Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Fighting, Conditions

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Yan Kuan had no problem taking care of a chicken by himself. After eating, he watched as this girl calmly took out the wild fruit in her bag and started eating.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered that he hadn’t seen any traces of a fire on his way here. Could it be that this girl had never roasted food before?

Or could it be that she didn’t know how to cook at all? Why not take the opportunity to see how she survived here, how she came in, and how she went out again?

In any case, it had been too long since he had encountered such an interesting thing.

Moreover, he kept feeling as if he had missed something.

That warehouse must have appeared around him, but he had never noticed it. Now that he was taking another step, he might discover something else.

Moreover, the key seemed to be in the girl’s hands. He had not found it yet. He had to find a way to find it. Yes, that was what he was going to do.

When Shen Xiaoxiao turned around to eat the wild fruit, Yan Kuan fiddled with the watch on his wrist. On the other end, Lei Lie, who had received the notification, was stunned when he saw the message from his boss.

Had boss not exercised his muscles for too long, or was he planning to harm the wild beasts in the jungle? Why did he have to walk out of the jungle on his own when he had a plane to fly? Why was he in such a good mood?

As expected, he did not understand Boss’s world!

“Are you full? Pack up and set off immediately.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was a little surprised to see him put all the food into the handmade basket that she had deliberately hung on the tree.

How did this guy find this basket? Moreover, he used it so recklessly and shamelessly.

Yan Kuan looked at the little girl staring at his basket. He turned to the backpack she was carrying and pouted. “How about we exchange it?”

Shen Xiaoxiao was not going to do it. There was money in here to save her life. She immediately wrapped her bag tightly in her arms and shook her head violently.

Yan Kuan ignored her. He watched her carry his bag as if she was protecting her calf. He did not mind carrying the handmade basket that was quite tough.

These were things that little girls were born to know. Yan Kuan did not cause too much of a reaction. Instead, he walked in front calmly. Now, he was not worried that this little girl would run away again. Someone who could run away from him… They had not been born in this world yet.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at this man, who was getting more and more unclear. She did not know what he was trying to do. And that warehouse. Didn’t he come to the depths of the jungle for it? What was going on?

Shen Xiaoxiao did not know that Yan Kuan had not been idle while she had been hiding in the withered tree for three days. He had already checked all the surrounding areas. Even the withered tree that Shen Xiaoxiao had stayed in had been carefully checked by him.

Of course, the final result was that the cave was too small. Yan Kuan could not fit too many things in his eyes.

The reason the little loli could climb in was because she was petite. Moreover, seeing that she was covered in dust after climbing out, he didn’t think that the cave was that big.

Yan Kuan originally felt a little uncomfortable. After all, his real purpose of coming in this time was to find that warehouse. However, he couldn’t find the location of the warehouse even after searching through the entire place. It seemed that he hadn’t prepared enough. He still needed some precision instruments to find these things.

However, this trip was not without any gains. After catching a little wild cat, he would not be bored for some time.

“Where are we going?”

Yan Kuan did not expect the little thing to ask this question before they left.

Where were they going? They walked out of the jungle at that time. Were they really going to spend the winter here?

“Back to the club.”

As expected, Yan Kuan saw the little thing’s expression change after he said this. She looked at him with hatred in her eyes without concealing anything.

How naïve. How could he believe such words?

“I’m not going.”

Yan Kuan raised his eyebrows. He leaned against the entrance of the cave with a playful expression and looked at the little thing that suddenly became angry. It looked like she wanted to fight with him?

Could this little body do it? When he was doing it, he was worried that he would be able to break her small waist with just a little bit of force.

Why was she looking so cute now? Of course, it would be even better if she did not have that look of defensiveness and undisguised hatred.

Shen Xiaoxiao was so angry. How did she meet this demon god? How did he have so much free time? Why did he like to torture her so much?

She had gone through a lot of hardships to get here. She saw that as long as she crossed the waterfall, she would be able to escape. Was she a fool to actually go back and seek torture?

This Yan Kuan was really a vicious and poisonous man. It seemed that today’s battle with him was unavoidable no matter what.

Did she really think that she was a weakling by simply tolerating it?

Shen Xiaoxiao’s temper was really good. In her previous life, she was like a cannon that could be fired at any time. Although in this life, she had already restrained her personality after going through 10 years of imprisonment.

However, if she was really vicious, she would do anything.

She placed her backpack on one leg. Looking at Yan Kuan’s cheeky and playful expression, she could not help but feel angry.

She swept her leg over, but when Yan Kuan thought that she was so straightforward, he did not know that the leg was just a feint. The real vicious move was Shen Xiaoxiao’s fist.

Her punch was very powerful. As mentioned before, she could easily knock out a 180-meter tall burly man with a single punch.

Yan Kuan did not expect this little girl to be so weak that her punches were extremely powerful. Even he took two steps back.

This time, it completely piqued his interest. It had been a long time since he had met such an opponent. Interesting, really interesting.

The environment in the cave was too small, and Shen Xiaoxiao’s punch just now made Yan Kuan take two steps back and walk out of the cave.

The two of them instantly became entangled.

However, Yan Kuan was still the unrivaled King of the Night. Other than the fact that he had suffered a small loss because of his underestimation at the beginning of the punch, he was practically leading Shen Xiaoxiao step by step to watch her fall into his trap.

How many times had she fallen into his arms?

Shen Xiaoxiao’s competitive mentality had been completely stimulated by Yan Kuan today. Other than her attacks becoming more and more ruthless, her movements also became faster and faster.

Yan Kuan’s eyes were filled with inexplicable surprise. She was really a good seedling. No wonder she could defeat all the opponents in the club. General Changsheng really lived up to his reputation.

It was just that she was still a girl. She was still a little inexperienced.

Moreover, this time had been delayed for too long. He did not want to tangle with her any longer. He wanted to end this quickly. He was still counting on the first snow to come in and look for him again before she arrived.

This round, he did not plan to let her. With a light move, he tied her up in his arms and could not move at all.

Looking at this angry little fellow, Yan Kuan said with rare kindness, “Do you think Devon would dare to snatch someone from my hands?”

Sure enough, this sentence made Shen Xiaoxiao slowly calm down. This person, what did he mean by this? Was he toying with her?

“Exactly what you think I meant!”

Yan Kuan glanced at her, let go of her hand, and pushed her out of his side. He turned around and walked into the cave to pick up the basket on the ground. He glanced at the bag not far away and said to the woman who was still in a daze behind him, “Why don’t we exchange it back?”

He was just joking at first, but he didn’t know that these words would wake up Shen Xiaoxiao who was deep in thought.

She still had money in her bag, so how could she exchange it? Also, did this man mean that he wouldn’t hand her over to Devon? Why? Why did he change his mind?

Didn’t he say that he didn’t want to see her in Country M? Why did he say that now?

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at him with a guarded expression. Yan Kuan didn’t even realize when his patience had become so good.

Looking at the little loli’s appearance, he thought of his previous plans and said to her, “Of course, I have conditions.”

As expected, Shen Xiaoxiao knew that this man would not be so kind.

However, Yan Kuan’s next words made Shen Xiaoxiao want to kill him. He was simply shameless to the extreme!

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