Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: One Hit To Collect Some Interest

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As a child, Shen Xiaoxiao was kidnapped and sold to a foreign country to be a boxer.

After she was 17 years old, her tendons were cut and she was sold again as an escort.

At 20 years old, she was found, and she thought that she could finally live the life of a rich young lady. However, she was played by the Liu family and Pei family.

At 25 years old, she was locked in a dark room for 10 years.

In her previous life, it was today when her tendons were cut by these two men, rendering her unable to fight anymore. That was why she was abused in her later days.

It was also why she was unable to resist after being sold even though she was clearly skilled and capable of fighting.

Now that she was reborn, she would never walk the same fate as in her previous life. Want to ruin her and cut off her tendons?

Dream on!

In this life, she would take her revenge. Since they wouldn’t spare her, she would take her interest in advance.

In order to survive her 10 years in prison, she had punched at the dark stone wall every day in order to maintain her physical strength. She didn’t have any strength in her limbs, but her movements would never be slow.

So now that she was reborn, with her body coordination was at the peak of her life, she would never let things occur as they did in her previous life where she had been controlled by others.

On the way here, she had been fed with a pill. At this moment, her whole body was still limp.

The sound outside the door was getting closer and closer. Shen Xiaoxiao bit her tongue with her teeth, and a bloody smell instantly filled her mouth. Her hands were not idle either. She pinched her thighs hard, and the pain swept through her entire body.

Even if it was only a short period of consciousness, it still made her secretly happy. As long as she was no longer at the mercy of others.


The metal door opened, and the pitch-black room was suddenly illuminated by the light from outside the door. She instinctively used her hand to block out the blinding light. To Shen Xiaoxiao… She was more familiar with darkness compared to this kind of dazzling light.

“Hahaha, Little Oriental Loli, since Boss Yan wants to get rid of you, why don’t we come and take advantage of you? Look how beautiful this little face is, this figure. Tsk, tsk. Dolly, are you going first, or am I going first?”

Two black men came in. They were big and muscular, with black vests, camouflage pants, and leather boots. Their arms were strewn with tattoos. Such men were everywhere in the club.

These two people were only two of the people who had come to guard her, but they were already considered to be of high standards here.

This was because everyone in the club knew that the Little Oriental Loli was very skilled. It wouldn’t be a problem for her to take on four burly men like them alone.

As for the term “Little Oriental Loli”, it had accompanied Shen Xiaoxiao for many, many years. Ever since she was sold into this underground club at the age of six, she didn’t have a real name or surname. She only had this code name which had accompanied her for ten years.

“Wayne, shouldn’t we break her tendons first? Now that she hasn’t recovered from the effects of the medicine, it’s a good time to do it. Otherwise, when she wakes up, the two of us won’t be her match.”

“F*ck, Dolly, you’re actually so timid. But I think you’re right. This little loli’s skills aren’t just for show. Let’s be careful. How about you do it?”

“Sure, I can do it, but I want to taste the little loli first.”

“Okay, no problem.”

The sharp military dagger was a little dazzling under the light from outside the door. Shen Xiaoxiao knew that the critical moment to change her fate was about to arrive.

Her heart was beating fast. As they slowly walked toward her, her fists were tightly clenched. She had even adjusted all of her energy to prepare for battle. She only had one chance to hit them, and she had to finish off these two men in one go.

“Little loli, you must feel good after taking the medicine, hahaha.”

The man in black with the dagger made one step toward her. Three meters, two meters, one meter. When he was close to her, Shen Xiaoxiao did not make a rash move. Instead, she endured the man’s large palm which was tearing at her clothes.

It was not until the man watching the show was also close to her feet that she used her head to forcefully headbutt them. She used all of her strength to glare at the two men and sweep them across the hall. The two men were knocked down to the ground by her sudden move.

Shen Xiaoxiao would not wait for them to react. Her motto had always been to “take advantage of your weakness to take your life.” Otherwise, she would not have never lost a match in the ten years of her boxing career. She relied on her ruthlessness and persistence.

The two black men were not prepared to be knocked down by this woman who had already been drugged. They really had not expected that a woman who was clearly not in her right mind would have the ability to attack them.

Moreover, they were also very clear that this Little Oriental Loli was definitely not a pushover. Devon had already told them that if they wanted to play, they could play as they pleased. However, they had to break the tendons of her arms and legs by any means. If she ran away… The only thing that awaited them was death.

Now that they saw how lucid this woman was, both of them had a bad premonition in their hearts. This woman was probably going to run away. Whether it was for their own survival or to capture this woman to vent their anger, they could not lie on the ground and play dead.

They knew that they had to fight even if they could not win. Shen Xiaoxiao naturally knew the rules of this club, and she also knew that these two people would never let her off.

So at this moment, she did not show the slightest mercy. The shiny dagger on the ground was grabbed by her. Weren’t they going to break her tendons? Then let them try it first.

In her previous life, all of her sufferings had started with these two. Then in this life, all of her counterattacks had to start with these two. Wasn’t it a perfect match?

Her attacks were ruthless and swift. Not only were the two men, who were an average of 190 centimeters tall, effortlessly knocked to the ground by her, but all of their tendons were also cut by her.

Seeing the two of them wailing, she walked over and kicked them one by one until they all fainted. With how noisy it was, it wouldn’t be good if help was alerted.

Their tendons were broken. If they wanted to live, someone would have to come to save them immediately. Otherwise, they couldn’t blame anyone for being sent back to their hometown in advance. This was something they had brought upon themselves.

She used her pants to wipe the blood off the dagger and put the dagger on her waist. She looked at the two’s attire and patted them down with her hand. Other than a lighter, there was nothing useful. There wasn’t even a single coin.

Shen Xiaoxiao didn’t dare to delay. At the moment, she could still feel that her head was abuzz. She had relied on a moment of clarity to succeed just now. She had to seize this time to escape, or else, if she was discovered here, she wouldn’t have any opportunities to escape.

Females in the boxing circle wouldn’t be active in the arena once they reached a certain age. What awaited them was either being auctioned off or being used to help them sell drugs.

The first condition to sell drugs was to inject people with drugs to make them addicted. This was also one of the ways that Devon controlled the people here.

She did not want to become one of those walking corpses.

That was why even though she knew that Yan Kuan did not fancy her, she still wanted to gamble with her life and climb into the bed of the man that even Devon was afraid of.

She had won the bet, but the result had been something that she had never imagined…

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