Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 210 - The Encounter

Chapter 210 The Encounter

The carriage traveled a distance before stopping on a quiet street in JiangNan.

Feng Yi Xuan pulled Lan You Nian down the carriage and walked into the residence in the salutation of the manservants. Lan You Nian observed the manservants dressed very plainly, but she was certain these manservants had excellent deftness.

Entering the inner courtyard, that ingeniously and delicately wrought pavilions and towers, the quiet and beautiful corridors on water*, especially the carved dragon that wound around the ridges of the rooftops along the walls, its scales and claws striking, two whiskers flying, as if it was about to take off. As far as the eyes can reach, the trees in the garden in the courtyard were verdant and lush, rare flowers beaming brightly, a clear stream zigzagging amongst the flowers and trees, flowing from under a rift in a rock. Taking a few steps forward, gradually to the north, level and wide-open space, a tower soaring into the air on both sides, with exquisitely carved roof beams and decorative railings.

“Do you like it?” Feng Yi Xuan asked grinning. In fact, in JiangNan he had many residences, but this place had the best scenery, so when he learned they were going to JiangNan, Feng Yi Xuan had his subordinates in JiangNan sweep and clean up this abode, and assigned many of Ghost Realm’s subordinates here disguised as manservants. Thus, the security was guaranteed.

“Like it, like it very much!” Yu Liu Li nodded excitedly. The decorations here were stunning, and he really liked the minimalistic style.

Jing Wu An could only drag Yu Liu Li away and follow the manservant to their own quarters. He didn’t want Feng Yi Xuan to give the two of them a beating. Why isn’t this Yu Liu Li able to read people’s faces? If he said any more, he feared they’ll be chased out.

Watching as Jing Wu An drag Yu Liu Li away, Feng Yi Xuan’s face finally lightened. Lan You Nian beamed, “Xuan, this place is wonderful. I like it very much. This place is a lot like the Medical Valley. It is very relaxing!” Lan You Nian spun around in the center of the garden, her mood improving.

“As long as you like it!” Feng Yi Xuan dragged Lan You Nian to their master bedchamber. He shot Lan Wu and the others a look. The meaning was clear: they didn’t need them waiting on them. He didn’t like so many insensible people disturbing him after they finally came out to enjoy themselves.

Lan You Nian led Feng Yi Xuan to a room. Above the courtyard, in lively and vigorous flourishes of calligraphy were the words, “You Nian Pavilion”, the same name as her courtyard in Lan manor, making Lan You Nian feel intimate with this place.

Walking into the room, the gauze drapes hung down, creating a hazy atmosphere. The surrounding walls were covered up by damask. Even the ceiling of the room was separated by an embroidered felt, both warm and fragrant. The furnishings of the room were all objects belonging to a young girl’s boudoir, extremely luxurious. An exquisitely carved bed inlaid with jade, brocade and embroidered quilts, there was even a little night pearl hanging on the curtain hook, emitting a faint delicate fragrance.

Because it was already late in the afternoon, nearly nighttime, Lan You Nian took a nap while Feng Yi Xuan went out to handle a few matters.

As soon as Feng Yi Xuan walked out of the room, he noticed An Yi waiting there. Seeing Feng Yi Xuan come out, An Yi immediately reported, “Master, Ghost Realm has been cracking down on Wu Qing Pavilion as master ordered. At first, Wu Qing Pavilion gave way in each situation, but recently in the last few days, Wu Qing Pavilion has been resisting. Many of Ghost Realm’s brothers were at a disadvantage. Some were hurt!”

Feng Yi Xuan’s flashed sinisterly, a bone-piercing cold smile slid onto his lips, “What a good Young Master Wu Qing. It seems he’s going to confront Ghost Realm!”

“Master, from our inquiries, this Young Master Wu Qing also came to Jiangnan. It appears he’s here for Heaven’s Tears Heart. Most likely, Young Master Wu Qing will also be going to Qian manor tonight. Master, should we do anything?” An Yi asked. In the past, they quite admired this Young Master Wu Qing. To be able to expand Wu Qing Pavilion to such an extent in such a short time showed that this Young Master Wu Qing a character that was hard to come by. But now An Yi and the others only had abhorrence for this Young Master Wu Qing, for this man was most likely master’s love rival.

Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes flashed with frost and said to An Yi, “I will personally meet this Young Master Wu Qing tonight!” For so long Feng Yi Xuan has only heard of this Young Master Wu Qing but has never seen him in person. Though he couldn’t kill him, but…Feng Yi Xuan’s palm moved, one beating was still fine, wasn’t it?

“Yes!” An Yi left to prepare, to let Ghost Realm’s brothers make preparations for tonight to give a blow to master’s love rival.

At this moment in the room, Lan You Nian woke up. Lan Feng stood by the bed, “Young miss, Ghost Realm’s attacks on us haven’t ceased. Third young master and fourth young master were already starting to resist. Ghost Realm came a few times to look for trouble but didn’t gain the advantage. Some were even injured!”

Lan You Nian laid on her side on the bed, her eyes flooding with coldness, “Since Ghost Realm dares to look for trouble with our Wu Qing Pavilion, then we can’t let them go; otherwise, they really think our Wu Qing Pavilion is very easy to provoke! Tell third brother and fourth brother, if Ghost Realm backs off, don’t pursue the matter. If Ghost Realm continues, there’s nothing to fear!”

Lan Feng nodded and said, “Young miss, we received news that Ghost Realm’s Ghost Lord has come to Jiangnan as well. He’s most likely here for Heaven’s Tears Heart. More importantly, this Ghost Realm’s Ghost Lord will probably be going to Qian manor tonight. Young miss, what should we do?”

If it were any other person, Lan Feng them were confident of their victory, but if their opponent was Ghost Realm, Lan Feng them really weren’t confident of success. This Ghost Lord was as veiled in mystery as young miss’s Young Master Wu Qing. Lan Feng them have only heard of Ghost Lord’s powerful martial arts and cruelty and mercilessness. The people he’s killed were too many to count. There were even rumors that Ghost Lord was a psychopath who killed people exclusively for pleasure.

Lan You Nian sat up. She didn’t expect this Ghost Lord to personally come to Jiangnan. It appears Heaven’s Tears Heart was a must-have for this Ghost Lord. All these years, Wu Qing Pavilion and Ghost Realm have never intersected. Any information Lan You Nian received were all rumors about this Ghost Lord killing without batting an eyelash.

“Tonight I will personally go!” Lan You Nian said severely. Though Lan Feng and Lan Ren’s martial arts were good, compared to that Ghost Lord, there ought to be some disparity. She didn’t allow for her people to get injured because of her medicine.

“Young miss!” Lan Feng didn’t approve. In their eyes, young miss was the most important. But Lan Feng knew once young miss had made her decision, there was no chance anyone can change her mind. Lan Feng only said, “Ming wang’s martial arts is very high. It’s likely he’s right up there with that Ghost Lord. Why don’t young miss go together tonight with Ming wang?”

Lan You Nian said without even considering it, “No need!” Meeting Lan Feng’s disapproving gaze, Lan You Nian explained, “We aren’t going to fight recklessly. If we can’t beat them, we can run. In any case, I don’t have any face to lose. Xuan is a country’s wangye. I don’t want him to be drawn into the disputes of the pugilistic world because of me.”

Though Lan Feng disapproved of her young miss’s decision, for Lan Feng believed Ming wang truly loved young miss, Ming wang would help young miss even if it meant being drawn into disputes, much much less being drawn into the disputes of the pugilistic world. But Lan Feng knew young miss loved Ming wang which was why she had she had such considerations.

“Understood. I will mobilize Wu Qing Pavilion’s assassins to go with young miss tonight!” Lan Feng left the room as soon as Lan You Nian gave a nod. When they came this time, they brought over Wu Qing Pavilion’s upper level assassins. These people were all those who had young miss’s trust, so bringing them will serve as a layer of protection for young miss.

The second Lan Feng left, Feng Yi Xuan entered the room. Of course he saw the just departed Lan Feng, but he and Nian Nian mutually respected one another. They didn’t hide anything from the other person but neither did they interfere. Feng Yi Xuan was willing to give Nian Nian enough space to allow her to soar.

“Awake?” Feng Yi Xuan asked. Coming over to the bedside, he scooped Lan You Nian out from under the blanket, smoothing out Lan You Nian’s slightly disheveled hair.

“En, actually I wasn’t very tired!” Lan You Nian said smiling.

Pondering for a moment, Feng Yi Xuan said, “I will be going out tonight to handle something. Behave and rest here, understood?” Feng Yi Xuan was a little edgy. If Nian Nian knew he was going to see Young Master Wu Qing and to beat him up, he wondered if she will get mad. However, no matter what, Feng Yi Xuan wanted to teach that Young Master Wu Qing a lesson. Let’s see if he dares to get so close to Nian Nian. Yu Liu Li once said that one must give a harsh blow to one’s love rival.

Lan You Nian was wondering what excuse she should give Feng Yi Xuan to let her go out tonight. Unexpectedly, it was such a coincidence. This way, she can just leave; otherwise, Feng Yi Xuan will be worried knowing she left.

“En, I know. Don’t worry about me and do your own thing!” Lan You Nian clenched tightly to Feng Yi Xuan’s hand. She knew Feng Yi Xuan was very busy. Sometimes when she woke up in the middle of the night, she could still see him sitting beside her reading over the memorials, so Lan You Nian wouldn’t meddle in Feng Yi Xuan’s matters.

Tonight, Lan You Nian would be meeting the Ghost Lord who she didn’t have any confidence in winning against. Lan You Nian will try her best not to let herself be injured. If she can’t beat the other person, she’ll run. She was no longer one person. If she was injured, Feng Yi Xuan would be even more pained inside. Lan You Nian was aware of this, so no matter what, she must protect herself.

Everyone ate together. Maybe it’s due to Lan You Nian’s influences, An Yi and An San also sat with them. If they were back at the manor, they wouldn’t sit at the table, but now they were outside, they were out to have fun. If they were to watch on the side as they were eating, Lan You Nian wouldn’t be able to stand it, so everyone sat table. An Yi them went from the discomfort and jittery at the beginning to the present calmly and speedily eating. With Lan You Nian, they got the same respect.

After their meal, Feng Yi Xuan took a short nap with Lan You Nian. After the night deepened, Feng Yi Xuan pecked Lan You Nian’s forehead before leaving the room and headed towards Qian manor. When Feng Yi Xuan left, Lan You Nian’s eyes instantly opened. Her eyes were pure and bright, without any drowsiness

“Young miss!” Lan Ren and Lan Feng were decked out in black, with masks covering their faces as they stood outside the room.

“En!” Lan You Nian gave a response and received the male disguise Lan Qu prepared for her and put it on. Lan Qu helped Lan You Nian put up her hair and put it into a male style. Lan You Nian accepted the mask that signified Young Master Wu Qing and left the room, disappearing in the courtyard, with those manservants standing guard being completely unaware.

Flying out of the courtyard, Lan You Nian noticed many of Wu Qing Pavilion’s subordinates were waiting outside. The number of people wasn’t particularly large, roughly around ten or so people. Zhang Lin was amongst them. Because of Zhang Lin’s loyalty and abilities, Lan You Nian already placed him in Wu Qing Pavilion. On the surface, he was You Nian Pavilion’s guard. In the shadows, he was also Wu Qing Pavilion’s assassin. These dozen people were all people Lan You Nian trusted, so Lan You Nian only gave them a nod and they all hastened to Qian Manor.

When Lan You Nian and entourage arrived at Qian Manor, they didn’t encounter Ghost Realm’s people. Lan You Nian had Zhang Lin and the others conceal themselves. Too many people were easily noticeable by others. Taking Lan Ren and Lan Feng with her, Lan You Nian silently stole into Qian Manor.

The three of them searched a circle around Qian Manor but didn’t find a trace of Heaven’s Tears Heart. Lan You Nian dared not do too much. If they acted rashly and alerted the enemy, and the other grasped the fact she needed such a thing, then she’ll be at a disadvantageous spot, especially since Qian Manor’s head of family wasn’t someone easy to interact with, a considerable personage. If forced, it’s probable Heaven’s Tears Heart will be destroyed.

Lan You Nian didn’t find Heaven’s Tears Heart nor did she encounter Ghost Realm’s people, so she prepared to go back earlier. If she came back late, Feng Yi Xuan will most likely know about it. She wasn’t afraid of telling Feng Yi Xuan the whole story, just that Feng Yi Xuan will worry too much.

When Lan You Nian left Qian manor with Lan Ren and Lan Feng, moving at a fast pace on the streets, a magnetic masculine voice traveled into their ears, “Since Young Master Wu Qing has come, why leave so fast?”

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