Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Rebirth

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Her hair was long and messy. Under the hidden ray of light within the darkness, when no one was looking and while Liu Yufei was commanding people to attack, Shen Xiaoxiao stretched out her hand and pulled out a special golden thread from the back of her big tooth.

The key tied to the other end of the golden thread was pulled out bit by bit.

The pain of her throat being torn apart and the intense pain of the metal being peeled apart from her skin and flesh were all endured by Shen Xiaoxiao.

Bit by bit, the flesh was torn apart. The intense smell of blood that had already entered her mouth made her want to vomit.

Endure. She had to endure. She, Shen Xiaoxiao, could endure the bloody rain and wind of her childhood. She could endure ten years of life-and-death boxing. She could also endure three years of inhumane physical torture.

She could definitely endure the pain of having her flesh and bones torn apart, which was only a drop in the ocean compared to everything else.

After 10 years of training in the dark prison, she had long developed an amazing hearing ability. She could clearly and distinctly hear the sound of flesh and bones being torn apart.

There was a smile on her lips and blood flowing down from the corners of her mouth. She tightly clenched the key lying in her palm that still carried the temperature of her flesh and blood.

“Alright, bring her out. We’ll cut her open bit by bit. Big Sister, this Little Sister, I, will personally send you off today.”

Using the cover of the darkness, he reached out and grabbed the porcelain bowl that already had a large hole in it.

Perhaps they thought that Shen Xiaoxiao no longer had the ability to resist. A thin man who was obviously much taller than Shen Xiaoxiao grabbed her arm.

On the way to the door of the eight-square-meter dark room, they had to pass by the simple toilet that gave off a fishy smell.

Shen Xiaoxiao had lived by this toilet for 10 years. Who would have thought that, in the end, this thing would became her best companion?

Darkness was always the best shelter to hide everything, and the sound of the key falling into the cesspit didn’t attract anyone’s attention at all.

At this time, Shen Xiaoxiao had accomplished the most important thing in her life.

Now, there was one last thing to do. Having been a boxer for 10 years, she still had a bit of strength left.

Back then, she had been able to stay in a foreign club for 10 years. It could be said that she was undefeatable. Even if she, Shen Xiaoxiao, had lost all her tendons, she could more than deal with a man as thin as a chicken.

When no one was paying attention, she stretched out her hand and forcefully hit the man’s neck. He did not even have time to call out before being killed in one move.

Liu Yufei had already turned around to leave. No one would think that such a crippled woman would have any ability to resist.

However, before Liu Yufei could retreat, a black shadow flashed past in front of her. She only felt a sharp pain on her face before the white gloves on her hands were instantly covered in scarlet blood.

“Ah– Ah! My face! My face!”

A face which had once incited tons of jealously… Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the face that she had ruthlessly destroyed and smiled happily for the first time in the past ten years.

Her opened eyes were pierced by the piercing white light, and blood dripped down from them. Blood-red tears flowed down her cheeks.

The tears were like red pearls, scarlet and bloody.

And this was only interest. Liu Yufei couldn’t handle even this much?

Directly take her life? Shen Xiaoxiao would never do that. She had suffered all her life. She wanted Liu Yufei to suffer as well. She wanted her to live like a ghost for the next 10– no, 20 years. For the rest of her life, she would not dare to show her true face to anyone anymore.

Her hands were ruthless and accurate. Even if she did not have much strength, even if she only had a bowl of porridge to hang on to every day for the past ten years, it was a piece of cake for her to deal with a defenseless woman.

When the people waiting outside the door heard the noise and ran in, it was already too late. Liu Yufei’s face was already covered in bloody scars, and the bright white skin under her collarbone was covered in scars. Just like her face, the stench of blood filled the room and engulfed the sky and earth.

This place was like hell on earth, making people feel afraid.

Laughing. Even if there was no sound, even if her eyes turned to darkness and she could not see anything, she was still laughing happily.

“Kill her! Kill her for me!”

The crowd swarmed over, and shining blades of light stabbed into her body one after another. The pain seemed to have disappeared.

Shen Xiaoxiao had a smile on the corner of her lips, and her bloodshot eyes were wide open. It was a shocking sight, like a ghost.

An indescribable pain came from her entire body. She could hear the rustling sound of clothes being put on, as well as the soft bed beneath her…

“Clean it up.”

A cold male voice rang in her ears. The coldness made Shen Xiaoxiao’s heart tighten. This voice, this sentence, it sounded so familiar.

Eh, that’s not right. Wasn’t she dead? Wasn’t she stabbed to death by those people? She had even seen them pull out her intestines. But why didn’t she feel anything other than being a bit sore?

She couldn’t believe what she was feeling.

Eh, why was there a trembling blurry figure when she opened her eyes?

Why were there sounds of footsteps around her and a soft feeling under her palms?

No, none of this was right.

Shen Xiaoxiao suddenly became afraid. She wanted to open her eyes to see what was going on.

However, she found that her head felt like it was going to split, and her vision was blurry…

What was going on?

The fear in her heart became stronger and stronger…

Suddenly, her body was lifted into the air…

Shen Xiaoxiao felt as if she was being carried by someone. This feeling made her feel that something was increasingly wrong.

Just as she wanted to shake her head again to wake herself up, the cold and stern male voice from earlier entered her ears again.

“Tell Devon that all our deals are canceled. If he dares to scheme against me behind my back, then he must be prepared to scheme against me.”

“After this woman is dealt with, give her to Devon. Tell him that I don’t want to see this woman in Country M.”


This voice was so cold!

Shen Xiaoxiao’s entire body trembled.

Why does this voice and dialogue sound so similar to those in her memory?

A thought rushed into Shen Xiaoxiao’s mind. Could it be… Could it be that she had been reborn?

Did she really go back to 15 years ago? Back to the day that had changed her fate? Impossible, impossible! Such things couldn’t happen in reality.

Shen Xiaoxiao wanted to get up. She wanted to stand up and see exactly what was happening.

Wanting to understand the reality, Shen Xiaoxiao tried hard to open her eyes and see the situation.

But just as she opened her eyes, a blinding light came into her sight. She subconsciously closed her eyes. At the same time, a wave of sadness hit Shen Xiaoxiao’s heart. She couldn’t even adapt to the light anymore?

Shen Xiaoxiao’s reaction made Yan Kuan’s eyes fill with sarcasm and disdain.

Now she knew fear? Hmph, it was too late!

She should have thought of the consequences when she climbed into his bed.

Did she really think that she could become his woman just because she climbed into his bed? What an ignorant woman!

“Wait, also tell Devon that he’s lucky the woman he sent here today is a virgin. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be let off so easily!”

Want him to touch a woman that others had touched before? He wanted to tear this person into pieces!

Shen Xiaoxiao felt the hand of the person who was hugging her tremble. She instantly did not dare to open her eyes again!

After an unknown period of time, after seemingly having through a long passage, she was suddenly violently thrown out. The feeling of the cold floor and the sound of the heavy iron door closing with a “clang” let Shen Xiaoxiao know that she had been locked up.

Shen Xiaoxiao became adjusted in the darkness and finally opened her eyes.

The dark and damp basement was surrounded by a moldy smell.

She was all too familiar with this place…

Fifteen years ago, after experiencing 10 years of a boxing career at the club, in order to escape the fate of being auctioned off, she had plotted to climb into that man’s bed.

However, when the man named Yan Kuan found out that the woman he had booked had become her, he became extremely angry. In order to curry favor with him, Devon had locked her up here.

After this was the beginning of all her nightmares. She was sent to the underground brothel and stayed there for three years. No, the nightmare had already begun the moment she climbed into that bed.

Now, after 15 years, she had actually returned to this place.

The darkness and familiarity of the room gradually calmed Shen Xiaoxiao down.

This was not the cage she had lived in for ten years because there was no pungent urine stench, nor was there any disgusting stench that made people want to vomit.

Shen Xiaoxiao took a deep breath and reached out to put her hand on her wrist…

There were no scars.

Her limbs were still flexible.

Her tendons were not broken and were still intact…

She was shocked to the bones.

She was back. She was really back. She had returned to fifteen years ago, back to the beginning of all those tragedies.

Who would have thought that the heavens would open their eyes and actually give her a chance to turn the tables of her life!

She, Shen Xiaoxiao, was back. She was back again!

Hatred surged in her heart. Since the heavens wanted her to live, then, in this life, she would definitely have her revenge! Those who owe her, those who owe the Shen family. She would get it back a thousand times over!

The wipeout of the Shen family, the overtaking of the Shen Enterprise, and playing her in their hands. They had treated her as a woman who had come out to sell herself, as a free woman. They had even imprisoned her for the last ten years and disemboweled her…

For all of this, she, Shen Xiaoxiao, was determined to get back at the Liu family and the Pei family bit by bit.

She wanted them to die a horrible death. She wanted to turn their bones into ashes.

However, the situation in front of her was not clear. Tomorrow, she would be sent away, and then she would be sold to a brothel by Devon in the name of fawning over that man. From then on, she would live in the dirty underground for three years until she was found by her Third Uncle, the loyal butler left behind by her grandfather.

She really hated that she had not been reborn earlier. This way, she would not have foolishly offered herself to sleep on that man’s bed. The moment she thought of that man, she could not help but shudder. Even after experiencing two lifetimes… She had never seen a man more terrifying than him.

“I heard that chick was abandoned by Boss Yan. It’s such a pity that she looks so good. Why don’t we two brothers go and have some fun?”

“Sure, let’s go. Hehe.”

The door creaked, and a ray of light shot in, accompanied by two strong men…

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