Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Unexpected Gain, Hiding In the Jungle

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The gunshots rang out in her ears one after another. Sand and stones flew everywhere. Even if she was lying under the car, she could still feel the slight pain caused by the stones bouncing against her body.

However, this pain was nothing. As long as it could change her life, as long as she could survive, she did not care.

“Take care of the items. If something goes wrong, it will be hard for me to explain.”

“Boss specifically said that you can leave once you get to Braun City.”

“But before that, you have to take care of these items yourself.”

“We’re just giving you a ride.”

A deep male voice came from the car above them.

Shen Xiaoxiao had been in prison for ten years. Aside from her eyesight, her hearing was also very sensitive.

Over the past ten years, because no one talked to her, besides the changes in her voice and eyesight, her ears were also the most sensitive.

So even if these people were sitting in the car, she could hear everything they said clearly.

“I know, I know. I will definitely protect it. As long as we reach Braun City, these will belong to you.”

“I will not tell anyone. I will also pretend that I don’t know about the things hidden in the Connors Jungle. I do not know anything.”

“Hmph, it’s good that you understand.”

Shen Xiaoxiao’s heart tightened when she heard the conversation between the two people in the car. What was it that made that item so precious? And the Connors Jungle? Could there be something in this jungle?

“Listen. Sit properly. Don’t move. I’ll go down and take a look.”

Just as Shen Xiaoxiao was thinking of a way to escape, another sound came from above. Then, she heard the car door slam shut.

Shen Xiaoxiao took the opportunity to climb out from under the car. Those people kept shooting at the periphery of the car, but they all missed the location near the jungle.

She carefully climbed up and secretly looked through the car window. A white man around 30 years old was holding a password-locked box in his hand and looking around nervously. This really was a good opportunity.

Since this Yan Kuan was so ruthless, she had to collect some interest in advance. Hadn’t they said that this thing was very precious? Then, thank you. She would accept it all with a smile.

She opened the door and punched the white man unconscious the moment he turned his head over. She took the box and ran into the jungle behind her.

In the pitch-black night, gunshots rang out one after another behind her. A never-before-felt excitement spread throughout her body. She did it. She did it. She escaped from there. She changed her fate. She changed her fate.

However, as soon as the excitement passed, the softness of her bones which spread her entire body came back once again. At this moment, the sky suddenly changed. There was thunder and lightning. Bean-sized raindrops scrambled to squeeze out from the gaps of the trees. One drop, two drops.

This rain would last for at least two days. She remembered that she had been sent away on a night with heavy rain.

At that time, the wounds on her tendons that had been cut off were infected by the rain. It took her three whole days to wake up.

However, after waking up, she was immediately thrown into the underground brothel with no chance for her to escape.

Now, looking at the dark forest in front of her, she lifted her heavy legs and walked in. Since she could change this fate, she would start from the moment they first met.

The password-locked box in her hand was light. She did not know what was in it, but she did not have the strength to smash it open. She could only carry it and sneak into the forest step by step.

The tall trees blocked the moonlight. Other than the sound of raindrops falling onto the surroundings, all other sounds disappeared into the mysterious and quiet forest.

The forest at night was filled with unknown dangers. It was humid and stuffy, and there were bean-sized raindrops falling through the gaps of the trees and hitting the top of her head. Her short hair that reached her ears was wet from the rain and stuck tightly to her face.

She tried her best to hold on until the sky turned blue, but with the weakness in her limbs and the chaos in her head, Shen Xiaoxiao could no longer hold on and fell into a narrow gap in the ditch…

“Boss, the number of people has been counted. Fifteen people ran into the jungle.”

Dark 1 respectfully reported to Yan Kuan the news that they had received. This news was not good. They had never thought that under their tight protection, the warehouse key in Burkas’ hands would still be stolen.

Fortunately, they had made it clear before that they were only responsible for helping to send the person over. As for the thing in this person’s hands, it was not within the scope of their protection.

The things that Devon had stolen and swallowed were now being searched for by everyone who knew about it. It was also the fault of Devon’s own stupidity that he only had one warehouse key.

Now that the key had been stolen by his military advisor and sold at a high price, no one could blame others for coveting the wealth.

And they, the “Dark Night”, had always only accepted missions without asking why. The other party had asked for them to protect the man who had taken the key, so they would protect him very well.

As for what the man had in his hands, that was not within the range of their offer.

Moreover, as long as the items in this warehouse appeared on the market, it would not be a problem to buy the entirety of Wisconsin with the items’ combined value.

Yan Kuan was also a little tempted, but it wasn’t the priceless items that moved him, but rather an ordinary and unremarkable treasure in everyone’s eyes, the Black Ganoderma.

A mysterious key that only appeared in legends. It looked like a piece of Ganoderma, and its entire body was completely black. He didn’t know what material it was made of.

However, he had searched for this thing for a few years. Six months ago, he received news that Bill had obtained it. Just as he was about to make a move, Bill and Devon started fighting.

Devon ate and drank all of Bill’s things, so naturally, the Black Ganoderma was among them.

Originally, he had planned to get it this time, but he had not expected such a huge commotion to occur. It seemed that he would have to stay in this place for the time being. He had to get the “Black Ganoderma”.

But now, there was no key, and only Devon knew the address. If they wanted to get these items, they would have to turn the entire Connors Jungle upside down. This was not good news.

It would take at least half a month to walk out of the undeveloped Connors Jungle by foot. And that only counted walking along the periphery, entering the jungle was a whole different story.

But an old fox like Devon would never put his things on the periphery of the jungle. It would have to be in the depths of the jungle.

So, now they had two choices. Either they find the key, or they know the specific address and directly blow up the place to get the things.

However, the second possibility was very small, because it was said that the warehouse had been deliberately built with steel bars that could withstand a scale 10 earthquake and the weight of 50,000 steel balls. This was not as easy to do as it was to say.

“15 people? What is Devon doing?”

Yan Kuan put out the cigarette butt in his hand and stood in front of the window, looking at the Connors Jungle which was shrouded in the night, deep in thought.

“Devon’s men are already on the move. Devon knew when we sneaked away Burkas, but he hadn’t expected the key to disappear before he could take action. He must be more anxious than us now.”

“Anxious? Hmph, it’s right to be anxious. If you’re anxious, you’ll give yourself away. Keep a close watch. I want to know the exact location of the warehouse.”


Yan Kuan fumbled around with his lighter and gave a mocking smile. Tonight’s show was truly spectacular.

The girl on the camera was very calm. All of this had probably been planned long ago. However, what was the reason behind her plans and her actions last night?

“Have you found the Little Oriental Loli?”

Dark 1 was stunned. He had not expected for his boss to actually ask about that girl. However, based on the information he had received previously, he immediately replied,

“The little loli is among the 15 people.”

“Oh? Interesting. Didn’t Burkas say that a girl took the key? Focus on finding the Little Oriental Loli. This girl is not to be underestimated.”

Dark 1 did not expect his Boss to mean this when he asked about her. Was a bed-climbing woman so powerful? For his Boss to say that she was not to be underestimated, it would seem that they had really underestimated this woman.


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