Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Hunt

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The lack of food made it impossible for Shen Xiaoxiao to stay in this place. She needed to replenish her physical strength, and she needed food that could sustain her life in this jungle for at least half a month.

Where there was water, there would be animals. She was destined to be found in a place with water. In the end, this was not a place for a long-term stay.

Wild fruits, fish, and prawns had become the key food she needed for energy these days. In fact, for Shen Xiaoxiao, this was already a delicacy.

For the past ten years in prison, she had a bowl of porridge every day. Ten years went by like one day. Now, thinking about it, she did not know how she had managed to persevere.

She had picked almost all the wild fruits in the vicinity, but she did not dare to go far. She could only move around in the vicinity every day. Moreover, she had been drugged with cartilage powder before. It took her three days to fully recover.

Therefore, she was extra careful every time she moved. In addition, she had not found anyone chasing after them these days. She knew that she was already close to the depths of the forest. It would still take some time for those people to enter.

In addition, the place she was staying at was indeed very hidden. Therefore, the temporary rest still gave Shen Xiaoxiao a chance to catch her breath.

It was said that wild beasts were always used to appearing at night, but for Shen Xiaoxiao who knew some of the laws of the jungle, she would never casually step out of the cave in the evening.

The cave was surrounded by a circle of thorns and some vines that she had knitted in her spare time to serve as a temporary barrier.

These days, she rested while thinking about the direction of the future. Her hands did not stop, and the small vines that she picked up around her were woven into a medium-sized basket bit by bit.

This was all thanks to that scumbag Pei Li from her previous life. She knew that he liked virtuous and gentle girls, so in her previous life, she learned to knit sweaters and learn how to cook in order to please him. However, she did not expect that these things he did not care about back then would come in handy now.

Shen Xiaoxiao was very clear that staying here and not going out was definitely not a solution. She had made preparations. Tomorrow, it was time to go out and scout around this lake.

The lake was a very special existence in the jungle. As long as the scouts looking for them looked for a water source, she would die without a doubt.

Yan Kuan looked at the map in his hand. There were only two water sources in such a large jungle. To the east, there was a natural lake near the center of the jungle. From there, the water flowed down and entwined the entire jungle.

The other source was the Borz Falls, which was the boundary between Wisconsin and Moros.

Borz Falls was located in the depths of the southeast jungle. No one could reach there in a few days at this speed. Therefore, the last place that the Little Oriental Loli could stay was near the lake.

Yan Kuan looked at the map and understood. He smiled mysteriously, pointed at the lake, and said to the secret guard,

“Follow the source of the water. If there is no water, she will definitely not survive. She must be near the source of the water.”

The guard received the order and respectfully retreated.

The fruit trees that were slightly closer had been picked clean by Shen Xiaoxiao. In order to get more nutrients, Shen Xiaoxiao carried a basket on her back and slowly walked to the periphery of the lake with the only food she had.

Along the east side, she carefully avoided some animals and tried to empty her ears as she listened to everything that was happening around her. The pebbles that she picked up by the lake were used as marks, and she carefully left marks every distance she walked. Because she could not find a more suitable place, for the time being, she still needed that cave as a place to rest at night.

The closer she got to the depths of the forest, the fewer people who would be involved in this place. The withered branches and leaves on the ground were thick, and her feet were soft. Because it had rained, there was still moisture from after the rain and it felt misty.

It had been five days since she had entered the forest. The heavy rain for three days had made the mountain road extremely difficult to walk on, but because it was difficult to walk on, it also bought more time for Shen Xiaoxiao.

As she strolled through the jungle, she passed by a cherry tree and saw the bright red wild cherries. Shen Xiaoxiao drooled.

She missed the sweet and sour taste too much. It had been many years since she had tasted it. The wild fruits she had eaten these days were a little bitter, so these wild cherries were extremely rare.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the not-so-tall wild cherry tree with some excitement. She carried the basket on her back and carefully climbed up the tree trunk.

No one picked these wild fruits in the depths of the forest. Because it was close to the water source, the growth was quite good. The tree trunk was thick, and she sat on the tree trident anxiously. The basket on her back was carefully held in her arms, and there was a small basket of wild cherries inside. She stuffed them into her mouth one by one. As expected, they were sour and sweet, and she ate them to her heart’s content.

While she was immersed in this rare delicacy, she heard some extremely small and noisy footsteps.

Shen Xiaoxiao hurriedly sat up straight and used the advantage of height to look into the distance.

Sure enough, not far away, there were three or four people chasing after a white man.

This place was close to a water source. If she wanted to live, she could only go in this direction. However, she had attracted the wrong people.

The guns in the hands of those three men were not to be trifled with. Was she going to sit up here and watch the show, or was she going to save them?

If she did not save them, once those people found out about her, she would not have a good time either. She understood that her lips and teeth were cold. However, now that she was on the tree, those people might not find out about her. What should she do?

“Bang, Bang, Bang…”

Without waiting for Shen Xiaoxiao to think about it, one of those people fired a shot. A blood-curdling scream rang out. Forget it, Shen Xiaoxiao did not have to make a decision now. This person would not be able to escape.

“Run! Why aren’t you running? We’ve been chasing you for five days and five nights. You’re really capable.”

The man with the gun roared at the man who had been shot in the leg.

“Let me go. I can tell you the location of the warehouse. Let me go.”

The man spoke in Spanish, but the black men could not understand him at all. However, Shen Xiaoxiao could hear everything they were saying clearly.

In her previous life, Shen Xiaoxiao had spent three years in the underground brothel. The lackeys who were in charge of escorting their clients were all Spaniards. The owner of the brothel was also Spaniard, so almost all of the people around her spoke Spanish.

If she didn’t understand Spanish, then she naturally would not be able to receive clients. Don’t think that it would be easy just because she would not receive clients. Women who did not receive clients would not have a good ending in the brothel. They would only become tools for them to play with.

Therefore, at that time, Shen Xiaoxiao did not have the ability to resist even if her limbs weren’t broken. After suffering a few times, she had learned to be obedient. When she had nothing to do, she would try to get close to them or listen with her heart. Slowly, even if she could not speak, she could understand those Spanish words. It was just like how she could only understand English but not speak English even though she had stayed here all these years.

Now, when she heard this long-lost and unfamiliar Spanish, her heart still had some ups and downs. She could not calm down.

However, the word “warehouse” aroused Shen Xiaoxiao’s interest. She still remembered what Yan Kuan’s men had said when she had been eavesdropping under the car.

There seemed to be a warehouse in the Connors Jungle that was causing everyone to scramble for it. Where exactly was this warehouse? Could it be that the key she had stolen was the key to this warehouse? Was this possible?

Shen Xiaoxiao slightly moved her body while sitting on the branch. She did not expect that such a subtle sound would actually attract the attention of those people.


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