Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Hot Spring, Hand Over the Key

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Shen Xiaoxiao was prepared to be polite with this man.

She was also prepared to face difficulties head-on.

She was even more prepared to face the dangers when she ran away.

However, she was not prepared to be naked and honest with this man.

She was a woman after all, and this man actually stripped naked in front of her, and even pointed at her openly. The most unacceptable thing was that this guy actually had the face to invite her to join him in the hot spring.

Hot spring. Alright, in such a cold winter, this was definitely a very comfortable thing to do. If it wasn’t for this man, she would have stripped naked and run down without him inviting her.

However, to be so honest with this man? No way!

However, Shen Xiaoxiao had underestimated the degree of shamelessness of this man. Her jacket was so wide that he only needed to lift it up by the collar to pull it off. As for the rest of her underwear and pants, Yan Kuan even held her in his arms. After kicking off her shoes, he did not need to do much to peel them off and threw her into the hot spring pool.

After a few flaps, the hot spring pool was not big. She stood still along the stone wall and looked at this man with some anger. Damn it, how dare he treat her like this? However, for the sake of the difference in strength, she endured it.

Seeing that this little thing was so obedient and didn’t struggle, Yan Kuan used his little bird to point at her and slowly walked down the hot spring pool.

He looked at something that was gradually sinking into the water with black lines all over his head. He swallowed his saliva unnaturally. This action caused sparks to fly in Yan Kuan’s eyes. This woman could easily arouse his interest.

“How is it? Are you satisfied with what you saw?”

Hearing this, Shen Xiaoxiao turned her head fiercely and looked away. This shameless person was indeed shameless to the extreme.



Yan Kuan laughed out loud. He knew that this little girl was definitely replying him with these words. However, her performance tonight was really good. He also had more patience to tease her and said to her, “You should say that you’re satisfied, understand? Come and say it once. Satisfied, satisfied.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was furious. ‘Do I need you to teach me how to speak? Do I need to? Don’t I know how to speak myself?’

However, in Yan Kuan’s eyes, this little fellow who had been locked up since she was young did not know how to speak. That was why he was kind enough to teach her to speak word by word.

“Little fellow, do you know what a man wants to do the most after experiencing a massacre?”

Hearing this, Shen Xiaoxiao subconsciously turned her head to look at him curiously. Yan Kuan looked at her round little eyes that seemed to be filled with curiosity. They were so cute.

His heart skipped a beat. Something similar spurted out. He strode over and stretched out his hand to take a look. He pulled her into his embrace. With a hint of temptation, he said with a faint, misty, ambiguous tone, “Of course it’s something to do. Love to do!”

Before Shen Xiaoxiao could close her eyes, she was locked onto by the eyes that were suddenly closing in on her. They were deep and seductive.

Her heart was beating rapidly. His dominance actually made her hum a satisfied murmur in the depths of her heart.

If you can’t resist, then you might as well sink into it and enjoy this moment of pleasure…

The night was long…

The cold wind blew. Even though they stayed in the cave and the hot spring kept emitting heat, Shen Xiaoxiao was still awakened by the cold wind that blew in from outside the cave.

The sky was already bright. Yan Kuan had already sat in a corner and lit a fire. He was leisurely roasting a wild rabbit. As he watched her sleepy eyes open, the tenderness in his eyes could not be hidden as he looked at her.

“You’re awake? Wash up and come have breakfast. We don’t have to go anywhere today. My people will be back in the afternoon.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was stunned. She had almost forgotten the most important thing. Since the afternoon was coming, she had to prepare well.

She saw the clothes beside her that had already been dried. The smell of blood had already been washed clean. They were roasted until they were warm and ready to be worn.

Yan Kuan looked at the loose pants and clothes, and frowned. Without saying anything, he pulled the shoelaces out of his shoes.

He pulled her into his arms and tied the pants to prevent the wind from getting in. Looking at Yan Kuan, who was so gentle and meticulous, Shen Xiaoxiao’s heart wavered slightly.

You couldn’t imagine that such a powerful and unpredictable man would be so serious about doing these things for you, and yet you could remain indifferent and remain true to yourself.

Last night, he was like a bloody overlord who controlled life and death, but now he had immediately become a meticulous and gentle best boyfriend. This contradictory feeling strongly stimulated her.

She would waver, which was within reason, because she was a human being. As a human being, she had feelings, just like how a human being had hatred. With hatred, there would be desire, and naturally, love.

However, this slight waver disappeared without a trace in Yan Kuan’s next words, as if it had never been there before.

“Where did you hide the key?”

What did he say? He was asking where she had hidden the key? How did he know that the key was with her?


She looked at him warily, and his body slightly moved away. Looking at the person who was so guarded, Yan Kuan’s heart trembled, and the gentleness in his eyes disappeared.

He had just received news that the person was about to die. He had to get the key. He didn’t want anything else, but he definitely had to get the Black Ganoderma. Only the Black Ganoderma could save that person’s life.

Looking at the change in the man’s eyes, she knew that his gentleness and doting had a purpose.

This man, this terrifying man, how could he really have feelings for a woman like her?

Now, he probably knew that he was about to leave the jungle and couldn’t wait any longer.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at him warily. She really didn’t believe that this man would be able to find the key from her. As long as she didn’t take it out, he wouldn’t be able to find it.

However, Yan Kuan’s action startled Shen Xiaoxiao. He grabbed her neck. It seemed that as long as he used a little strength, that fair and slender neck would be gently broken by him.

His bloodthirsty eyes stared at her. He was clearly cold and sharp, but he said to her with a seductive gentleness, “Good girl, spit it out. Spit it out. You’re my favorite little pet.”

Spit it out? He wanted her to spit it out? How did he know? How did he know?

But to spit it out? Was that possible? Impossible! Absolutely not.

Looking at Shen Xiaoxiao’s stubborn little eyes, Yan Kuan’s fire immediately burst out. She was indeed a willful little fellow. If she didn’t suffer a little, she really wouldn’t know fear.

The other hand reached out and directly pinched open her mouth. Under Shen Xiaoxiao’s disbelieving gaze, two fingers reached into her mouth.

A wave of trembling vomiting. As expected, a thread slowly pulled out from behind the gums. The key with sticky liquid was pulled out…

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