Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Blood Battle Wolf Pack 1

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Her movements were swift, and her feet moved like the wind. Even Shen Xiaoxiao herself did not realize that there was actually a trace of anxiety and worry in her heart. She was afraid that she would miss something if she was a step late. She was afraid that if she was a little late, she would put him in a dangerous situation.

Shen Xiaoxiao was a weak person, and she would always be a weak person emotionally.

Because even she herself did not realize that the man who had always played with her was the main character.

The man who was always impatient but taught her step by step unconsciously.

The man who would force her to speak slowly and word by word, in fact, really did have a place in her heart after all.

The hissing sound became clearer and clearer. The little beasts who had run away because of fright by the roadside looked at the woman who was running past them with a surprised gaze.

The blade of the knife was tightly grasped, and she did not dare to let go. She adjusted her body and mind together, ready to fight at any time.

Ten meters, eight meters, close, close. The eyes that could see clearly in the dark actually miraculously relaxed when they saw the tiger and wolf encircling the man not far away.

Sure enough, he had encountered big trouble.

Not far away, under the big jujube tree, there were two dead pheasants, two wild rabbits, and a brown bear. Yes, it was a brown bear. No wonder these wild beasts were attracted.

She frowned slightly. The darkness covered the color of the camouflage suit on his body. She could not see that he seemed to be injured, but seeing that he seemed to be in no hurry, she was a little annoyed.

Did this man not hear the wolf howling and calling for their companions?

Did this man not see that the big tiger at the side was obviously hungry and staring at him?

Did this man not know that when she heard the sound in the cave, she would be anxious?

This man was actually a classic case of seeking death!

She walked towards him step by step. As soon as she got close, she knew that she was already being watched by the wolf.

The wolf was the smartest animal in the world. Perhaps it knew that the man had found a helper, so it and the tiger started to guard each other.

“Throw your gun over.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was stunned. How did this person know that she had a gun in her hand? Could it be that he went through her bag?

No, that was impossible. If she went through it, then the money would definitely be discovered. According to his personality and the fact that this person was obviously interested in the warehouse, he would definitely not let her off so easily.

Shen Xiaoxiao did not know that Yan Kuan was actually talking about his own gun. He had always thought that his gun was in her backpack, which was why he said that.

With Shen Xiaoxiao’s hearing ability, she could already hear the footsteps not far away. Her heart was already high up in the air. She did not know if Yan Kuan had heard it or not.

However, she still threw the gun in her hand at him. She even shouted loudly, “Wolf pack!”

This was to remind Yan Kuan that there was a wolf pack not far away. However, she did not expect Yan Kuan to still have the mood to tease her? He said to her, “Be good. You should say that the wolf pack is coming.”

Damn, this man really could not be saved. Even now, he was still so arrogant and maddening.

Shen Xiaoxiao naturally ignored him. However, after Yan Kuan received the gun, he was clearly stunned. He did not expect this girl to throw such a gun over.

This was not an ordinary item. This was the latest mini assault pistol produced in Germany. Although it was small in size, its lethality was extremely high. Moreover, its range was extremely long. This gun had already been sold for tens of millions on the black market, but it was still considered valuable.

However, how could this girl have such an item? Oh right, the warehouse. That warehouse. Bill’s firearms contained this mini pistol called “Bikini”. This was also one of the most important things that Devon wanted to snatch.

Sure enough, this girl knew where the warehouse was. The Persian designer had really told this girl the address.

But the Persian only spoke Spanish. How could this girl understand?

It seemed that all these questions could only be asked one by one after the crisis was resolved. They would be able to leave the jungle in five days at most. According to the speed of his men, there should be someone coming to pick them up tomorrow morning.

It seemed that he really had to keep a close eye on this little girl.

It was actually very easy to deal with this hungry tiger. Yan Kuan only gently pulled the trigger. This “Bikini” was indeed very powerful. It only used two shots to kill the tiger completely.

This wolf was the most important thing he had to deal with.

The wolf pack behind him had already arrived. Shen Xiaoxiao also ran over from the side and stood back to back with Yan Kuan.

With only one pistol, it would be difficult to deal with at least 20 pairs of green eyes, no matter how powerful it was.

Fortunately, Shen Xiaoxiao had a torch in her hand when she came. She remembered that Yan Kuan had told her that wolves were afraid of fire.

Therefore, the torch in her hand temporarily made the pack of wolves stay where they were and not dare to move. His action of killing a tiger in an instant could be considered as “killing a chicken to warn a monkey”. The pack of wolves really did not dare to rush forward at this moment.

However, the tiger’s corpse and the brown bear’s corpse were quickly dragged away by the wolf pack. A few of them couldn’t wait to start eating.

Sure enough, this was a pack of extremely hungry wild beasts. It would be even more difficult to deal with them.

“Are you afraid of death?”

Yan Kuan stood behind her and asked her. Shen Xiaoxiao’s heart tightened as she looked at the wolf pack in the distance. Her eyes were filled with killing intent. Was she afraid? Of course not. She was not afraid of death. She, Shen Xiaoxiao, had been lucky to be reborn again.

She, Shen Xiaoxiao, was not afraid of death. She had never been afraid. After more than ten years of wandering, she had never been afraid. The dangers she had encountered were several times more dangerous than these wolf packs. At this moment, she was even less afraid of these wolf packs.

Humans were the most terrifying creatures in this world. There was no one like them.

“Not afraid.”

“Alright, not afraid. Let’s practice our skills. Let me see how the Little Oriental Loli is unrivaled in America.”

At this moment, Yan Kuan was like a bloodthirsty madman, his eyes shining as he looked at the wolf pack not far away.

He was a man who liked to kill from the beginning to the end. It was just that his disguise was very good, and Shen Xiaoxiao had never seen through it, nor could she see through it.

After tonight, Shen Xiaoxiao was even more determined to leave this terrifying man. She could not afford to offend such a man, even if she had the courage of ten thousand men, and the determination to either die or be killed… However, facing such a cold and stern man who was full of vigor, as if it was not too much to bury a million corpses, she was still terrified!

Facing more than 20 wild wolves, it was almost impossible to break out of the encirclement. However, Yan Kuan seemed to have a plan in mind. He said to the little woman behind him who was only as tall as his shoulder, “The five in front of you, I’ll leave them to you. Use the torch to distract them and attack their eyes. Aren’t you good at hiding?

“After blinding their eyes, quickly climb up to the jujube tree opposite. Don’t come down without my order, understand?”

“What about you?”

Shen Xiaoxiao swore that she had only casually asked this question, but this man did not care about that much. He seemed to be smiling as he said, “You’re such a good girl. Now that you know how to care about your man, you, little beast, can really support our family. Don’t worry, these little things can’t do anything to me. After you finish what you need to do, climb up the tree.”


“If you want to say it, say ‘I understand’,” Yan Kuan added haughtily.

Shen Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes where he could not see. As expected, she could not be any gentler to this man.

Ignoring him, she grabbed the torch and rushed towards the few wolves in front of her.

The sudden loss of heat on his back made Yan Kuan stunned. This little thing was really courageous, bold, and also a little cute…

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