Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Caught

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Yan Kuan turned his head to take a look. First, a furry head popped out from the withered tree. Then, a backpack was thrown out. This backpack was very familiar to him. It was the backpack that the little fellow had taken away.

He did not expect that. Yan Kuan did not expect that he would actually come and wait for the rabbit. He wondered how this girl could have disappeared into thin air. After a long time, she had really hidden in this place. It was really convenient to hide her tiny figure in this withered tree.

However, Yan Kuan wasn’t curious. After all, he had checked everything in the vicinity back then.

At that time, he stuck his head in to take a look at this withered tree. It was a very, very small cave, and he could see the bottom at a glance.

Only a person with the size of a little loli could climb in. Do you think those people would place the warehouse in this place? He felt that the possibility was not high.

It was precisely because of this illusion that Yan Kuan missed an important opportunity.

Shen Xiaoxiao first looked left and right. There was no one. The rain outside had also stopped. She had stayed inside for three days. If she was not used to the darkness, she reckoned that no one would be able to stay in such a dark place for three days without coming out.

Even Yan Kuan felt a little curious. This girl had stayed here for three days without coming out? Even if she had come out, it would have been late at night. Otherwise, there was no way he would not have noticed.

However, he was more and more impressed with this little girl. To be able to stay in a dark place for three days without going out, this was not something that an ordinary person could do.

When Shen Xiaoxiao’s feet had just stepped into the ground, before she had the time to be happy, a demonic sound was heard by her ear.

“Are you having fun playing hide-and-seek?”

Shen Xiaoxiao’s heart was hanging in the air. Damn it, this haunting man had not left yet, and he was still shamelessly waiting by the tree.

What was he doing? Was he waiting for a rabbit? Was he? Ptui, she was not a rabbit! No!

Shen Xiaoxiao turned her head to look at him. Her small eyes were filled with unruliness, but Yan Kuan had a different kind of feeling in his eyes.

He also liked to train this kind of little wild cat. All of his subordinates had been arrogant and domineering in the beginning. In his hands, even dragons had to crawl for him. If they were snakes, they had to drill into the ground for him. There was no one that Yan Kuan could not deal with.

Looking at her small eyes that seemed to be about to say something, Yan Kuan actually felt a little happy. There were only the two of them in this place. Wasn’t this small appearance clearly trying to seduce him?

Yan Kuan looked at her as she bent down to pick up the backpack on the ground. He said to her playfully, “This bag doesn’t seem to belong to you.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was not afraid of boiling water. She was no match for him and he had caught her red-handed. The most important thing now was to not let him discover the warehouse in the withered tree. Otherwise, her chances of returning to the country to take revenge would be slim.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at him, wrapped her bag tightly in her arms, and spat out “mine” syllable by syllable.

Forgive someone who had just begun to learn to speak. She spoke very briefly. Even if she could already speak, some of the words she spat out were not very familiar to her.

After all, it had been ten years. It was not something that she could recover in a day and a night to have her brain issue commands to the language nerves and then say them again.

It was already good enough for her to be able to speak two words at once.

When she climbed up from below, Shen Xiaoxiao had already decided that she would only bring some money. She would not bring too much, just some money that could be used for simple living.

When the time was right, she would walk out of the jungle and think of a way to come in. It would be best if there was a helicopter. That way, she would be able to transport all the things away.

However, this was a very small hope and was not easy to achieve. However, Shen Xiaoxiao had another plan. At most, she could just make a few more trips to this jungle and she would be able to transport the money out.

Although Yan Kuan was overbearing, merciless, and ruthless, he would never be so bored as to snatch something from a woman’s hands. This little thing said that the bag was hers, so he would just let her carry it. She would even become an extra laborer.

However, the matter of taking away all of his things could not be let off just like that.

“Little thing, the bag is yours, sure, but your habit of running away without saying anything is not good. It seems that you did not receive your punishment properly. Now, are you going to come over obediently, or do you want me to come and arrest you personally?”

When Shen Xiaoxiao heard Yan Kuan’s words, she even wanted to kill him. Why did she suddenly have the heart to leave a piece of clothing for this person back then? She should not have been so kind and let this man freeze to death.

Yan Kuan naturally did not know about Shen Xiaoxiao’s depression. However, he looked meaningfully at the little girl in front of him as she rolled her big round eyes.

This time, he could see clearly with the light of the day. There was cunning, scheming, and anger, but there was only no desire, nothing.

Could it be that he had really seen wrongly that night? Impossible, absolutely impossible. But this girl had changed so differently from before and after. This was definitely not simple. Why was it so?

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the man in front of her who had been staring at her. She felt hatred in her heart. This guy was really the nemesis of her after her rebirth. She still wanted to return to the country to take revenge, but this man was so crooked. How could she get out?

“What are you waiting for? Come here.”

Shen Xiaoxiao swore that she was not afraid of this man. She was just a good man who would not be taken advantage of in front of him. Yes, that was it.

She moved her feet like a snail and slowly walked over. However, Yan Kuan clearly lost his patience. He strode over and a hand grabbed her neck from behind her neck.

‘F*ck, I’m not a cat. Why are you grabbing my neck? Let go, let go.’

Shen Xiaoxiao could not say anything, but she kept struggling. Occasionally, she would say the words “Let go, let go,” which made Yan Kuan look at her as if he was watching a good show.

This little fellow was really cute when she kept struggling with the backpack. However, her words were exactly the same as what was shown in the information from the investigation. Her words were not complete.

Fortunately, he was speaking Mandarin. Otherwise, this little fellow would not be able to speak a single word. Even so, she was still speaking word by word. She had really been locked up and had forgotten her mother tongue.

However, she could not be blamed for being locked up. No matter who was locked up for 10 years, they might not be able to live anymore. It was already a miracle that someone like her could at least survive.

For a moment, Yan Kuan felt as if he had caught a small beast, waiting for him to tame it. He also had a very strong interest in this little thing. There was even a trace of joy that he wanted to educate her well.

The cave was still the same as before. The fire was rising vigorously. After Yan Kuan threw Shen Xiaoxiao into the cave, he began to roast the food. Only then did Shen Xiaoxiao realize that there were already two wild rabbits and pheasants placed at the foot of the cave.

The aroma of the roasted pheasant assailed her nose. Shen Xiaoxiao put a portion of the money into the inner lining of the waterproof jacket she was wearing. The rest of the money was placed at the bottom of the backpack and was wrapped in a black vest.

Therefore, when Yan Kuan went through her bag to find the seasoning, he did not pay too much attention to the vest.

Because he recognized that this vest was worn by this little girl. He only thought that it was her spare change of clothes.

After the roast chicken was done, Yan Kuan tore off a drumstick and handed it to Shen Xiaoxiao. Shen Xiaoxiao looked at it and felt a little disgusted. She turned her head away and did not accept it at all.

Yan Kuan smiled. He personally baked food to serve this little girl, but she actually did not accept it. Fine, if you don’t accept it, then don’t accept it. There will be times when you are hungry.

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