Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei

Chapter 211 - Realizing Each Other’s Identities

Chapter 211 Realizing Each Other’s Identities

The deep voice was like the stressed sound from a phoenix-tail zither. Though soft, it entered a person’s heart, refusing to be ignored. Lan You Nian knew from the sound that this person was elusive Ghost Realm Ghost Lord.

Lan You Nian stopped walking and raised her head to look at Ghost Realm’s Ghost Lord. Not far away, there stood a man wearing a black mask, standing tall and upright.

“This must be Ghost Lord. Indeed, seeing for oneself is much better than hearing from others!” Lan You Nian voice was dull from deliberately lowering her voice, but in other’s ears, Master Wu Qing’s voice was elegant and magnetic. Lan You Nian knew there would be a fight since she encountered this Ghost Lord and his hostility towards her. Lan You Nian only hoped to end the fight quickly.

After Lan You Nian uttered those words, Lan Ren and Lan Feng swiftly drew up on the sides of Lan You Nian. Those Wu Qing Pavilion assassins hidden in the shadows all stood out behind Lan You Nian. Even if the one standing before them was Ghost Realm’s Ghost Lord, not one person cowered or showed any fear. They only had one thought, that was to protect young miss and not let young miss be harmed.

Seeing so many people appear beside Lan You Nian, An Yi and An San, wearing a black cloth over their face, couldn’t allow themselves to be found any lacking. This wasn’t just anybody but their master’s love rival! Thus, Ghost Realm’s assassins who were following behind also emerged. Within moments, both sides formed into a confrontational situation.

Feng Yi Xuan studied Master Wu Qing. Because Lan Ren and Lan Feng were standing in the way, Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t see clearly what Lan You Nian looked like. He could only obtain a rough idea, but Feng Yi Xuan felt familiar. Feng Yi Xuan even felt Nian Nian had the same comportment as Master Wu Qing. Thinking of this, Feng Yi Xuan spared the person another look. A warm jade hung around the waist by a cord of the same color as the belt. His figure was long and straight, handsome as if a spirit of a green pine on a celestial mountain. Feng Yi Xuan had to agree that this Master Wu Qing was a rare character. It’s a pity he coveted his Nian Nian. He couldn’t kill him, but…

Opposite him, Master Wu Qing wore a moonlight, silver-threaded long garb. The sleeves hung down smoothly. A dark green, nearly black belt buckled around the waist.

“But Young Master Wu Qing, doesn’t look like much!” Feng Yi Xuan uttered disdainfully. No matter how much he admired this man, whenever he thought of the friendliness between this man and Nian Nian, Feng Yi Xuan’s vinegar jar will topple over.

Lan You Nian was startled, not expecting this Ghost Lord to be so straightforward and his words were filled with anger. Lan You Nian carefully pondered over it. Wu Qing Pavilion has never offended Ghost Realm. Instead, Ghost Realm always kept looking for trouble with Wu Qing Pavilion. Thinking of this, Lan You Nian’s impression of this Ghost Lord became even worse.

“Ha, how this young master is is no concern of Ghost Lord’s. As long as the person this young master likes thinks this young master is good, it’s enough!” Lan You Nian’s hand gently curled the errant strands of hair brushing her cheeks behind her ear. Behind the mask, a lazy smile hung on her face. This feeling was both unrestrained and charming.

However, in Feng Yi Xuan’s ears, he directly connected the person Master Wu Qing liked to be Nian Nian. His meaning was that Nian Nian was very good to him? Thinking of this, Feng Yi Xuan’s air instantly became freezing cold, as if an unending ice-land, freezing all the people present, making them involuntarily feel cold and gave them chills.

“There are some people you cannot like. Young master Wu Qing should scram!” Feng Yi Xuan sneered coldly. If this were someone else, he wouldn’t waste so many words. But Master Wu Qing has, more or less, helped Nian Nian in the past. Though he loathed him, he had to recognize everything he’s done for Nian Nian. From just one meeting, Feng Yi Xuan knew this man wasn’t an insidious person. If he perceptive and gave up on Nian Nian, Feng Yi Xuan won’t be so petty to lay a hand on him.

Lan You Nian was made completely speechless by the other man’s words. It was none of his business who she liked. Does this Ghost Lord want to interfere with another person’s thoughts and feelings? She didn’t need anyone’s opinions on her liking Xuan.

“Is it any concern of Ghost Lord’s whoever this young master likes? What a joke!” Lan You Nian’s eyes were cold as she said, “The person this young master likes also likes this young master. Ghost Lord, you better scram off to where you belong!”

Feng Yi Xuan was enraged by the other man’s words. His Nian Nian only liked him. It can only be him!

Feng Yi Xuan moved, so fast that the others weren’t even able to react. They only saw he appear in front of Master Wu Qing, his hand curling into fists, gathering inner force in his hands and over a few feet of distance, aiming for Master Wu Qing’s chest. If this palm landed on Master Wu Qing’s chest, though it wouldn’t be life-threatening, it was certain he’d be severely injured, needing to rest for several months to recover.

Lan You Nian’s expression was indifferent, sun-like eyes shuttered, converging with a deep icy light. She didn’t expect this Ghost Lord’s martial arts to be so powerful. Probably only Feng Yi Xuan could be a match for him. Lan You Nian’s body moved, dodging Ghost Lord’s attack, lifting off into the air, white clothes fluttering, landing not far away.

At this moment, the Ghost Lord was about to continue attacking when his entire body froze. Feng Yi Xuan disbelievingly looked at the man who dodged his attack. Just seconds ago, he caught a whiff of a fragrant scent. It was Nian Nian’s scent. From the very beginning, he felt the man in front of him was familiar. Though he considered this man a love rival because of Nian Nian, that familiar feeling couldn’t be ignored. No one else ever gave him such a familiar feeling, unless…

Feng Yi Xuan’s lips curled up into a smile. This smile didn’t have any coldness but filled with indulgence.

Lan You Nian knew this Ghost Lord was not a man to be trifled with but nor was she a spineless person. Lan You Nian’s steps were light and agile as she came over to Ghost Lord’s front. When her arm raised, it carried with it a densely packed gust of wind. The robes on her body drew a sensual arc in the wind, extremely carefree as it soared. Lan You Nian held a dagger in her hand. The dagger was aimed at Ghost Lord’s neck but as the dagger neared, the Ghost Lord captured her arm.

Then, under everyone’s jaw-dropping and stunned gaze, the black-clothed Ghost Lord pulled the white-clothed Master Wu Qing into his arms. Ghost Lord’s arm suppressed Master Wu Qing’s attack. The two’s posture was simply too ambigious but the premise was these two were both men.

Ghost Realm’s people’s jaws dropped from shock. Was this still their aloof master? In their knowledge, master had a serious obsession with cleanliness. Most importantly, doesn’t master like the matriarch. What was he doing hugging a man? An Yi and the others felt unworthy on Lan You Nian’s behalf. They felt, could this Master Wu Qing dosed their master with something; otherwise, how could act so erratically?

Wu Qing Pavilion’s people were also scared into legs trembled. How could their young miss be hugged by Ghost Lord? Young miss belonged to Ming wang. Most importantly, young miss was disguised as a man. Could this Ghost Lord have some homosexual tendencies? Lan Feng them were prepared to charge forward. They must protect young miss’s purity. They couldn’t let young miss be tarnished by such a person!

At this moment, Lan You Nian was enraged. She knew this Ghost Lord’s martial arts was powerful but didn’t expect to be so easily subdued. What enraged her even more was not that she lost, but that she was taken advantage of. She was being hugged by this man. More importantly, this was the first hug, beside’s Feng Yi Xuan, that she didn’t feel disgusted by. Lan You Nian’s only thought at the moment was to kill this Ghost Lord.

Though her inner force was suppressed, Lan You Nian was unwilling to admit defeat as she mustered all the energy in her body to break free. The consequence of doing so was that she’ll lose some of her inner force, but Lan You Nian didn’t regret it.

Feng Yi Xuan could sense what the little one in his arms wanted to do. For a moment, he was both angry and heart aching. He could only rip off his mask, his slightly deep voice but the smell that was like musk captivating, making people addicted, “Nian Nian, it’s me!”

Lan You Nian stopped struggling. Staring at the unmasked man, wasn’t this Feng Yi Xuan!? Lan You Nian gaped with shock, her little mouth wide open, her eyes widened, then very agitated as she reached out a hand to pinch Feng Yi Xuan’s cheeks, making certain it was real, speechlessly muttering, “Fuck, what the fuck is this?”

Feng Yi Xuan’s lips curled upwards, the tails of his brows upturned, the corners of his eyes and tip of his brows stacked with a smile, setting that peerless, handsome face to inexplicably add a sinful flavor, the devil! He reached out his hand to take off Lan You Nian’s mask. Instantly Ghost Realm’s people realized wasn’t that Young Master Wu Qing their matriarch?

At this, the assassins of Ghost Realm and Wu Qing Pavilion originally eyeing each other with hostility peeled off their own masks nonchalantly and dropped their hostility. After all, they were most likely going to be one family in the future.

Lan You Nian stepped out of Feng Yi Xuan’s arms, deliberately frosting her little face saying, “Speak, what’s going on?”

Ghost Realm’s people took a look at Lan You Nian’s interrogative posture and all of them consciously gave a thumbs up. Their matriarch was truly fearless! They have never seen anyone dare to speak to master like this. Usually, if there was someone who didn’t grow any eyes that dared to defy master, the consequence was only one word, death! But from master’s love for the matriarch, he wouldn’t get angry at all!

Feng Yi Xuan took a look at the slightly mad girl and awkwardly rubbed his straight nose. He really didn’t expect that having been smart all these years, he ended up regarding his girl as his love rival. Young Master Wu Qing was Nian Nian. Two people were the same person. What on earth was he jealous for? And to have struggled with it for so long!

Cough! Feng Yi Xuan peeked at Lan You Nian, hastily explaining, “I am Ghost Realm’s Ghost Lord. I didn’t purposefully hide it from you. I just didn’t want you involved in this darkness so I didn’t tell you!” Feng Yi Xuan really feared Lan You Nian would get angry and ignore him.

Seeing their master’s spineless expression, Ghost Realm’s people hated iron for not turning into steel, led by the nose by his wife!

Hearing this explanation, Lan You Nian didn’t show a smile but rather angrily said, “Why did you harass Wu Qing Pavilion?” This was the most important. Thinking of all the money she lost the last few days, Lan You Nian felt her heart hurt. The fact that it was Feng Yi Xuan who was the cause of all this, it wasn’t just heartache but anger.

At this, Feng Yi Xuan stuttered, not knowing what to say. Lan You Nian’s line of sight landed on the people of Ghost Realm, who all tried their hardest to force out a smile, but refused to answer. Master treated the matriarch well doesn’t mean he treated them well. If they exposed master’s petty thoughts, who knows if they’ll have any good days left?

Lan You Nian saw Feng Yi Xuan stuttered for a while without replying, her eyes flashing and fog rose over her eyes, making Feng Yi Xuan’s heart ache, hastily answering, “I thought Master Wu Qing coveted you so I was jealous and wanted to teach Master Wu Qing a lesson, along with Wu Qing Pavilion!”

“What?” Lan You Nian was startled and then burst into laughter, the smile on her lips was faint like a flower blooming for the first time in early spring, that melodious sound couldn’t be held back, making Lan You Nian’s stomach hurt from laughing. Feng Yi Xuan sympathized and pulled Lan You Nian into his arms to rub her belly.

Finally, when Lan You Nian stopped giggling, she really didn’t expect Wu Qing Pavilion’s misfortunes were all due to this man’s jealousy. It was such a mix-up. And she was so innocent! How could she be her own love rival? Feng Yi Xuan really has been clever all his life but stupid this once.

When Lan You Nian finished laughing, Feng Yi Xuan asked, “Nian Nian, you’re not angry anymore?”

Lan You Nian shook her head, grinning, “I wasn’t actually angry. But, Wu Qing Pavilion lost a lot of money!”

“An Yi, send over all of Ghost Realm’s riches to Wu Qing Pavilion!”

“Eh? No need. You just need to reimburse double the costs to me!” Though Lan You Nian loved money, she wasn’t greedy.

“What’s mine is yours!” Feng Yi Xuan said dotingly, completely ignoring the distressed looks of Ghost Realm’s assassins.

“Then just store it at your place. Yours is mine!” Lan You Nian said.

“Alright!” Pampering without any reason.

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