Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Murder

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Those people were obviously Devon’s men. Their goal didn’t seem to be to capture the white man, but to execute him on the spot.

However, Shen Xiaoxiao only heard the white man repeatedly beg for mercy. Moreover, those people obviously didn’t understand. If they killed him just like that, she wouldn’t be able to know anything. She was still waiting to take advantage of him.

However, she was not going to leave so rashly. She was not an iron wall to deal with four burly men. She was not that stupid.

Just as one of the black men was shooting at the white man, Shen Xiaoxiao threw the cherry branch in her hand into the distance.

The branch was straight and shot like an arrow. It flew very far. The sound of the branch landing on the ground attracted the attention of those people. However, the gunshot still rang out. Those people first checked the white man who was unconscious on the ground, then, they followed the place where the tree branch fell and chased after him.

Shen Xiaoxiao took the opportunity to climb down from the tree and quietly walked towards the “corpse”.

He was shot in the chest. It seemed that there was no way to save him, but she was still a step too late. In that case, she could only search the man’s body to see if there was anything that she could use.

She would not mind if it was used by a dead person. After all, even if this man was dead, he had only been dead for less than three minutes and was still warm.

However, the smell of blood on the ground could not last long. If she encountered a wild beast, she would be in deep trouble.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the white shirt that had long been torn into pieces. Not only was it dirty and smelly, but she naturally would not have such an idea. However, the socks on his feet and the coat could still be used.

She did not know how long this man had been locked up, but he still had a coat to accompany him. Moreover, it was a jacket. No wonder it was not easy to be torn.

It was the end of September, and the weather was still a little hot. This man did not throw his jacket away, but hung it around his waist. It was obvious that he had thought of staying in this jungle for a long time, but his luck was not good, and he was found in advance.

Just as Shen Xiaoxiao unbuttoned the man’s jacket and held it in her hand, the man beneath her actually moved, scaring Shen Xiaoxiao so much that she shrank back.

She looked up and saw that the white man was still alive, but he was still spitting out large mouthfuls of blood. His eyes were looking at her, and one of his hands was gripping her arm tightly.

He mumbled something, and his eyes were staring at her tightly. This state only lasted for a few seconds before he completely died.

Shen Xiaoxiao did not know how to describe her mood. Was she too lucky? At this last moment, this man was still able to stay awake for a few seconds and leave a message for her. Did she really hit her golden finger?

“In the withered trees of the southeast waterfall.” This sentence was so short, but it made Shen Xiaoxiao react in a moment. Could this be the address of the so-called warehouse?

Was this person not afraid that she would not understand? However, seeing that he could tell her this news at the last moment, Shen Xiaoxiao wanted to do a good deed and find a peaceful place for him.

However, before she could react, she heard the sound of her feet stepping on the dried leaves again. Not good, those people had returned. It seemed that she could only let this old man down. Escaping for her life was more important.

However, she moved quickly. The four men in black were not useless. They had just noticed that something was wrong. As expected, the moment she ran, the gunshots behind her also sounded. They had discovered her.

What should she do now? If those people did not have guns, she would have the courage to fight them. However, these people had guns, so she could not run far. What should she do? What should she do?

Just as Shen Xiaoxiao was at a loss and did not know what to do, the thicket in front of her lit up her eyes. It seemed that she could only use the resources available to help herself.

The thicket was long and deep, and it was two meters tall. She had climbed in and out of a dog-like cave. If these people wanted to catch her, they would have to cut a path.

If they wanted to cut a path, they would have to use both hands. When they really passed through the thicket, it would be the perfect time for her to make her move.

Shen Xiaoxiao deliberately made some noise and waited for the right time to crawl into the cave. Those people watched as she crawled from the cave to the thorny undergrowth and were still happy to finally see the figure of the Little Oriental Loli. Otherwise… They did not know how many days they would have to stay in this damned place.

They had just gotten rid of that designer. Now, as long as they got rid of this Little Oriental Loli, they would have made a great contribution.

Walking to the front of the thorny forest, the four of them looked at the small hole and looked at each other. It was so small that only the Little Oriental Loli could climb over it. With their bodies, it was impossible for them to climb over it. However, how could the mere thorny vines stop them? In their dreams!

Shen Xiaoxiao hid in the dark. From the gap, she could see clearly that the four of them had indeed put their pistols behind their waists. They each took out the knives in their hands and began to swing at the thorny vines.

However, the thicket was not so easy to break. They could only swing at a small path for the time being. However, they were holding small daggers, not machetes. No matter how hard they tried, there would always be branches coming out.

As Shen Xiaoxiao had expected, the four black men used their arms to push open the path, allowing the people behind them to enter one by one. It was also because of this that it provided Shen Xiaoxiao with an excellent opportunity.

The first person squeezed out from the thorny corridor. Shen Xiaoxiao was already prepared with a knife.

Killing was a matter of life and death. Although she had never killed anyone, she had killed someone on the field before.

She had been scared and terrified before. However, when you realized that you were in a situation where you were either dead or dead, you would do it no matter how scared you were.

The action of slicing his throat was swift and straightforward. Even though her hands were trembling unnaturally, she forced herself to hold her heart and hid to the side, holding her breath.

“Damn it, damn it! George! George!”

Someone had already shouted at the entrance of the corridor. They had already seen someone fall down. The remaining three almost instinctively wanted to reach for their guns from the back of their waists, but when they released their hands, the brambles pressed down from both sides. This caused the three of them to shriek without any preparation.

“Damn it! Open up! Quickly open up this thing!”

Shen Xiaoxiao heard the snapping sound of the thistles. Without any preparation, she used her petite body to charge through the thistles that had opened up between them, the dagger in her hand quickly struck out when the remaining three people were caught off guard. Other than the one at the front whose neck had been slit, the other two people, Shen Xiaoxiao, were so stubborn that they directly cut off the tendons on their hands and feet.

The blade was still dripping with blood. Apart from the two people who were trapped in the thicket and screaming, the other two had already been killed by her and laid on the ground.

At this moment, in the eyes of these people, the young girl who was so thin that she could die with a light pinch was the first time that they truly felt what terror was.

The setting sun was setting in the west, and the bright red sun shone on her face, making people feel waves of coldness sweep over their limbs and bones, chilling their hearts and bones.

The Little Oriental Loli, as expected, lived up to her reputation…

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