Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Successfully Escaping

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Yan Kuan shook off the nauseous woman and said playfully, “Little Oriental Loli, you are indeed ruthless. You are also ruthless to yourself. This hiding place makes me admire you.”


“Hahaha, bastard? Little loli, don’t forget that you snatched this thing from my hands. Why am I a bastard now?”

“Alright, I’ll leave the breakfast for you. Eat it and we’ll be out of here in a while. As for doing my woman’s thing, you can also do it right away.”

Looking at her with some teasing eyes, Shen Xiaoxiao saw that the man who had a murderous look on his face just now had turned into a spring breeze, and the fear in her heart grew deeper.

He took the key. He actually took the key.

Those things, those things that she used to turn the tables, were they going to be given away just like that? No. She, Shen Xiaoxiao, would never, never compromise so easily.

Did he think that she could easily give in without the key? In his dream! She was no longer that stupid pig-like person from her previous life. She had long been prepared,

As long as she could return to the warehouse, she would definitely be able to take the money. These were hers. Definitely only hers.

However, she really did not expect that Liu Yufei, that b*tch, who used 10 years to find what she had been looking for… This strict and lenient person used less than 10 days to know that the item was hidden on her body.

How did this man do it? What kind of man was he exactly?

The leader of the Dark Empire! The man known as the “Black Emperor”! This was truly terrifying to the extreme!

However, no matter what kind of man he was, he would definitely not be Shen Xiaoxiao’s man. He only treated her as a tool. Didn’t he hear what he just said? His woman? A pet? How could Yan Kuan truly treat her as a person?

What was the difference between him and those people? The only difference was that this man was stronger, more terrifying, and more unshakable.

‘His woman? Hmph, you’re also just my little man, that’s all!’

The roasted and fragrant hare, even if she didn’t have an appetite, was swallowed by Shen Xiaoxiao one bite at a time. The hare that he left behind was plump. Looking at the skeleton beside it, she knew that this person had already eaten one… The large rabbit left behind for her gave her a small idea.

She tore off half of it and carefully wrapped it up with leaves. Yan Kuan walked out of the cave, and she took the opportunity to put half of the roasted rabbit into her backpack.

When she turned around and sat back down, she randomly took a few bones from the pile of bones left behind by him and placed them on her side.

Having just finished all of this, Yan Kuan walked into the cave. Looking at the little guy who had already finished eating and was wiping his mouth, Yan Kuan said with some playfulness, “Look, take out those things that shouldn’t exist and your appetite will be better.”

Hearing his sarcastic words, Shen Xiaoxiao completely ignored him. Instead, she very naturally walked over to pack up her things.

Yan Kuan thought that this little guy was still angry, so he said with some kindness, “Be good. It’s useless for you to take this key. It’s just a warehouse key. There are things that men play with inside. Even if you take it away, there’s no benefit at all.

“Moreover, you took this thing back then just to protect yourself. Now that you’re mine, what are you afraid of?”

“So, now, you should apologize to me. Say you’re sorry, I shouldn’t have taken your keys. Say it.”

F*ck, this first half of the sentence sounded like human words, but this last sentence, did he really think she was an idiot and didn’t understand anything? Apologize, why should she apologize?

Shen Xiaoxiao’s small eyes were straight like Yan Kuan’s. Her eyes were filled with hostility and anger, but it only made Yan Kuan laugh. Oh, this little girl could still understand what he said.

In Yan Kuan’s heart, he had always felt that this girl’s intelligence should remain at the age of six. Therefore, he treated Shen Xiaoxiao like a child. No, even if he treated a child, Yan Kuan would never be so patient.

She was an exception, definitely an exception!

Just as Yan Kuan was about to say a few more words, the commotion outside the cave caught his attention. The sound of the watch on his wrist suddenly made Yan Kuan turn his head and say to Shen Xiaoxiao, who had also become vigilant,

“My people have arrived. Have you packed your things? Let’s go out.”

Yan Kuan took the basket, which was rather low in value to him, and walked out without the slightest bit of discomfort, standing in front of the group of people.

Lei Lie was originally quite excited when he saw his boss come out, but then he saw his boss carrying a basket on his back. Yes, a simple handmade basket, and he instantly felt as if the world was broken into pieces. He really wanted a camera to capture it. He really wanted to.

However, before Lei Lie could finish his surprise, Shen Xiaoxiao, who had just walked out, once again made Lei Lie stunned. Little Oriental Loli? Didn’t Boss hate this woman very much? He even said that he wanted to clean her up. Why was he with this woman now?

Could it be that it was too cold here, so he wanted this woman to warm his bed? Was that possible?

However, since they had found this Little Oriental Loli, they would be able to find out the whereabouts of the key.

“Where are the things that I asked you to bring?”

Lei Lie was originally standing there foolishly and watching Shen Xiaoxiao not moving at all. However, his appearance made Yan Kuan feel that it was exceptionally dazzling. What was he looking at? Had he not seen it before? Why was Lei Lie so silly?

“Oh, I brought it, I brought it. So it’s for her? Come, little loli, here you are.”

Lei Lie directly threw a backpack to Shen Xiaoxiao. Shen Xiaoxiao reached out to take it. Looking at Yan Kuan, Yan Kuan gently said to her, “Go to the cave and change before coming out.”

Shen Xiaoxiao had just taken over the backpack when she felt it. It was probably some kind of clothes. She did not expect it to really be like that. She did not hesitate at once. It was really not a good idea to wear clothes that did not fit her. Moreover, it was not that warm. It was really great that she had to change now.

Shen Xiaoxiao took the bag and walked into the cave. Not to mention that the clothes were quite complete, there were even warm clothes inside and out. Looking at the clothes that Shen Xiaoxiao was wearing to keep her warm, Shen Xiaoxiao smiled evilly. This time… Even if she had to spend the winter in the jungle, she was not afraid anymore.

She did not throw away those loose clothes. She carefully folded them and put them into her backpack. These things were prepared just in case.

The bag that she put her clothes in also had some water and dry rations. This should be a military backpack, but it was complete. These dry rations could also be of great use.

This really made it convenient for her to escape.

When Shen Xiaoxiao walked out, Yan Kuan and the man called Lei Lie were holding a map and discussing something in detail. Not far away, seven or eight people were standing in formation, not daring to have the slightest bit of trouble.

Just by looking at the quality of these people, Shen Xiaoxiao knew that this man, Yan Kuan, was not as simple as an ordinary businessman. Would a man that even a hooligan like Devon was afraid of be so simple? The answer was, of course, no. He was definitely not simple.

Shen Xiaoxiao carried her backpack and walked out. Looking at the girl who had changed into a new set of clothes and was obviously much more spirited and beautiful, Yan Kuan nodded his head in satisfaction.

This girl did have a good appearance. This camouflage uniform on her body gave her a different feeling.

“Wait a moment. We’ll set off in five minutes. The plane will be waiting on the open ground ten miles away. Once we board the plane, it won’t be cold anymore. The snow should be falling soon.”

Yan Kuan’s explanation made Lei Lie stunned. ‘Boss is actually so attentive to this little loli? What is he trying to do? What is going on? What had happened between the little loli and Boss?! There was an affair, there must be an affair!’


Shen Xiaoxiao said to Yan Kuan. Lei Lie, who was beside her, was stunned. Convenient? What did this mean?

“You should say that I want to go to the bathroom. Go. Don’t run far. We’re leaving soon.”

Shen Xiaoxiao did not expect Yan Kuan to be so easy to talk to. She immediately turned around and left. However, Yan Kuan grabbed her collar and said, “You haven’t said it yet. Quickly say it. I want to go to the bathroom.”

‘Can you not be so obsessive? Can you not be so mortifying?’

Shen Xiaoxiao’s face, ah, immediately turned red. In the past, when no one was around, it was nothing. But in front of her, there was such a big group standing there with a playful look on their face. No, they were looking at her with a stifled smile on their face. She would also be embarrassed, okay?

“I, want, to, go, to, the, bathroom.”

These words made Shen Xiaoxiao gnash her teeth. Damn man, damn obsessive-compulsive disorder! Fortunately, this was the last time. After she ran away, he could slowly force himself on his own.

Yan Kuan looked at such an obedient person and released her collar in satisfaction. He even gently patted her head and said, “Go, come back quickly.”

Turning around, in a place that Yan Kuan could not see, Shen Xiaoxiao smiled wickedly. Come back quickly? Hmph, then you can wait patiently…

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