Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: It’s Her? A Provocative Look In His Eyes

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The group of more than ten people and five cars were all shocked by the sudden appearance of this group of people. They instantly readied for battle.

They had not expected for this guy, Devon, who had always been arrogant and could call the wind and summon the rain in Country M, would actually encounter such a big mess. It was really unexpected.

Yan Kuan watched these people approach with a playful expression and made a hand gesture. Which of the people he had brought with him was not capable of taking on ten people at once? It would take almost a minute to finish off these people. However, he did not want to make a move. Instead, he wanted to see this Devon become a laughing stock. Such a shameful act was something that could rarely be seen within ten years.

However, that woman was actually in the middle. Moreover, her appearance and actions were somewhat strange.

Yan Kuan’s eyes locked onto the petite girl who was walking in the middle. Seeing her deliberately lowering her head and hiding her figure while constantly calculating, his curiosity was immediately aroused.

She had not looked like this when she had climbed into his bed last night. Her eyes had been filled with greed and desire. He had seen many such women, but now, those frighteningly bright big eyes were not only cautiously checking left and right, but she was even calculating something. Her eyes were scheming, but there was none of the greed and desire that he had seen last night.

Her eyes had changed so much. Could this woman be faking it? If she was faking it, she was very successful. At least, it had successfully aroused his interest.

“Boss, I hear these people were released by the Little Oriental Loli. Devon is very angry now and has already sent out a message. The bounty for catching the Little Oriental Loli, live or dead, is 500,000.”

“Little Oriental Loli? Interesting!”

Yan Kuan did not expect all this to actually have been caused by that girl. He thought that Devon had already gotten rid of this person, but she could still cause this commotion. Good, this was really good.

“Other than Qian Weitang, capture her for me as well.”

When the subordinate heard this, he immediately understood that his Boss was interested in this woman and naturally knew what to do. He immediately bowed and left.

Yan Kuan’s eyes were fixed on Shen Xiaoxiao. They were focused and full of amusement. The more he looked, the more curious he was about just how this person had been faking it to be able to become two different people in just a day.

Shen Xiaoxiao somewhat frowned under the burning gaze. She slightly raised her head and saw the man standing under the street lamp. It was him, Yan Kuan.

Her heart tightened. She could not be caught by this man. She remembered this man had said that he wanted to “deal” with her. If she was caught by him, wouldn’t she be like a sheep a the tiger’s den? She would have even fewer possibilities to run out.

She hurriedly lowered her head and avoided that man’s burning gaze. She lowered her figure once again and made a few steps to blend into the crowd. However, the gaze that should have disappeared did not disappear. Instead, it continued to follow closely behind her.

Damn it, he was actually haunting her. She had not even gotten even with him for taking away her most precious thing yet.

The suffering in her previous life had half been because of this man. Although she was the one who had chosen to sleep on the bed, she had originally thought that it would be enough to hide from his sight since he was different from those top-notch people. She didn’t expect him to not want to let her go.

Since he was so determined not to let her go, she wouldn’t back down either. She would just take back a little interest.

In this life, no matter who, no one could bully her anymore.

Her mind kept spinning. How could she solve this problem? She looked around. It was dark, but dawn was not far away. Anything she wanted to do would have to be done within these two hours while she could still run away under the darkness of the night.

The club was built on the edge of the Connors Jungle near the Superior Upland in northern Wisconsin.

At that time, she remembered that Devon had said this place was close to the dock, as well as serving as an entrance to the jungle. It could be attacked and defended; it was a natural refuge.

Shen Xiaoxiao had long forgotten how to walk on these roads. She was actually very clear that these people could not really run away, because upon facing the open roads, there would be nowhere for refuge and no tools for weapons. Even if they ran out of the club, they would still be caught because there was no shelter.

And the only place they could run to save their lives was into the jungle not far behind them. As long as they had the ability to cross this jungle, they would be able to enter the other state connected to Wisconsin: Moros. This was also where Devon had committed numerous crimes and was unable to enter, and also the only way for Shen Xiaoxiao to escape from Devon’s territory.

As long as she reached Moros, it was only a matter of time before she could return to her country. According to what she had learned later, her Third Uncle, the most loyal butler of the Shen family, had already arrived in Moros.

It could be said that her Third Uncle had followed her after she had been sent to Country M, but he had been a step too late. After he found out about her accident, her Third Uncle had stayed in Country M to inquire about her. Later on, when they talked about this experience, her Third Uncle couldn’t help but sigh and feel that it was a pity he missed the chance.

Therefore, she had to think of a way to cross this jungle to enter Moros, find her Third Uncle, and start her revenge plan.

In her previous life, Shen Xiaoxiao had countlessly studied up on these two states that were separated by a waterfall. She had also thought of escaping. However, at that time, she had never been imprisoned in the dungeon, nor did she have the ability to release those prisoners.

Therefore, without those prisoners as “helpers”, even if she thought about it many times, she never would have been able to escape from this heavily guarded club.

Now, the opportunity was right in front of her, so she had to enter the jungle no matter what.

But to enter the jungle behind her, she had to go around the convoy called Yan Kuan. What should she do?

Shen Xiaoxiao’s eyes rolled around as she looked at the remaining sixty or so people in the convoy. She smiled evilly, turned her head, and met the eyes of the man called Yan Kuan without any doubt. She smiled provocatively, lowered her head, quickened her pace, and immediately dashed into the crowd.

The scene was already chaotic. In addition, the surroundings were pitch-black. Even the lights of the club couldn’t illuminate the place.

Yan Kuan lost the girl in the darkness. He slightly frowned. This girl… The way she looked at him no longer had the desire to please him. It was a provocation. Yes, a provocation. This was really interesting.

These people all held one or two tools that could be used as weapons, while Shen Xiaoxiao held a sharp dagger in her hand.

If there was one skill she had learned in her 10 years in prison, it was her ability to see and hear in the dark.

She was good at Muay Thai, and she knew all the joints and weaknesses of the human body like the back of her hand. In addition, she had a lot of boxing experience from over the years, so when she saw the man standing in the corner in front of the third car, Shen Xiaoxiao formulated thoughts in her head.

She pulled the sleeve of the man beside her and pointed at the position in front of her.

Her inability to speak did not cause any dissatisfaction from the people around her, because everyone knew that this Little Oriental Loli was the one who had let them escape.

Now, seeing that she was pointing at a place not too far away, they immediately knew that she was telling everyone to run into the jungle. Yes, why didn’t they think that the only way out of this place was through the jungle?

The white man shouted at the group of people who had been released, “Go, go that way. Once we enter the jungle, we can run away.”

The effect was very good. As expected, the group of people started running in that direction. Yan Kuan’s eyes turned cold. This girl was really smart.

“Boss, do you want to do it? The key is in that car.”

Yan Kuan looked at the group of people who were getting closer, especially to the third car. His eyes were cold and his voice sounded emotionless. “Kill anyone who gets close.”

It was a pity that such a smart brain had been used in the wrong place. Indeed, women were useless.

Yan Kuan turned around and sat back in his car. He had thought that she was a smart girl and could still be played with. He did not expect her to be as dumb as a pig and useless to the extreme.

Bang, bang, bang…!

The sound of gunshots suddenly rang out in front of them. Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the cold man who did not show any mercy while directly shooting at them. Her heart grew even more fearful. This man was really ruthless. He actually shot at so many people. He was indeed incomparably cold.

However, because he gave the order to shoot, the people who were originally united immediately ran away wantonly. She also took the opportunity to run behind a large pagoda tree closest to them.

The night was too dark. These people wanted to kill them all, but the time was not ripe.

Shen Xiaoxiao relied on her precise vision and quietly approached the rear of the last car under the cover of the night.

There were people everywhere. She thought for a moment and bent down to crawl under the bottom of the car. As long as she could crawl to the third car and exit toward the left, she could escape…

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