Reborn into A Slash Game

Chapter 8 - Suo Fei vs Nightmare Fiend

Chapter 8 - Suo Fei vs Nightmare Fiend

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When Suo Fei found out that he transmigrated into the body of Sofey Evans, he wondered how could such a weakling survive the extermination of the Evans Family, which was a widespread massacre.

It turned out that his mother saved him at the expense of her own life.

He laid on the ground completely exhausted, even more than when he had first crossed over.

Thinking back, he was truly too heedless.

He already knew how rare transportation magic was, yet he still naively thought that Vixanne could activate one by herself. As soon as Vixanne used her own blood to draw the array, it should have already occurred to him that this was a forbidden technique that could only be activated with blood as the conduit and blood Qi as the sacrifice.

Moreover, Vixanne gave him the interspatial bag. If she could leave together with him, why didn’t she keep it herself?

As he thought of this, Suo Fei felt so remorseful that his intestines turned green.

If only he was a little more attentive, if only he assessed the situation clearly.

So many what-ifs…

He was struck with a strong sense of powerlessness. Suo Fei realised that even if he knew, what difference would it make? What could he do about it? Would he be able to bring Vixanne away? They may end up being trapped together instead.

Vixanne could have left by herself, but she didn’t, she gave up her own chance of escape for him.

Suo Fei was an orphan. When he was three years old, his parents died in an accident, therefore his grandmother brought him up. Although it could be said that their family situation was great, only the youngest of the elders remained, and it wasn’t easy for the two of them.

Hence, Suo Fei became alone.

Therefore, when he crossed over and met Vixanne for the first time, he had a deep sense of unreality. He was under the impression that his mother shouldn’t be so young and beautiful. However, after living together for a few days, he knew that a mother is a mother regardless of appearance, bringing warmth to their beloved son’s heart.

He didn’t know where the original Sofey Evans went, but he already transmigrated into Sofey Evans’ body. Vixanne treated him like her own son, thus it was his obligation to protect her.

Suo Fei laughed at himself. All along, he thought that he knew what was going to happen. He had solemnly vowed in his mind that he will prevent everything that was about to happen and change the fate of others, but in reality, he wasn’t able to do anything. He was so powerless that it was laughable.

Suo Fei felt more powerless as he was flooded with negative emotions. He remained perfectly still on the ground, not even having the mood to take a look at where he was.

‘Yeah, what’s the point?’

‘You have always been alone. Everyone around you will leave.’

‘No matter who you are, no matter where you are, in the end, you will always be alone.’

‘What’s the point of living?’

‘What’s the point of living if you’re alone?’

‘You might as well…. give it to me….’

Suo Fei was lying on his back, his silver pupils gradually becoming a soulless void, muttered to himself, “Yeah, I might as well….”

A roar boomed like muffled thunder, blasting into his ear, his voided eyes instantly cleared and was bright once again.

Suo Fe quickly jumped up and looked around alertly. WTF, I almost got baited. How can I be worthy of Vixanne’s sacrifice if I fail like this?

Near his leg was a young cub that looked like a tiger and a leopard, baring his teeth at him. The roar that woke him up just now, came from this little thing.

As his mind cleared up, he could see traces in the dark.

A cloud of black mist billowed. He couldn’t see the appearance clearly but it was emanating a strong sense of despair. Suo Fei squinted his eyes and quickly searched his head. If he remembered correctly, this should be a Nightmare Fiend. It had no body but it could eat anything. It would take advantage of any situation to enter a body. It couldn’t enter a person’s mind but it could influence someone to have negative thoughts. It would let the negative emotions gain control, so that it could take over the body to eat it.

This demonic beast wasn’t powerful, but was extremely disgusting. A simple carelessness could lead to one’s demise, no matter how capable the person was.

As it had no physical body, ordinary attacks had no effect on it. Furthermore, even though it could only influence someone’s thoughts, Suo Fei at his current state had no ability to annihilate it.

If it was unable to take over, it would then always linger around you, and unless you are able to maintain positive emotions at all times, once you slack for even a little bit, it would attack once again. This constant torment would make you completely exhausted. Therefore, it was a super disgusting creature.

Suo Fei’s heart was beating like a drum. A creature like this was really the worst.

“Roar….” The sound made Suo Fei wake up from his daze. He turned his gaze towards the little cub at his side.

It was the size of a domestic cat, but it looked as round as a ball. It had strong, powerful limbs and shiny fur; its body was arched as it roared at the demonic beast.

Although Suo Fei knew a lot of creatures in Yalance, he had never seen the little thing before him. Yalance is so big. Furthermore, he’s not a biologist. How could he recognise all of them?

However, this little thing seemed to be very interested in the Nightmare Fiend as it kept on stretching out its paws to scratch it.

Looking at the Nightmare Fiend it seemed to be somewhat…afraid of the little cub?

Well, it was slightly difficult to distinguish whether the cloud of black mist was shivering because of fear or because of the wind.

However, it was clear to Suo Fei that it was unable to even fend for itself.

This is great. It would be great if this little cub killed this disgusting creature. Therefore, Suo Fei was ready to give it a helping hand.

What was it afraid of? Very simple. It’s afraid of laughter, afraid of positivity from the bottom of one’s heart, afraid of optimism, afraid of the desire to live…

These are things that Suo Fei never lacked. His parents passed away early in life, so he and his grandmother had to depend on each other to live. He’s a man and a man should have an indomitable spirit. Could it be that just because he had a rough life, he had to cry in his grandmother’s arms?

Vixanne’s sacrifice extremely shocked him, and he was frustrated because of his own powerlessness. However, these were not reasons for him to be gloomy.

Currently, it is still uncertain whether Vixanne was dead or alive, still waiting for him to save her. It’s useless to stay depressed and do nothing!

Suo Fei went around the demonic beast. His social phobia was only directed towards humans. He was not in the least affected when facing this kind of monster so he stood by, waiting for the right time to deal the finishing blow.

First, he laughed, “Hey, little Nightmare.” Nightmare-kun trembled and shuddered.

He laughed again, “Stop trembling, lil’ Blackie.” Blackie-kun was perturbed.

Then, he cackled, “Let’s play, lil’ Mistie.” Mistie-kun sobbed and whimpered.

Then came the death-dealing blow. Suo Fei laughed like a fool and his bro Nightmare completely withered. At that moment, the little cub, who had been waiting for the opportunity, jumped on it with a whine of delight, and then swallowed the black mist.

When the Nightmare Fiend was annihilated, Suo Fei’s mouth was filled with laughter. Looking at the little cub’s face full of satisfaction, a sudden sense of camaraderie rose spontaneously.

The little cub was rather cute, and its fur was soft and shiny. Even Suo Fei who was a man felt like touching it, therefore, he went over to pat its fur.

Who would have thought that the little cub was very conceited? As soon as Suo Fei went near, it turned and bared its teeth at Suo Fei. Obviously, it didn’t regard this big idiot as a fellow comrade at all.

Suo Fei tried to portray himself as a friendly person by smiling. Who would have known that the brighter his smile was, the more alert the little cub became.

In the end, it simply raised its head up high. Assuming an air of superiority and unexpectedly ignoring Suo Fei.

Suo Fei was somewhat speechless looking at the haughty little thing, but he was a magnanimous adult, even more so with a little cub.

The wound on his body was no longer painful. The huge cut from his left shoulder to his right waist appeared menacing, but in fact, it was only a superficial wound. Combined with Vixanne’s healing spell, it already stopped bleeding and was slowly recovering.

‘Grr…’ Suo Fei clutched his stomach. After tossing about for a long time, he found himself extremely hungry.

Looking around, Suo Fei found that he was unable to determine where he was. It looked like he was in some forest. There were plenty of trees and shrubs, but there was also a lot of huge, open space like where he currently was.

It looked like a normal place. If not tens of thousands, there must be at least thousands of places like this in Yalance.

For a brief period of time, he couldn’t figure out the right direction, but he also couldn’t ignore his stomach rumbling. Suo Fei saw the pink interspatial bag on his chest. He was dazed at first before he sighed and finally opened it.

The interspatial bag was bigger than he imagined, but it was also very messy, probably because Vixanne was in a hurry and threw everything that was in the room into the bag. It was not arranged properly so naturally, it would be unorganised.

Suo Fei moved a few huge items aside and saw that some were already arranged neatly inside the bag. These should be things that Vixanne had prepared a long time ago.

Suo Fei took a rough glance and found that there were several big chests stacked together. Next to it was a shelf full of books and some trivial things were scattered around it.

Suo Fei didn’t bother taking a closer look as he already felt dizzy from hunger. When he saw the snacks scattered in the corner, he quickly picked them up. It was the breakfast that he didn’t get to eat in the morning. All these exquisite desserts were thrown by Vixanne into the interspatial bag together with the table. It’s such a pity that all the drinks have been spilled and not a drop was left.

Suo Fei wolfed down the food until he was full. Fortunately, there were some desserts. Although it was not as satisfying as a lavish meal, it could at least temporarily relieve the hunger caused by low sugar levels.

As he ate, the little cub who was acting superior, with his head held high and chest puffed out with pride, somewhat couldn’t endure it.

As Suo Fei already relieved his hunger, he was in the mood to tease it again. Holding a piece of shortbread, he stared at the little cub with a look that was harbouring evil thoughts.

Who let you ignore this Laozi! Little cub, if you have the ability, endure it. You absolutely cannot lower down your arrogant little head!

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