Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 26 - Zhang Xiao Hits People

Chapter 26: Zhang Xiao Hits People

The layer of haze in Shao Xue’s eyesight is suffused with a strong hatred.

Song Yunxuan is quite familiar with that kind of look.

Because when she looks in the mirror, she often sees it in her own eyes.

“Sorry, Mr. Shao had mistaken me, so he followed me to the magazine.”

“That’s it.” Song Yunxuan smiles. “There are too many similar people in the world. He just mistook them for a moment. Did he embarrass you?”

“No, no.”

Shao Xue is reluctant to tell the whole story between her and Shao Tianze.

Song Yunxuan is not in a hurry to ask. She nods: “On the first day of work, I hope you will enjoy your stay here.”

“Yes, Miss Song. You can rest assured that I will work hard.”

Song Yunxuan smiles and leaves. After returning to the office, she finds the medicine box from the drawer of the office and gives the bandage and disinfectant to the editor who hands in the document to the office. “Pass these to Shao Xue.”

“Miss Song, you are very considerate.” Editor Tao Jing can’t help praising her.

She smiles and says, “I just took over the magazine company, and I need more advice from you in the future.”

“If it were not for Miss Song, all of us would be laid off soon. You bought Zhao Shi to give us the chance to stay here and work. You can rest assured that I will do a good job.”

Song Yunxuan is in a better mood. After Tao Jing leaves, she goes to the French window of the office, observing Shao’s office building.

Such a magnificent and tall office building soars into the sky. The whole city of Yuncheng has no higher office buildings than this one.

When sitting in Gu’s chairman’s chair, would Shao Tianze think about the one who concentrated Gu’s rights into his hands?

It’s her, Gu Changge.

This man will never think of her.

With a smile on her face, she looks at Gu’s building and stretches out her hand.

Then, she curls up her fingers one by one into a fist, narrowing her eyes, as if to firmly grasp the whole Gu company in her palm.

Before leaving work at noon, Song Yunxuan calls nurse Wang.

Nurse Wang says that Song Yunqiang has a lunch meeting at noon so that he will not go back home.

Therefore, she can stay at Fanxing magazine with ease.

Call the data acquisition department staff to send her yesterday’s news.

After reading several articles, she fixes her sight on the news that Gu Changle, the sister of Gu’s former chairman, was discharged from hospital.

After carefully recording the hospital where Gu Changle stayed, and checking and writing down the names of people in charge of the hospital and Gu Changle’s chief doctor, she gets up and makes a phone call to the editor-in-chief.

The editor-in-chief picks up the phone and respectfully asks her, “Miss Song, what’s the matter?”

“Give all the tasks about Gu’s information collection to Shao Xue.”

The editor-in-chief hesitates before saying, “Yes, but Miss Song, before it was Zhang Xiao who had been in charge of Gu’s information acquisition. If, suddenly, it was handed over to Shao Xue, would it be too difficult for her since Gu’s security work is very good.”

“That’s why I give it to Shao Xue. Didn’t you see Mr. Shao breaking into our building this morning to find Shao Xue?”

Xiao Hong, editor-in-chief, has been working for Zhao’s magazine for more than ten years. She is an old member of the magazine. She has an exquisite face and a quick mind.

After hearing that, she knows that Song Yunxuan has her own thoughts. She smiles gently and says, “Everything will be done according to Miss Song’s arrangement. Zhang Xiao will be transferred to take charge of Xue’s information collection.”

Song Yunxuan nods with her dim eyes through which a cold light is wandering, “Xue’s family has relatively less information, so the bonus for Chen Xiao will be greatly reduced. Do you understand?”

The editor-in-chief replies, “Miss Song, just leave it to me.”

“You must do it well.”


“If she asks you why you cut her bonus, what would you say?”

The editor-in-chief’s voice hesitates for a moment, then she says, “I decided.”

Song Yunxuan grins with satisfaction: “Your bonus will be increased by 30%.”

This editor-in-chief has a lot of wits. It’s fortunate that Fanxing magazine has her as editor-in-chief.

Song Yunxuan orders takeout for her lunch and then sits in front of the computer looking through Zhao’s previous performance and development direction while reading the statistical records made by other magazines.

The work of Fanxing Magazine becomes busy after Song Yunxuan takes over.

Employees of magazines often go to the canteen in the basement to have their meals.

Shao Xue is no exception after she takes part in the work. In order to reduce her expenses, she buys a three-month dining-room meal card.

One day, just after making her plate, she notices a tray is laid down heavily on the opposite side of her table.

It is laid suddenly so that the Luffa soup in it spills out.

Shao Xue looks up calmly and perceives a woman with long curled hair wearing a tight black skirt.

The woman looks very mature, with a fully developed breast and a slender waist. And the small black skirt is just the right way to outline her charming figure.

Shao Xue’s eyes stop on her face for a moment, finding that she puts on a thick makeup. Although it is not a fashionable makeup, her makeup is very delicate for her profession, characterized with charm as well as luster.

Shao Xue ignores her and bows her head for her soup.

Sitting opposite her, the woman sneers, “I heard you’re new here.”

“I just joined Fanxing magazine not long ago.” Shao Xue feels that she needs to have a good relationship with the old staff so that she can get along well with her colleagues. She introduces herself, “My name is Shao Xue, and I hope that my predecessors will take more care of me in the future.”

“You are quite sensible. You know I’m also the magazine’s employee by a mere glance at me.”

Shao Xue holds a spoon in her hand: “You have the longest hair in our magazine.”

“My name is Zhang Xiao.”

“If you don’t mind, may I call you Sister Zhang?”

“Of course,” Zhang Xiao’s fiery red lips outline a cool smile.

Yet the next topic is difficult to answer: “Since you know that I am your predecessor, and that I should be called Sister Zhang, then why did you rob me of my job in the first place?”

Zhang Xiao had been in charge of gathering information about the Gu family for a long time. And because she has a good relationship with a general manager of Gu company, it is much easier for her to get information about Gu’s family.

As the largest entrepreneur in Yuncheng, Gu family has a lot of gossip beside a businesswoman in power.

Once the news appears in the magazine, it attracts a lot of attention.

As a result, the magazine generates a very generous bonus for her.

However, this noon, the editor-in-chief suddenly told her that she would not be responsible for Gu’s family in future, but for the news of Xue family which is disgusting.

It’s really annoying. There’s a big gap between the bonus for the Xue family and that for Gu.

How can this matter of salary and bonus be ambiguously dealt with?

She questioned the editor-in-chief before she knew that Shao Xue was in charge of Gu family information collection.

How could the editor-in-chief give her such a fat occupation if it hadn’t been for the new man’s request to the editor-in-chief?

As she thinks about it like this, she can’t help but get angry.

She sits opposite Shao Xue with a malicious smile showing her bad intention.

Shao Xue also feels that Zhang Xiao has a problem with her. Hearing her statement that her job is robbed of by her, Shao Xue quickly explains, “Sister Zhang, that is arranged by the editor-in-chief, not by myself.”

When she finishes, a woman sits down behind Zhang Xiao with her meal plate.

The woman’s words are very sarcastic: “Some people are more sophisticated than their young age. If you are robbed of work by others, you should behave like a dumb person who takes a dose of bitter medicine—suffering the humiliation alone without saying it.”

This seemingly exhorts Zhang Xiao to be calm, but actually, it pours oil on the fire.

Zhang Xiao’s face becomes a bit twisted. She stares at Shao Xue. “You go and tell the editor-in-chief that you shouldn’t be responsible for Gu company information collection.”

Shao Xue looks at her calmly, “I’m sorry, I’m interested in Gu family’s information and scandals.”

“Little bitch, you want to do it the hard way!”

Zhang Xiao stands up, and suddenly throws the plate of noodles onto Shao Xue’s body.

Shao Xue doesn’t realize that Zhang Xiao is so bad-tempered that she is splashed all over by a plate of soup, rice, and soup on her face.

The soup is just taken out of the boiling pot. It makes her face hot and painful.

She uncomfortably raises her hand to cover her face.

The woman behind Zhang Xiao immediately stands up and advises her in horror: “Zhang Xiao, you will be expelled from the company for doing this!”

“Today, I don’t care. This little bitch dares to grab my job. Even if I was fired today, I would teach her a hard lesson. Or she will think that the old staff in the workplace are all weak cowards!”

Zhang Xiao has her plan.

If Shao Xue fought back when she was beaten, it would turn into a fight.

According to the new regulations of Fanxing magazine, all employees will be expelled for fighting with each other.

Now that she has started the trouble, there is no reason to let Shao Xue get rid of it without being affected.

She’s fighting today, and she’s going to get Shao Xue involved.

The female clerk behind Zhang Xiao pretends to prevent her from fighting, but she actually does not use her full strength.

Zhang Xiao rushes to Shao Xue like a runaway wild horse.

Shao Xue had also read the rules and regulations of Fanxing magazine on her first day in the company. She also knows that as long as she fought back, it would become a fight and she would probably lose her job.

So even though her hair is torn apart, she is pushed to the ground in awkwardness, she does not fight back.

Zhang Xiao is not at all satisfied by beating her like this.

Having noticed the hot soup taken by someone nearby, she grabs the hot bowl at once with a vicious look in her eyes.

Then she raises her hand and splashes out the hot soup.

The hot soup is still steaming.

If it is poured on someone’s faces, even if he will not be disfigured, he will also be scalded.

Shao Xue is also frightened with her scared eyes, but it is too late to hide.

Suddenly, a slim figure suddenly flashes in front of her.

Then there is a sizzle.

The hot soup is immediately spilled on the figure.

Shao Xue looks at the man who is blocking herself and grunting.

She opens her eyes in surprise: “Miss Song!”

At such a critical moment, it is Song Yunxuan in front of her, who had just sent her ointment and bandage in the morning.

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