Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Bloody Battle Wolf Pack 2

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The gunshots rang in her ears. At this time, Shen Xiaoxiao could no longer care about how the man behind her dealt with the wolf pack because she realized that the danger she was facing did not seem as simple as he had initially said.

How difficult was it to stab the eyes of the wolves? Perhaps it would be much easier to kill them directly, but she was not stupid. She naturally understood why Yan Kuan wanted her to do this.

If she blinded their eyes, they would definitely run in different directions. That way, the wolves in the other direction would be disturbed. That would be the best time for Yan Kuan to attack. At that time, it would be a piece of cake to deal with this pack of more than 20 medium-sized wolves.

The power of the torches was not small. The wolves that had their eyes on her and wanted to pull her into their stomachs were hesitant. However, Shen Xiaoxiao knew that this power could only last for a moment. It was impossible to scare them off.

Fortunately, they were used to the darkness. She was also very familiar with the darkness.

Five wolves. Once she lost the torch, they would definitely swarm her and attack her one by one. No, it was almost impossible. Wolves always fought in groups. They would not fight alone. For a moment, Shen Xiaoxiao was caught in a dilemma.

Fortunately, at this moment, she saw the dead prey beside the jujube tree. She raised her leg and ran towards it.

What did wolves like the most? The smell of blood. Whether it was wolves or other wild beasts, they all loved the smell of blood.

There was still a trace of warmth in these prey. She knew that Yan Kuan must have encountered these things not long after he had taken them down.

She raised her hand and swung her knife. Just like her usual actions, it was clean and neat. A bloody scar immediately appeared on the necks of the two wild chickens. She raised her hand and threw them to the left and right. As expected, it instantly attracted the attention of the wolves.

The two wolves on the left and right ran towards the wolf that smelled of blood. Shen Xiaoxiao saw an opportunity and immediately rushed towards the remaining wolf that did not have the time to run. She slashed with her knife. It was fast and sharp.

At this moment, the wolf that had its eyes cut off became even more ferocious. Its fierce screeching and painful appearance attracted the attention of the other wolves that were eating their prey.

The torch had won her a chance. The two wolves closest to her, one was troubled by the torch, while the other attacked her from another direction.

Shen Xiaoxiao only had time to pick up the knife and aim it at the belly of the wolf that had soared into the air. It was a military knife with a groove in the middle that was used to draw blood.

The blade was extremely sharp. With a long pull of the knife, not only was the wolf’s blood splattered all over its body, but the gray wolf’s internal organs also fell from the air.

The scene was extremely cruel and bloody. Even Shen Xiaoxiao herself did not think that one day she would be so ruthless and merciless.

In an instant, Shen Xiaoxiao had killed two adult wolves. There were three left, and two were slightly further away from her. Their mouths were still tearing at their prey, and they had yet to react to what was happening here.

On the other hand, the adult black wolf that was with the gray wolf that had its belly cut open was already prepared to attack. It did not give Shen Xiaoxiao any time to catch her breath and immediately pounced on her.

Shen Xiaoxiao immediately squatted down and raised the torch high. The black wolf’s belly that was rising in the air was directly touched by the torch, and a piece of its fur was instantly burned off.

It made it make an extremely strange cry, which sounded like pain, but also like a call. No, it was a call. Because just as its cry ended, the two wolves, who were still eating their prey, immediately turned around and aimed at her.

Shen Xiaoxiao’s heart paused. She did not dare to hesitate at all. She charged at the black wolf with an injured belly. First, the torch was forcefully thrown over. Taking advantage of the moment when the black wolf dodged, she leaped up from the left, the sharp blade immediately pierced into its right front thigh.

After rolling on the ground for a while, she finally came close to the jujube tree and stood still.

Shen Xiaoxiao’s movements were agile, and her arms were extremely strong. She had used all her strength in that slash. When she stood under the tree and looked at the injured black wolf, she saw that her slash had directly torn off half of the black wolf’s right front leg.

It was likely that even the bones had been cut off. The entire right leg had been hung up and blood was pouring out. It looked extremely miserable.

As for the wolf, it naturally did not have the slightest ability to resist. It lay on the ground and wailed incessantly.

“Alright, the other two wolves don’t need to be polite. If you can’t pierce their eyes, just get rid of them.”

The voice that came from beside her ear shocked Shen Xiaoxiao. This Yan Kuan could actually see the movements on her side. He was facing a total of more than ten adult wolves. He did not care about his own matters, but he still had the mood to divert his attention to look at her side. He was truly a typical example of not seeking death.

Shen Xiaoxiao heard Yan Kuan’s words, but her eyes did not dare to move an inch away from him. The two wolves seemed to have just seen that their companions had been killed. Every step they took was especially forceful and careful.

They seemed to know that this woman in front of them was not as easy to deal with as they had imagined.

The torch had been thrown aside when she was rolling on the ground. Looking at her without the protection of the torch, the eyes of the two wolves shone with a green light, filled with the determination to kill and win.

At this time, there was no way out. The gunshots by their ears had also ended. It seemed that the pistol was out of bullets. Yan Kuan also began to fight with real weapons.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the two wolves in front of her who were getting closer and closer to her. She clenched the dagger in her hands. When they were charging at him, she immediately took a big step back and used the date tree to dodge the attacks of the two wolves.

The cover of the big tree also caused the two wolves to instantly separate. Shen Xiaoxiao did not dare to delay any longer. She directly jumped towards the wolf with gray fur that was closest to her. She grabbed the fur on its neck with one hand and directly rode on its back.

Her entire action was crisp and swift. Even the gray wolf did not realize that this little human girl was so bold as to dare to sit on its body.

The knife in Shen Xiaoxiao’s hand fiercely stabbed down, directly cutting through the gray-furred wolf’s aorta. Within a few seconds, the gray-furred wolf staggered and fell to the ground, unable to move.

Just as Shen Xiaoxiao was about to pull back her knife to deal with the first wolf, the wolf had already impatiently rushed up and directly waved its front claws to pounce at her.

Without taking the knife, she turned sideways and narrowly avoided its attack. The wolf was obviously extremely angry and did not stop at all. It turned around and continued to pounce at her.

This time, Shen Xiaoxiao used her amazing eyesight to grab the hair on the wolf’s ear when the wolf turned sideways and jumped past her. She turned around and rode on its extended hand, she punched the wolf’s head mercilessly with her bare hands.

First, she blew up the left eye with just one punch. The wolf shook hard and struggled. However, Shen Xiaoxiao saw that Yan Kuan was also trapped in the distance. The fists that were supposed to hit the wolf’s head were instead aimed at its right eye.

This time, the wolf’s eyes were directly blown up. Shen Xiaoxiao immediately flipped over and ran towards Yan Kuan.

Although the wolf’s eye was blown up, it instinctively chased after her. However, after only a few steps, it staggered and fell to the ground.

However, these few steps were enough. Shen Xiaoxiao remembered what Yan Kuan had said. Taking advantage of the gap, she climbed up to the tree at the side. Only when she climbed onto one of the branches and sat down firmly did she let out a breath in panic.

This chaotic battle simply made it impossible for her to split herself. Using up all her strength, five wolves were already her limit.

She received a short rest and lowered her head to look at Yan Kuan under the tree. Even though there was no moonlight tonight, even though the surroundings were pitch-black, there was still a thick smell of blood and a terrifying scene that made people unable to look straight at it, it still made Shen Xiaoxiao, who was used to seeing people kill, shudder.

What was Yan Kuan doing…

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