Reborn into A Slash Game

Chapter 81 - Extra: Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

Chapter 81 - Extra: Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

Suo Fei had always wondered how Samael settled those people after he lost consciousness and what had happened.

As he did something wrong previously, even though Samael didn’t say it out, Suo Fei could tell from some of Samael’s actions that he was still angry.

Suo Fei was good at understanding others. Putting himself in Samael’s position, if Samael controlled him one day to kill Samael, he would definitely go out of his mind.

Fortunately, at the last moment, Samael turned the tide and stopped the tragedy from happening. He couldn’t imagine the consequences if it did. Suo Fei could feel his heart wrenching just by imagining it.

Thus, Suo Fei was extremely remorseful. No matter how honourable his reasons were and how it was for Samael’s sake, he went back on his promise with Samael and made Samael do exactly what he was most afraid of: hurting him.

Suo Fei knew that Samael was actually a very soft-hearted person, especially towards him. He simply wouldn’t lose his temper. He was already that kind of person before he had recovered his memories. After being awakened, he cherished Suo Fei even more. Thus, even though he was angry and still had a lingering fear, he didn’t show it. He didn’t rebuke or confront him.

But it was exactly because of this that Suo Fei felt even more upset. He felt that what he did was really too much. Because of this sense of guilt, Suo Fei busily spent these days being extremely attentive to Samael.

He followed Samael around at all times, cooking a variety of delicacies for him and obeying everything that Samael said.

Naturally, it was not only that. Suo Fei was even more obedient in the bedroom. He had never been so obedient in his whole life.

Samael saw all of his actions and knew what Suo Fei was thinking, but in fact, he was not as great as Suo Fei thought.

A long time had passed but the scene where the Asura Blade pierced Suo Fei’s chest would still appear in his dreams. He would never forget the shock that he received at that moment.

He drowned in despair and pain that seemed to cut deep into his bones, seemingly swallowing him whole. Then, the powerlessness and hopelessness threw his mind into utter darkness.

Every time, he could only helplessly watch people die, watch as he lost everything that he cherished, cared about and possessed. Like a turbulent river, he was unable to stop them from flowing away.

From his helplessness rose an immense desire to control. At that moment, he wanted to kill Suo Fei, kill everyone, and kill himself. He wanted the whole world to disappear. He would not be afraid of losing people if he didn’t have them to begin with. Hell wouldn’t be so terrifying if beautiful days didn’t exist.

This thought was like a ferocious viper, tempting and luring him. If he took that step, he would no longer have to be afraid of losing people, he would not have to worry about betrayals. What else could he be afraid of if everything disappeared?

But… he suppressed the urge welling up within him. At the final moment, he seemed to have returned to the Knuhl Forest. The place where he had first met Suo Fei.

He saw the young and inexperienced elven youth. His slender body seemed extremely frail and his silver eyes were blank, but under his daze, there was a strength that did not conform with his appearance.

Samael felt that he had seen himself, his ignorant, foolish and completely defenseless self. It was Sofey, his Sofey.

Samael’s lips curled into a smile as he lifted Suo Fei’s chin and kissed him gently.

Because of this inexperienced kiss, Samael returned to his senses in an instant and he managed to suppress all his frantic thoughts. Everything wasn’t over. He wanted this person. He wanted him to live and stay by his side for all of his life.

Suo Fei badly wanted to know what had happened afterwards that day, but he didn’t dare to ask Samael. He figured that he would be reopening old wounds if he mentioned this matter. He finally made him happy with great difficulty through tremendous efforts so he couldn’t raise this old topic.

However, he wanted to know what had happened to Linde’s group.

He couldn’t ask Samael so he could only ask the only reliable person present, Hull.

Because of the rebirth of the Dragons, Hull’s attention was now focused on the dragon eggs. He was even more fond of the baby dragon who had broken out of his shell.

Suo Fei found the baby dragon interesting so he played with the lil’ thing several times. Who would have known that although the lil’ thing was small, his ability was not. He could actually spit fire through his mouth. He wasn’t able to control his ability yet. Regardless of whether he was happy or unhappy, as long as his emotions had been agitated, his nose would emit smoke and fire would come out of his mouth.

After being burned by him several times, Suo Fei finally kept a distance from him. Hull, however, didn’t mind at all. He had such a beautiful appearance yet he wouldn’t get angry or irritated when he was burnt by the baby dragon until he was covered with filth. Instead, he was exceedingly patient. He looked like a well-rounded nanny.

Suo Fei greatly admired him for this. Hull was extremely courteous towards him because he had resurrected the Dragons. Hull’s attitude towards him had simply flipped a hundred and eighty degrees. He even wanted to call him benefactor.

Thus, Suo Fei went to ask him about what had happened, but unfortunately, Hull was being controlled by Sal at that time so he was completely unaware of what was happening and didn’t know the exact situation.

Suo Fei was disappointed. Hull didn’t know so he could only rely on asking the remaining people who had been present.

Thus, he went to ask the red dragon, Nael. Oh good lord. The red dragon was depressed because he was being neglected by Hull. Suo Fei was simply delivering himself to Nael’s door when he asked him. Nael began prattling away, venting out all the words he had been storing deep inside.

It was just that… This topic…

Suo Fei face-palmed. Bro, will you stop mentioning how you blew a row of people away, spitted out fire towards a column of people, brandished your wing to sweep a group of people who were in a slanted formation and finally flung your tail to crush a large group of people to death?

Suo Fei heard it so many times that his ears were about to bleed, but he still had not heard any important information pertaining to what Samael had done.

Suo Fei couldn’t bear it any longer so he asked him directly.

Nael blinked his eyes and pondered for a while before saying, “Brother Samael…. He, er… He… Um…” After hemming and hawing for a long while, Nael’s face furrowed into a confused frown as he replied, “Brother Samael was too small at that time so I didn’t pay much attention to him.”

Suo Fei: 囧rz.

Suo Fei was unwilling to give up so he asked about Linde and Grantlyn.

Nael blankly asked, “Linde? Who’s that? Grantlyn… Is that a cake?”

In the end, Suo Fei could only pat Nael in the head and let him continue playing.

Nael was unreliable so Suo Fei pinned his hopes on the little cub.

Despite the little cub being usually unreliable, he was still reliable in crucial situations. At the least, he was much more reliable than Nael. Unfortunately, Suo Fei was still too naive.

He looked for the little cub and asked about that day.

The little cub didn’t brag about his glorious achievements and he also knew about Linde and Grantlyn. It stood to reason that he would be able to recount some things.

Suo Fei looked at him with eyes filled with expectations.

The little cub was in a daze for a while. Then, scratching his head, he murmured, “This… This… I didn’t really pay attention.”

Suo Fei fell to the ground, “Why…? Why didn’t you pay attention to such an important matter?!”

Suo Fei’s words were like a key that ignited the little cub’s mouth to start talking non-stop. He disclosed, “Suo Fei, you’ve no idea. At that time, I had the biggest transformation of my life, a breakthrough, an important evolution…”

Seeing the little cub’s starry eyes, Suo Fei had a bad feeling in his heart. He asked, “It wouldn’t be that someone caught your attention, right?”

“Who would have caught my attention? Was there anyone worth looking at? Look at what?”

Seeing the little cub’s foolish expression, Suo Fei was relieved that it wasn’t a puppy love.【Puppy love, my arse】

The little cub happily continued, “I found out that weapons are edible. Moreover, they’re extremely delicious. Different grades would have different tastes. The tastes of a magic staff, a bow, a longsword and a greatsword were also different from one another. You’ve no idea. It’s like eating a tonic. I feel an abundance of power in my body after eating them. You can try it too. It’s really delicious…”

Suo Fei: Wtf. I shouldn’t have had any expectations towards this chowhound.


Suo Fei pinned his last hope on fireball fatty.

When he found fireball fatty, he was joyfully playing. He had split himself up into numerous cube-shaped tiny fireball fatties, bouncing around the place.

Suo Fei looked closely. Oh my, such top-notch lego blocks. Their sizes can be changed as I wish and I can arrange them however I want.

He was struck with a sudden desire to join him. Seeing the fireball fatty’s foolish appearance as he failed to arrange the blocks, Suo Fei hurriedly went up to help him.

After building an enormous ship and a long train, Nael and the little cub also joined them and they built a castle together. The four energetically played with the blocks.

As for what Suo Fei initially wanted to ask… Please excuse Suo Fei as he had already completely forgotten about it.

Suo Fei only remembered it when he returned home in the evening and was immediately upset. His probing couldn’t be concealed from Samael, but since he didn’t ask, Samael also didn’t raise the matter.

Linde was dead. Grantlyn’s whereabouts were unknown. The ‘Heaven Defiers’ had thoroughly collapsed. In the end, Harris rushed over to deal with the aftermath.

Samael had let go of his enmity, but the memories he had were real. He would not eradicate all of the invaders, but it would be impossible for him to let bygones be bygones and make peace with them.

The Dragons had been reborn and had come into this world of Yalance with new lives.

Samael had no regrets. This was what he had hoped for. The past had passed. If the Dragons were reborn with their previous memories, war would be inevitable in Yalance.

With their new lives, they would not have their previous memories and they would not have to carry their previous lives’ burden, which was not necessarily a bad thing.

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