, did you have friendship with any silver spoon kid?”

“Silver spoon kid?” Song Yunxuan’s eyes were full of brilliance. “Brother, you should know that, in the remote areas of Qingcheng, there is no other than the son of fishermen or the child of ordinary people, how can there be anyone born loaded?”

Song Yunqiang also feels that there would be no wealthy family in Qingcheng.

He shakes his head and feels that he really thinks too much.

Song Yunxuan does not take that cup of papaya milk. When she leaves, she tells nurse Wang, “If my eldest brother asks you about my life in Qingcheng, you just say how poor we were, you know?”

Nurse Wang nods her head.

Only then does Song Yunxuan go outside.

As soon as she leaves the house, she notices a new black Rolls-Royce in front of the fountain in which sits her eldest brother who finds her dressed properly, waving to her.

She goes over and says, “Brother, what’s the matter?”

“Yunxuan, where are you going?”

Song Yunxuan smiles and replies, “Although I have finished high school in Qingcheng, I haven’t received the admission notice yet. I want to go to Yuncheng University.”

Song Yunqiang thinks about Song Yunxuan’s current situation and immediately makes a decision: “Don’t worry about going to college, I’ll help you with the admission procedures.”

Song Yunxuan nods gratefully, “Thank you, brother.”

Song Yunqiang nods: “Stay at home recently. Maybe Childe Chu will come to you.”

Surely, Song Yunxuan is unhappy, but she does not show it on the surface. When Song Yunqiang drives away, she still says, “Big brother, be careful on the road.”

Song Yunqiang drives away.

Song Yunxuan goes back to her room to put on a casual dress, then goes out from the side door with her canvas bag.

When she goes out, she calls a taxi and goes straight to the Fanxing Magazine.

In the morning, the office workers go to Shaw’s office building by small groups.

Song Yunxuan asks the driver to park the car at the gate of the Fanxing Magazine. When she is just about to get off the car, she observes a familiar figure in Shao’s doorway talking face to face with Shao Xue.

Shao Xue stares at the other man. When the man reaches for her shoulder, she thrusts him aside angrily.

She walks toward the Fanxing Magazine but still followed by the man.

Definitely, the man is Shao Tianze.

Otherwise, how can Song Yunxuan’s eyes narrow, revealing the sharp feelings like the blade?

“Miss, do you want to get off here?”

“Crash him.”

With her fingers clenching, she looks at Shao Tianze, whispering: “Crash him…”


The driver is shocked. He hurriedly turns back and shouts at her. “Are you OK, Miss?”

Due to the driver’s scream, Song Yunxuan suddenly wakes up from her hatred, looking at the driver, “What happened?”

“Miss, you really scared me to death. Just now you want me to crash someone!”

Song Yunxuan touches her head: “Really?”

She is very confused: “Have I said that?”

“You did say it.” The driver is very sure.

Song Yunxuan can’t help but sadly bows her head: “I’m sorry, I have been suffered from the aftereffects of the traffic accident. Sometimes I will murmur my words unconsciously. Please. don’t tell others my abnormal symptoms.”

After seeing Song Yunxuan’s curls up, the driver hastily appeases her: “Don’t be afraid, Miss, I won’t tell others, you can rest assured that I will not reveal your illness.”

After hearing what the driver said, Song Yunxuan feels at ease. She shows her gratitude towards the driver and pays the fees.

After the driver drives away, she drops the receipt into a nearby dust bin. Carrying her canvas bag, she strides into the Fanxing Magazine.

Being gotten rid of by Shao Xue, Shao Tianze steps into the Fanxing Magazine without being blocked.

Sure enough, once a person becomes a person with both money and powers, he will be welcome wherever he goes.

Song Yunxuan enters the door and the two security guards nod, greeting her, “Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan smiles, “The man who just entered didn’t seem to be one of our staff.”

The security guard says, “He is the chairman of Gu company that is on the opposite of our building.”

“It turns out to be Mr. Shao,” she nods and asks, “Have I already agreed to merge the Fanxing Magazine into the company of Mr. Shao?”

The two security guards shake their heads: “Of course not.”

“Then block him!”

Song Yunxuan’s voice becomes suddenly cold, and the smile on her face disappears completely.

Both security guards are scared.

Song Yunxuan stares at them seriously, “If you can’t stop him next time, go directly to be a security guard of Shao company. I don’t need idle people here.”

The two security guards gradually understand what she is saying, then quickly nod: “Miss Song, we will definitely pay attention to that next time.”

Song Yunxuan looks hard and serious. And after getting their assurance, she turns and walks inside.

The employees who have seen this scene in Fanxing magazine all nod politely to her and tries to make their smiles, but they seem stiff.

The special temperament of this 18-year-old boss oppresses them and makes them dare not look into her eyes for the moment.

Instead of looking for Shao Xue, Song Yunxuan waits for coffee in the corridor where she leaves the magazine.

Shao Tianze passes her when he comes out.

She looked slightly sideways, and Shao Tianze looks slightly sideways at her.

This is how they look at each other.

Then, Shao Tianze’s footsteps stiffen suddenly.

In Song Yunxuan’s eyes, the cold and gloomy layer of evil spirit quickly dissipates, replaced by a gentle and sweet smile.

Clean eyes, slightly curved lips, beautiful face.

Just one look, all her attractive features are fixed in the deep pupil of Shao Tianze.

By coincidence, Shao Tianze is intoxicated by her charming appearance.

There is something soft and magnetic in her eyes.

Her lips pout slightly, like peach blossoms in spring.

Shao Tianze turns his head back on his way and strides away.

Song Yunxuan turns back her face with her long eyelashes drooped. In an instant, her smile changes into a chilly scary expression.

“Shao Tianze, if heaven does not ruin you, I will destroy you.”

After that, she places her coffee on the shelf beside her and leaves it cold.

She steps towards the editorial room.

After entering the door, she finds the staff in front of their respective computers are busy with their work, some of them whose eyesight occasionally meet with hers nod politely to greet her.

When she stops in front of Shao Xue, Shao Xue is contemplating with her fingers clenching tightly into a fist, and her nails deeply pinching into her flesh.

When Song Yunxuan observes her hands bleeding, she can’t help reminding her gently, “Shao Xue, your hands are bleeding.”

Song Yunxuan’s voice sounds around her ear, Shao Xue’s suddenly wakes up from her contemplation.

Looking for the origin of the voice, she notices Song Yunxuan at once and gets up quickly: “Miss Song…”

“Sit down, I think you are in a bad mood. Did Mr. Shao come to see you just now?”

Hearing the question, Shao Xue’s eyes quickly covered with a deep haze.

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