Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Plan

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Shen Xiaoxiao’s biggest failing was that she could not speak English. She had been abroad for more than ten years and could not speak a single word of English.

This was also one of the reasons why Shen Xiaoxiao was ostracized and ridiculed when she tried to enter the upper class.

Even if Shen Xiaoxiao could understand Spanish and English, not being able to speak was her greatest weakness.

Moreover, after going through 10 years of imprisonment, in her heart, Shen Xiaoxiao instinctively rejected speaking. Therefore, even when she was communicating with Yan Kuan, she could only speak two words.

However, this was much better than when she could not even speak at the beginning. She believed that she would definitely recover and speak coherently.

This was probably the best room Shen Xiaoxiao had stayed in in the past 15 years. It was very clean, with white sheets, a bathroom, and all the appliances.

The woman brought the notebook over and told her that her name was Mary. If she needed anything, she could call the bedside number and knock twice before coming up. She also told her that she would send some food over later.

Shen Xiaoxiao waited until Mary had brought the food up before she politely thanked her and closed the door. She did not care about eating. She wolfed down the two sandwiches and a glass of milk that Mary had prepared and burped. Although such a delicacy could not be more ordinary, she could not be more satisfied.

The warm water in the bathtub soaked until her skin was wrinkled before she put on the bathrobe.

He stepped on the cashmere blanket with his bare feet and looked at the stars outside through the glass window.

The corners of her lips curled up. She had taken the first step, hadn’t she? Tomorrow would be a new day. Definitely.

Sleeping on the soft spring bed, she was not used to it and did not feel sleepy at all.

She turned on the television and casually flipped the table. It was already 9 pm. When she finally stopped on the international channel, she was surprised to hear a report:

“The Chinese criminal Qian Weitang has entered the country. M Nation has refused to protect him. Qian Weitang has escaped to the Moros Continent and is nowhere to be found.”

This news instantly made Shen Xiaoxiao excited.

Who was Qian Weitang? He was a high-ranking official in China. In ancient times, this position was considered a high-ranking official in the border region. Other than this ordinary title, he also had another identity. He was the in-laws of the Pei family and the third uncle of Pei Li.

He was an important figure that could not be missed in the Pei family’s business chain.

During those ten years, Shen Xiaoxiao never dared to forget any of her enemies. She remembered every single thing, even the most insignificant things.

Back then, the Pei family was as lucky as if they had opened a cheat. Everyone thought that Qian Weitang’s investigation would definitely lead to the head of S Province, the Pei family.

However, they didn’t expect that not only was the Pei family not implicated, but they were also credited with the report. Furthermore, they suddenly gained the favor of the number one aristocratic family in the capital, the Ouyang family, and began to set foot in the capital.

From then on, they moved their own family to the capital, and from then on, they were doing well.

As for Qian Weitang, he was accidentally killed by a stray bullet while he was fleeing abroad.

Of course, whether or not this was really a “stray bullet” was unknown.

However, Shen Xiaoxiao knew that Qian Weitang was definitely an important figure. If even the Pei family could not help but turn on him and bite him, then he was definitely not simple.

Because if they did not bite him, the Pei family would definitely not be able to escape so easily.

Therefore, since Qian Weitang had escaped to the Moros Continent, she had to find a way to find him. He definitely had something that the Pei family was afraid of. He only needed to spit out a little… it could be something extremely important to her.

Therefore, she must find him before Qian Weitang “died”!

However, the most important thing was to get in touch with her third uncle who was already in the Moros Continent. This was the most important thing.

Third Uncle was the most loyal housekeeper of the Shen family. He was adopted by the Shen family’s old man, Shen Xiao’s grandfather, Shen Muqing. He grew up with her father, Shen Jinhe, as if they were brothers. Even the name was given according to Shen Jinwen’s father’s seniority.

Third Uncle was ten years older than Shen Jinhe. His wife and son had died together in Shen Jinhe’s car accident.

Therefore, Third Uncle was almost alone at the moment.

However, this Third Uncle was loyal and devoted. He had given his life to the Shen family.

However, his life was ultimately ruined because of the stupid Shen Xiaoxiao.

Third Uncle was Shen Xiaoxiao’s last family member in the world. He was also the person she trusted the most. There was no one like him.

In fact, Shen Xiaoxiao’s feelings for Third Uncle were definitely greater than Shen Jinhe’s.

However, Third Uncle was in Doral, the state capital of Moros, which was 100 kilometers away from here. If she wanted to go to Doral, Shen Xiaoxiao had to be prepared to drive there alone.

In addition, she had to organize the huge amount of wealth she had with her.

Shen Xiaoxiao had already cleaned up those notes, which amounted to nearly 500 million US dollars. (just for show, just for show, don’t take it seriously.)

This was not even counting the gold bars and diamonds. Fortunately, the face value of those coins was n times higher than the Chinese coins, or else she would not have been able to bring out so much money.

In order to properly keep the money, she needed an identity, an identity that could open an account for her.

However, she had been a prostitute for three years in her previous life. She had seen many people from the lower classes, but they were very capable people. As long as there was money, there was absolutely nothing that could not be done.

The first ray of sunlight shone on the ground through the curtains in the morning. Shen Xiaoxiao turned over. The sound of cars and people talking in her ears made her feel a little dazed at a certain moment. Then, she woke up and smiled, smiling for such a beautiful day… Her new day had begun.

She got up and looked at the still flat bed. She smiled helplessly. She really did not have a life to enjoy. She could not sleep on a soft bed, so she could only lie on the ground.

Fortunately, there was a carpet on the ground. The heater was turned on. She even covered herself with a thick blanket and slept soundly.

After washing up, Shen Xiaoxiao went downstairs to the dining room. Mary had already prepared breakfast. She smiled and greeted Shen Xiaoxiao. She brought a breakfast and a glass of milk.

After eating breakfast, Shen Xiaoxiao walked out of the hotel and prepared to buy some necessities.

The town was not big. As long as there were strangers, they would be able to attract people’s attention. They did not pay much attention last night. Now, it seemed that the town’s population was relatively large.

There was no rain or snow today. There was even a warm sun. Shen Xiaoxiao raised her hand to block out the dazzling sunlight.

She was still not used to the bright sunlight. She strolled to a clothing store in the small town. The store had just opened.

Shen Xiaoxiao walked in. It was very quiet and there was no one around. The boss was counting something at the counter. She picked out a coat, two sweaters, two pairs of pants, and a thick scarf.

There was also a dark blue scarf. This was for the enthusiastic Mary.

If Shen Xiaoxiao wanted to hide in this town, she needed Mary’s help, so some small gifts were necessary.

However, before Shen Xiaoxiao could finish touring the town, she was pulled into a back alley by a person when she passed by a narrow alley…

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