Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Return To the City

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Lei Lie’s face was ashen as he looked at the river that had once again frozen over. The wind stirred up by the helicopter was humming. Was this Little Oriental Loli a mouse? Once they entered this green-leafed forest, it would be very difficult for them to find her.

Moreover, the Black Ganoderma that they were originally looking for had not been found. The few large boxes were all empty. They did not know what was inside, but they were almost certain that this Little Oriental Loli had taken it away.

The most important thing now was to inform their boss as soon as possible. As for the Little Oriental Loli, they could only send another team to enter Moros Continent to look for her. The little loli would definitely pass through the oasis and enter Moros Continent.

On the other side, Shen Xiaoxiao’s smile had not stopped since she found the cave. She had really done it. She had really run out of the forest, even though she did not feel good after being drenched by the bone-piercing cold water.

Although the bone-chilling cold swept through her entire body and almost caused her to freeze to death, when she settled down and lit a fire and felt the warmth, she felt extremely comfortable.

At some point, she even thanked Yan Kuan for teaching her some essential survival skills, such as lighting a fire. Once the lighter entered the water, it could not be used at all. Without a lighter, she could quickly start a fire to warm herself. This was definitely the biggest and greatest skill in Shen Xiaoxiao’s heart. A gift.

The clothes were warm and worn on her body. At this moment, the only flaw was that there was no food. There were only a few chestnuts. After barely filling her stomach, there would be no food the next day. In order to reduce her weight, she had to cross the river, she threw away a lot of necessary food and daily necessities.

However, Shen Xiaoxiao did not dare to delay. She had already decided that she would continue to set off in the afternoon and leave the jungle as soon as possible. She would definitely not look down on Yan Kuan. Perhaps he was already thinking of a way to enter the forest.

Shen Xiaoxiao did not expect her guess to be verified once again. At this moment, Yan Kuan was sitting in the study. There was no joy to be seen.

The cigarette butt in his hand gave off a faint light, and the faint smoke made it impossible to tell what he was thinking.

“Those white powder and weapons are all in the warehouse. As for the other empty boxes, think of a way to find the ledger. I want to see what exactly this little loli has taken. Send Team A to Moros Continent. There is also a global bounty to capture the Little Oriental Loli alive. Remember, you must capture her alive.”


The secret guard was shocked when he received the order. Team A was sent out. This was the top team of the Dark Empire. This time, the Little Oriental Loli would probably be unable to escape even if she had wings.

However, with this global reward, wasn’t Boss afraid of stirring up this mess? As such, the situation of the little loli was a little delicate. However, she had to be captured alive at this time. Capturing her alive was different from being unharmed. Did Boss know about this, or did he deliberately ignore it?

The moment the secret guard left, Yan Kuan stood up and stood outside the window. Looking at the snowflakes outside, he was confused. “Little thing, you took something that doesn’t belong to you. This time, I definitely won’t let you off so easily.”

He put out the cigarette butt to hide the annoyance in his heart. Then, he turned around and walked towards the secret room. That person could only hold on for another two months at most. Without the drug, even a God wouldn’t be able to save him. Little loli, you’ve really angered me this time. What should I do?

The asphalt road outside the jungle was covered with a thin layer of snow. The road that the car passed by had left black marks on it. The surroundings were completely empty.

After walking for three days, she finally walked out of the jungle that had been developed.

Fortunately, she did not encounter any danger. During these three days, Shen Xiaoxiao had eaten a wild rabbit. At this time, she was already famished.

She walked out of the jungle and walked north along the road. After more than five hours, when she was already at the limit of her life, Shen Xiaoxiao finally arrived in a town.

The town was a little dirty. There was some garbage everywhere. In addition to the heavy snow yesterday, the streets were covered in mud. The pedestrians who occasionally passed by were all in a hurry.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the clothes of these people and their white or black race. For the first time, she felt at a loss.

After all, Shen Xiaoxiao had been imprisoned for 10 years before she was released. Even if she didn’t count her past life, Shen Xiaoxiao had stayed in the club for more than 10 years in this life and had never come into contact with the outside world.

At this moment, seeing these people and these buildings, she was undoubtedly surprised. She felt a little flustered and helpless.

She didn’t know how to talk to the people here. She didn’t know whether she should say hello or hi to people. She didn’t even know whether she should step out with her left or right foot or turn around and return to the jungle. She didn’t know these things, only the fragrance from the restaurant on the street told her that she was hungry, very hungry…

To the small town, the strange woman who suddenly appeared was a woman who was in a sorry state and carrying two large backpacks on her back. She looked like a vagrant woman or a backpacker.

No one knew where she came from. Moreover, the face of the oriental woman looked so young. Everyone was filled with curiosity.

She was like a deaf-mute at the moment, unable to communicate with anyone, and the English she was trying to recall did not match at all.

Their tones were so cadenced, fast or slow, that she did not know when to laugh or cry. It was different from clubs and even brothels. This was the first time she had ever walked the streets of a foreign country by herself in name, this even made her panic.

She forced herself to raise her right foot and continue to move forward. She could not retreat, and she could not look back either. The heavens had given her a new life, not to retreat. She still had to return to the country and take revenge. There were too many unfinished things. She could not retreat, not even a little.

Shen Xiaoxiao opened her confused eyes. From a blur to clarity, at this moment, she knew it better than ever.

She should be glad and clear-headed. It did not matter if she could not speak. At least she could understand what they were saying. Although her throat had lost the ability to speak because she had not spoken for ten years, it did not mean that she could not speak. She could slowly… Spit out two words.

Just like what Yan Kuan had taught her, if she could not speak once, she could speak slowly twice or thrice. She could always say yes.

The town was not big. It was only a few streets away. It was simple. Shen Xiaoxiao knew that the only thing she needed to do now was to find a hotel and have a good meal. She needed to take a hot bath and have a good rest.

The only hotel in the town was at the corner of the street. Shen Xiaoxiao mustered up her courage and pushed open the door. Just by the distance between the inside and the outside of the door, she raised her face and revealed a bright smile.

Yes, at least she could use a smile to help her. There was an old Chinese saying, “Don’t hit a smiling face with your hand.” She believed that it should be used internationally.

Facing the dim light, Shen Xiaoxiao walked over with a smile.

At the front desk was a white woman in her forties. She had light yellow short hair and was neatly groomed. Her figure was a little bloated. The heater was turned on in the room, and she was only wearing a thin sweater.

As Shen Xiaoxiao walked in step by step, she carefully observed the woman’s expression. When she saw her, she was only surprised for a moment before she immediately regained her smile. This appearance made Shen Xiaoxiao sigh in relief. It turned out that the first step out… She didn’t think it was that difficult.

“Hello, are you staying in a hotel?”

Shen Xiaoxiao widened the smile on her lips and mustered up her courage. She gestured with her sign language. The white woman reacted quickly and immediately took out a pen and paper and handed it to her.

Shen Xiaoxiao wrote very carefully and told the other party that she was driving to Moros University. However, the car broke down on the road and she needed a room.

The people in the small town were very simple. The white woman looked at her with a friendly expression. Moreover, Shen Xiaoxiao did not look sloppy. Most importantly, she could not speak. Such a person was very easy to sympathize with.

Then, she handed over a $500 bill, saying that she would not owe her money for the room. She did not have any doubts. Instead, she used the same letter to tell herself that according to her, she would arrange it for her. She even kindly gave herself a small notebook and pen.

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