Reborn into A Slash Game

Chapter 80 - Ending: I've Promised You, I Will Never Leave You

Chapter 80 - Ending: I’ve Promised You, I Will Never Leave You

Suo Fei closed his eyes. He didn’t dare to dart another glance at Samael. Although he had controlled Samael’s consciousness, he knew that it was because he had caught Samael off-guard. Moreover, Samael was not the least cautious around him. Despite this, he didn’t dare to be careless. His heart would waver if he took another look so he must make it quick.

At this moment, he remembered the illusion that he had seen, where his chest had been pierced by the Asura Blade. He had imagined many, many scenarios, and finally concluded that it was impossible to happen. He had not expected that it would actually come true and that in such a situation, he willingly made it happen.

He knew that he should stop thinking too much so Suo Fei focused his mind and didn’t give Samael the opportunity to resist. He forcefully controlled Samael’s body, raising Samael’s arm and aiming the Asura Blade towards his chest.

Suo Fei’s eyes weren’t opened but he could clearly feel it. He felt the cold tip of the Asura Blade pointing at his chest. He also felt the weak vitality that was enshrouding the pure black blade. These were the people Samael cared about, their vitalities.

There was a sharp pain in his chest. Suo Fei knew that the Asura Blade had pierced him. However, it was still not enough. Suo Fei clenched his teeth and sent his body forward using his remaining strength. The pure black blade thoroughly pierced his chest.

Suo Fei felt an intense coldness from the intense pain and the incessant flow of blood. The fear of death that he had buried deep within him rushed forth at this moment. He was afraid, extremely afraid. He didn’t want to die this way. He wanted to be with Samael, wanted to be with him forever.

Because of his body’s weakness, he lost control of Samael’s body. Suo Fei felt his body fall into a warm embrace. He greedily hurled himself into the embrace and he heard a completely unfamiliar yet incomparably familiar voice. It was Samael’s voice, but he had never heard him speak in this tone. Samael’s voice had always been deep, steady and filled with confidence. It had never been this turbulent. Nevertheless, it filled his heart with bitterness.

He keenly felt ice-cold tears dripping onto his face, causing his heart that had already been pierced to twitch in pain. In the end, he slowly opened his eyes and was greeted by his appearance that would be engraved in his soul forever.

Sorry, Samael. This is the best way I can think of.

Samael had used his own godhood to cast a curse towards the whole Yalance. All lives in Yalance would eventually die. Every step they took was heading towards their own doom. The only way to lift this curse was to resurrect the Dragons and let the souls that were inside the Asura Blade come back to life.

However, it was no longer possible to resurrect the Dragons using the resurrection artifact. The Dragons were too powerful and the resurrection artifact was unable to bear their vitality, let alone so many Dragons. But, Suo Fei was able to accomplish it.

In the memory, he saw the memories of Sal, Hull and countless Dragons who had died. Finally, he saw Vixanne’s memories. He didn’t know why he saw Vixanne’s memories. Perhaps it was because Vixanne intentionally relaxed her consciousness to allow him to see it.

In Vixanne’s memories, he saw Sofey Evans and found out why Grantlyn’s attitude towards him had always been so indifferent and uncaring. It was because he was not the son of Vixanne and Grantlyn. No, it should be said that he wasn’t their biological son.

Vixanne was a descendant of a god. She had long been incapable of giving birth. It was impossible for Grantlyn and her to have children. Vixanne had brought him home and because of Sofey’s existence, Vixanne and Grantlyn quarreled several times. In the end, Grantlyn compromised and adopted him as a son.

Ever since Sofey appeared, all of Vixanne’s attention had been focused on Sofey. She gave Sofey all of the maternal love she could give. She regarded his life as her own and gave all the beautiful things she could give to Sofey. Although it was not her real child, her feelings for Sofey were the most genuine feelings a mother could have for her son. However, her original intention was heart-wrenching.

Sofey wasn’t an elf. He wasn’t clear what he really was up until now. Vixanne was the last god. She knew how cruel the curse that was cast onto Yalance was. Moreover, she also knew the exact conditions to come into contact with the curse. She devoted her efforts to find a way to come into contact with the curse and Sofey’s existence gave her immense hope.

She found and raised Sofey because she knew Sofey’s power better than anyone else. The power of the gods came from Yalance. This was what attracted them to come to this place from their own homeland. Its formidable power incessantly exuded an alluring aura. They experienced a lot of trials and tribulations to reach Yalance but were unable to find this power.

However, the abilities that the Dragons had bestowed them made them wild with joy. It truly was a miraculous place. Yalance had given them unparalleled power. Grantlyn and his group only believed that Yalance had swallowed their abilities, but in fact, it was the opposite. It was Yalance who gave them the ability to become gods. But as they became stronger, the more they were able to sense Yalance’s calling, that thing that was known as the Power of God that was incessantly luring them. With it, their abilities would continue to improve and reach the height of immortality.

Their crazy desires were spurred so they did a lot of deranged things, completely angering the powerful Dragons. Everything came crashing down right when they were about to succeed and the gods disappeared in Yalance forever. As for the legendary Power of God, Vixanne was the only living person who knew. However, she had never thought of obtaining this power for herself. She merely wanted to untie the knot and lift the curse, even if it came with the cost of her own life, even if she couldn’t wash away all their sins. She just wanted to do the best she could do.

Then, she truly found it. She found Sofey. Sofey was the only one who had the power to resurrect the Dragons. But after releasing all this power, Sofey might die. Suo Fei was not a selfless person. Instead, it could be said that he was extremely selfish. He really really sympathised with the Dragons, but Suo Fei was hesitant to use his own life to save the Dragons.

All of his hesitations disappeared when he saw the ending. When the end of the curse neared, all living things in Yalance would disappear. Everything, every single thing. Even the Sylphs, even the remaining Dragons, even Samael…

This was what Suo Fei feared the most.

He didn’t have the heart of a saviour. He was just an ordinary person. He was selfish and average, but he had a weakness. This alone was enough to fearlessly sacrifice his life.

The memories in his mind, his blood, and the lives of the Dragons that were within the Asura Blade were the conditions to resurrect the Dragons. He didn’t want Samael to kill him. It was too cruel for Samael. But there was no other way. In this world, except Samael, no one else could activate the Asura Blade. An Asura Blade that hadn’t been activated wouldn’t fulfill the condition. Therefore, he could only forcefully control Samael and command Samael to kill him.

In fact, when he was about to control Samael, Suo Fei still had some wishful thinking. Perhaps he would only need power and blood and he wouldn’t die. Perhaps he would still have a breath of life remaining after all of this. Then, he would slowly recover and survive. However, at this moment, Suo Fei no longer had any wishful thinking. The power required to resurrect the Dragons was too strong. He clearly felt his blood being rapidly gobbled up. His vitality was incessantly dissipating at such a fast speed. He simply had no hope. Suo Fei was immersed in his thoughts, sighing as he looked on blankly.

“Fey.” A gentle voice sounded in his head.

Suo Fei was taken aback. It was Vixanne. Vixanne… How could she be in my mind?

As he was perplexed over this, he felt a warmth that belonged to Vixanne. He couldn’t see her but he heard her voice once again, “Fey, mother loves you.”

After a brief pause, Suo Fei saw her beautiful smile which had been deeply imprinted in his mind when Vixanne had once said goodbye to him.

“Fey, live well.”

She said the same words that she had said that time. Suo Fei was frightened. He opened his mouth to speak, but all his words seemed to have been blocked. He was unable to say anything. Right afterward, a formidable power rose which covered his ice-cold body. Something fused inside his body, flowing through his heart, turning into his blood and then flowing to the Asura Blade.

Suo Fei felt that he had become a vessel, a channel. When he finally comprehended what was happening, it was too late. He was already unable to stop it. Vixanne actually merged her own vitality into his body and replaced him in supplying the vitality and blood that the Asura Blade needed.

Vixanne… had died.

He could clearly sense Vixanne’s vitality being gobbled up completely. Not a single trace was left. Vixanne once again gave her own life to save him.

An intense pain stabbed Suo Fei in the heart. His thinking was in disarray until he sensed his remaining vitality being frantically drained away. It wasn’t over yet. He had truly underestimated the vitality and blood that was needed by the Asura Blade.

At this time, a powerful force suddenly wrapped around him, surrounding his entire being. The force was abundant and tyrannical, not allowing him to resist in the slightest. Then, a familiar voice that made him tear up rang out in his mind, “If you die, I will destroy the whole Yalance.”

It’s Samael!

Suo Fei didn’t pay attention to what Samael had said. He only knew that it was Samael. It was Samael’s voice. It was Samael’s breath. He could still sense Samael! However, when his excitement subsided, a chill ran through him. Why… why could I hear Samael in my mind?

Moreover, Samael couldn’t have such abundant force, such toughness, such bloodthirstiness that had already deeply integrated into his own being, and such strong vitality that was beyond one could imagine.

This… This was Launay, the God of Destruction.

Samael… had been awakened?!

Why? Isn’t the key to his awakening is being betrayed by his loved one? He didn’t betray Samael. How could he betray Samael!

And then, Samael’s ice-cold voice sounded in his mind, “You promised me that you won’t die in my hands.”

Suo Fei’s heart thumped as he instantly understood. A storm of conflicting emotions rushed forth in his heart. That was true. He had forgotten his promise and let Samael kill him, controlling Samael to stab him in the heart.

He had betrayed him.

As it turned out, this was also a betrayal.

Suo Fei’s mouth twisted into a bitter smile, but he was filled with dread when he realised what Samael was doing. Samael surprisingly, just like Vixanne did, merged his vitality with Suo Fei’s, flowing through his heart and then to the Asura Blade.

Thinking of Vixanne’s death, Suo Fei was immediately afraid, terribly afraid. Words failed to come out of his mouth, but deep down, he unceasingly shouted, Stop! I’m begging you! Don’t die, please don’t die…

However, he couldn’t stop Samael. Suo Fei couldn’t stop the fear reeling inside him. He was scared, scared that Samael would die while he would live.

It was too terrifying. He couldn’t imagine a world without Samael!

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here.” Sensing his fear, Samael’s cold and harsh demeanour finally softened and he quietly appeased him, “I will never leave you alone.”

His words were like a tranquiliser, immediately calming Suo Fei down. He had extreme trust in Samael.

Samael wouldn’t leave him. He wouldn’t leave him as he did. At this moment, Suo Fei clearly perceived how cruel he had been. But, he wouldn’t be like that anymore. He wouldn’t leave Samael again. He would be with him until the end of time.

Suo Fei finally pulled himself together with this conviction. He no longer resisted Samael but instead accepted Samael’s power, paying close attention to the transferring of his vitality. With Samael’s aid, the bottomless pit that was the resurrection artifact finally found its limit, stopping after being filled with two-thirds of the vitality it required.

Suo Fei was utterly exhausted so he fell asleep immediately. When he woke up, he quickly looked around. Then, he felt warmth emanating from behind him. He turned his head and saw Samael.

Samael, who had the appearance of a fully grown-up adult, was somewhat unfamiliar to him. He kept a straight face as he rigidly stared at Suo Fei.

Suo Fei first eyed Samael up and down and after making sure that he didn’t have any discomfort, he loudly asked for forgiveness, “I was wrong, I was wrong. I was truly wrong. I know that I was wrong and I definitely won’t do it again. Ah, no, there definitely won’t be a next time.”

Suo Fei kept on begging for forgiveness, incessantly making promises and buttering up to him but Samael remained silent. Suo Fei steeled his resolve. He was indeed at fault in this matter thus he resigned himself to whatever punishment Samael chose.

After gibbering for a long time, Samael took Suo Fei’s hand and lightly bit Suo Fei’s finger. Suo Fei felt a stabbing pain and then he saw blood coming out of his fingertip. He looked at Samael in doubt.

Samael took out a knife and lightly pierced his own chest. Bright red blood immediately flowed out of his fair skin. Samael held Suo Fei’s hand and pressed the finger that was dripping with blood onto his chest.

Their blood mingled with each other and a wonderful feeling sprouted in Suo Fei’s heart. He heard Samael chanting and ancient spell in a low voice. After that, Suo Fei was astonished to see his blood flowing into Samael’s body and Samael’s blood flowing into his body through his finger.

The feeling was too wonderful. It was as if… as if… they had merged into one.

He looked at Samael with wide-opened eyes as he asked, “What’s happening?”

Samael pulled him into his embrace and whispered into his ear, “Our lives are now connected. I promised you that I will never leave you alone.”

This delivered a massive shock to Suo Fei’s heart. Emotions that couldn’t be described by words swirled in his heart. He was moved and at the same time, he felt remorse and a deep lingering fear. He leaned closer into Samael’s embrace and loudly wept. He had never cried this way before, crying as if he wanted to vent out all the pent-up emotions within him.

Samael smilingly stroked his back and appeased him in a soft voice.


Three days later, Samael, Suo Fei, Lil’ Nael, little cub, fireball fatty and Hull, who had already regained control of his body, went to the bottomless abyss once again.

The Asura Blade had been filled and its entire body was emitting a dazzling radiance that nearly masked its pure black colour.

The bottomless abyss was the final battlefield. It ended here, so here was also where it should begin.

Samael thrust the Asura Blade into the center of the abyss. Intense light that was as searing as the midday sun emerged, gathering at one point before suddenly bursting out. The Asura Blade shattered into pieces, slowly sinking together with the rays of light into the ground, enshrouding the abyss of utter darkness with warm colours.

Suo Fei took out the pink interspatial bag, which was the last thing that Vixanne had left him. He stroked the interspatial bag fondly before burying it. Although Yalance didn’t have this custom, Suo Fei wanted Vixanne to have a place of refuge, a place for him to remember her by.

They stayed in the abyss for several days. Lil’ Nael spent this time digging for treasures among the glittering mountains. When he saw a round ball, he immediately found it to his liking. He called Suo Fei and Samael over to show off the treasures that he had found.

Then, Suo Fei saw a gratifying scene.

The ball that was in Nael’s mouth made clattering noises. A crack appeared at the top of the ball which turned into a hole. Eventually, a little head popped out.

It was a little dragon. A dragon was born.

They… had been resurrected. They had come back to this world with a new life.

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