Reborn into A Slash Game

Chapter 9 - It's a Seventh-grade Ferocious Beast!

Chapter 9 - It’s a Seventh-grade Ferocious Beast!

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Suo Fei ate loudly. How could he eat so greedily? The naive little cub’s mouth watered and it swallowed hard. However, even though it was enticed, the little cub still kept its head held high with firm pride and a valiant stance, showing that it wouldn’t sacrifice its ideals just to have a meal. It was just that its big eyes were already sparkling, revealing its inner struggle.

Suo Fei felt like laughing. There was a smile on his face as he took out a piece of shortcake and placed it on the palm of his hand. He then said to the little cub, “Let me pet you and this will be yours.”

The little cub howled. I’d rather die than sell myself for just a piece of cake.

Suo Fei took out another shortcake and placed it on his palm, “Two pieces.”

The little cub gave a hesitant howl. Now you want to bribe me with two cakes? I……I’m not moved alright!

Suo Fei mischievously smiled. His smile was similar to the madam of Yihong Brothel, as he further increased what was at stake. He placed a whole cake onto his palm, which was twice the size of the little cub.

The little cub’s big, sparkling eyes stared straight. Although its mouth was still howling, its body had already moved slightly forward.

Suo Fei tentatively reached out his hand, but as soon as he was about to touch the little cub, it immediately bared its teeth to him.

Suo Fei quickly put his hands away and said, “Eat first, I will pet you once you’re done eating.”

The little cub was completely moved. With a gleeful whimper, it buried its head into the food and ate like a piglet.

After the cake was finished, Suo Fei finally got what he wanted.

In the world-renowned Knuhl Forest, Suo Fei satisfyingly petted the little cub’s soft smooth fur, but in his mind, he envisioned, “When this little cub grows up, its fur will definitely sell for a good price.”

In the Knuhl Forest that was famous throughout the whole of Yalance, the little cub who had eaten to its satisfaction lazily stretched its limbs, but in its mind, it imagined, “When this divine beast grows up, this creepy elf will surely be the first thing to enter my mouth.”

——This is the legendary love-hate relationship.

With this, one elf and one divine beast silently reached some kind of agreement. The elf was utterly pleased with this ticket to becoming rich, whereas the divine beast also reluctantly accepted this food reserve.

On the surface, Suo Fei believed that he had bribed the cute little pet with just a bunch of cakes, cookies, and snacks. Whereas the divine beast believed that this stupid elf was enraptured by its powerful and domineering temperament that he willingly became its servant.

——Thinking too much is a disease. You both should see a doctor.

As Suo Fei had eaten his fill and had enough rest, he was in much better spirits.

He stood up and tried to figure out a way through the forest. He didn’t know how Vixanne was faring. Although using forbidden techniques directly consume vitality, it didn’t necessarily lead to death. However, it was guaranteed that the caster’s life will be shortened.

With her special status, it was unlikely that the Elves of Valinor would let her die.

Thinking about it now, Vixanne was extremely intelligent. Even when she had suffered from a big shock, she could still quickly and accurately figure out what to do during a moment of crisis.

She paid close attention to what she said to Manzy. First, she asked Manzy to give her time in order to save Suo Fei. Then, she stated that she knew the truth in order to prepare herself.

That was why Suo Fei was confident that she wouldn’t die. The Elves would surely do everything possible to keep her alive because she knew the ‘truth’.

Suo Fei sighed. He knew that he must hurry and think of a way to save Vixanne.

However, he had to determine his location first. Where the hell is this?

The trees were tall enough to reach the sky. Not only did it block out the sun, all he could see were leaves.

In Yalance, observing the sky was a skill. By observing the differences in the sky, one was able to determine which race the territory belong to.

In the Elves’ territory, Valinor, the Holy Tree’s brilliance enveloped the place during the day while stars filled the whole sky at night.

There was no night in the territory of the Celestials, whereas there was no day in the territory of their nemesis, the Demons.

The territories of Humans and Dwarves were the same. There was a clear distinction between day and night: the sky is light blue during the day and deep blue at night.

The setting of the Trolls and Beastkin territories were similar, no matter whether it was day or night, the sky was always filled with a yellow glow, as if it was covered by gusting sand.

However, the territory of the Sylphs was rather unique. They were situated up in the sky, in the middle of the Celestial and Human territory. It had a special protective barrier. As the Sylphs were skilled in flying, they didn’t have a territory on land.

As for the Dragons, Suo Fei mused that this race was filled with mystery. Even his ultimate gong character who nearly conquered the whole Yalance failed to step into their territory.

At the moment, Suo Fei couldn’t see the sky so it was difficult to determine his location. Therefore, he dropped the matter and planned to walk and have a look around. Even if he couldn’t get out of the forest, he could at least determine where he was if he managed to meet a creature that could communicate.

After walking for two hours, Suo Fei’s legs were sore, but the scenery around him remained unchanged.

The little cub began to whine and Suo Fei felt tired. So, the two of them stopped to have a rest, took out two pieces of cake and gnawed on it.

The cake had not been finished yet when the little cub suddenly hunched down, feeling a sense of danger. Then there was a loud noise, as a huge body crashed to the ground.

Suo Fei was startled. He hurriedly stood up and turned around. The scene behind him shocked him.

W-what a huge mouth! Its teeth were as big as Suo Fei and his body couldn’t even fill the gap between its teeth!

Suo Fe was left astounded. It was only when the little cub bit him that he collected his wits and finally found the ability to speak again.

F**k, f**k, f**k. When is the best time to run, if not now? Suo Fei really wished he had ten legs. It would be great if he could cover a long distance in an instant.

He sprinted madly, running until he couldn’t lift his legs anymore. He peered back with his hands on his trembling knees, gasping for breath.

He ran for so long and yet the big head was still visible. It was too huge, too gigantic that it seemed unscientific.

However, from a distance, he realized that the big head didn’t move at all. He recalled the loud noise he heard earlier and an idea popped into his mind.

Could it be that the monster was dead?

Thinking about it, his heart that was initially thumping hard immediately calmed down, and he was now more interested than scared of the monster.

Apart from the big head, its light blue fur was shiny and glittering. On top of the light blue were nine tufts of flaming red fur, like a fire burning on ice, it was extremely dazzling.

Seeing this, Suo Fei’s eyes were filled with greed. This is a well-known ferocious beast —— the Frostflame Beast!

It’s a seventh-grade ferocious beast, a dead seventh-grade Frostflame Beast!

“What does this mean? This means… I’m going back!” he thought as he guffawed in his mind.

Suo Fei wanted to shout to the sky. God had not abandoned him! God still cared about his well-being! Such a huge blessing poured down upon him, it caught him off guard.

Suo Fei laughed with his teeth wide open until his eyes almost disappeared. He immediately recovered from his exhaustion and sprinted back.

People say that men would sacrifice their lives in the pursuit of wealth. This saying applied to Suo Fei perfectly.

As he rushed towards the ferocious beast, he suddenly realised a serious question.

It’s a seventh-grade ferocious beast. Even a party of mage, archer, and warrior wouldn’t be able to kill this OP boss. How could it die quietly right before his eyes?

He feared for the worst, so he ran for the third time. There must be an even more savage and cruel boss behind the death of the Frostflame Beast, something that a passerby like him could not deal with.

Although a seventh-grade ferocious beast was something that he could only encounter by chance, keeping his life was more important.

Just as he was about to run, he noticed a vague figure up ahead.

He examined closely and found that it seemed to be human. He dismissively thought, a human killed a seventh-grade ferocious beast? Quit it, can an ant kill an elephant?

When he paused, the ‘human’ had also found him and then, step by step, walked towards him.

When the man was three metres away, Suo Fei could clearly see that he didn’t have sharp ears, therefore he wasn’t an Elf. He didn’t have wings so he wasn’t a Celestial or Sylph either. Also, he was less than five metres tall so he couldn’t be a Troll. His tall and slender body was definitely not a characteristic of a Dwarf. Those purple eyes, however…

What the——! It’s a demon!

Suo Fei felt like crying. Meeting a demon was by no means scary, but what was scary was meeting a demon who could single-handedly kill a seventh-grade ferocious beast.

From his understanding, the mortal enemy of the Demons were the Celestials and the Elves. Therefore, when a demon meets an elf, he wouldn’t fight to the death, but would let one be caught between a rock and a hard place, beating them up so badly until they were unrecognizable.

Was it too late to run?

In Yalance, the Sylphs were bewitching and charming, the Elves were graceful and elegant, while the Celestials were noble and lofty. These three races were famous for their looks. Humans and Dwarves were mediocre, while Beastkin and Trolls were on a whole another level of aesthetic.

The Demons were the most extreme. They can either be exceptionally beautiful or exceptionally ugly. Originally, Demons of primeval lineage were of unparalleled beauty, even surpassing the Celestial and the Elves. However, they only valued power. To pursue strength, they even copulated with the Beastkins, which resulted in the creation of a new race, the Trolls.

Suo Fei watched with caution as the demon got closer and closer to him. Gaping at the demon whose looks could rival even his Manzy baobei, he suddenly forgot to kneel down.

Long ink-black hair, purple eyes, and this outstanding face, he is definitely a primeval demon.

There was a saying in Yalance: Don’t ever mention height in front of the Dwarves and don’t ever mention the three fundamental values in front of the Demons.

Even more so for the outstanding primeval demons of the Demon race. Their three views had long crumbled into nothing, turning into waste that had gone up with the wind.

This time, it would not be easy for Suo Fei to stay alive. He was truly courting death…

Suo Fei was frightened out of his mind and the demon was merely inches away.

The demon looked at the elf in front of him, his lips curled up slightly and his purple eyes were filled with an evil aura. He held Suo Fei’s chin, leaned over and kissed him.

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