Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 845 - I’ll Skin You First

Chapter 845 I’ll Skin You First

Lin Jiahui’s words made many people want to rush up and throw this old woman into the pit. Of course, some people did so.

Dark 4 was the first one who disliked her. He walked up and wanted to attack the old woman, but Dark 1 stopped him at this time.

Dark 4 grabbed Dark 1’s collar angrily and pulled him to look at the grinding mill.

The legs that were still there just now are all gone. Only the flesh and blood are still being grinded.

“Look at that, look at that, look at what they’re doing, they’re a bloody mess! Look at that! That’s how you treat your men, that’s how you do things? That’s how you eat your fucking conscience?”

No one stopped Dark 4’s actions. Even Dark 1’s own people who were standing at the side were feeling sorrowful.

“And you old hag, I won’t hit women or old people, but I’ll break my oaths today.”

Dark 4 kicked Lin Jiahui’s stomach.

This time, no one stopped him. Even Dark 1 didn’t stop him. Of course, Lin Jiahui’s two assistants wanted to stop him, but they weren’t Dark 4’s opponents at all. Dark 4’s actions were so fast… How could he let these two stop him?

“F*ck you! Breaking the formation? I’ll let you break it, I’ll let you break it.”

Dark 4 kicked Lin Jiahui to the ground until she could not move. Seeing that Dark 4 had vented his anger, Dark 1 reached out to stop him.

“I’ll accept the gang rules after we go back, “Dark 1 said to Yan Kuan.

Yan Kuan did not answer him at all. On the other hand, Lin Jiahui lay on the ground and whimpered. She even vomited a large mouthful of blood.

“You, you… you dare to hurt me? You ignorant child, you ignorant child. Dark 1, this is how you protect me? You, you…”

“If you’re still breathing, find a way out immediately.”

Dark 1 looked at Lin Jiahui coldly. Lin Jiahui really couldn’t do anything to Dark 1. Moreover, the path inside depended on Dark 1 to lead the way, so even if she was severely injured, she had to endure it.

“It’s okay to continue walking. This woman, Dark 1, you should know that she’s the one I want.”

Lin Jiahui was helped up by someone. Before she could find a way out, Shen Xiaoxiao had already stood in front of Dark 1 and pointed at Liu Yufei who had been hiding in the corner. Liu Yufei was already scared stiff. When she saw that Shen Xiaoxiao actually wanted her by name, she was so scared that she knelt down on the ground. “Why are you kneeling? I didn’t do anything to you. Why don’t you try this? I want to see if your blood is black. After all, a woman like you is rare in this world.”

“No, she is a person of extreme yin. I have great use for her. You cannot take her away.”

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Lin Jiahui, who was already seriously injured, and she still wanted to protect Liu Yufei. She found it funny.

“You can’t even protect yourself, yet you still want to protect others? Also, if I, Shen Xiaoxiao, want her to live, she will live. If I want her to die, she will die. Who do you think you are to order me around?”

“You! I’m nothing. Don’t you listen to your grandfather’s orders? Shen Xiaoxiao, don’t forget that your surname is Shen?”

“Hahaha, it’s really funny. Are you talking about the old man? He’s nothing. I’m already married, thank you. There’s a ‘Yan’ before my surname. Moreover, even if my surname is Shen, do you think it’s very honorable? Ignorant fool. No wonder you couldn’t fulfill your wish even after waiting for decades.”

“D*mned girl, be careful or I’ll skin you alive.”

“Then I’ll skin you alive first.”

After Shen Xiaoxiao finished her words, she threw out her usual weapon, blades, and three blades at Lin Jiahui. She just so happened to cut a triangular wound on her arm. Blood flowed like water and Lin Jiahui screamed in pain.

“The skin hasn’t fallen off yet, little thing. You still need some time. Watch how your husband does it.”

Yan Kuan looked at Lin Jiahui’s wound with amusement. He took the blade from Shen Xiaoxiao’s hand and it flew to the side again.


The scream was much more tragic than before, and everyone saw it clearly. A palm-sized triangular skin immediately fell off Lin Jiahui’s arm.

“Did you see that? This is what it means to skin someone alive!”

Everyone saw the couple standing there discussing how to skin someone alive, and how they would really skin someone alive. This scene made everyone understand them differently. They were really a family.


“Dark 1, why don’t you bandage your employer’s wound? This piece of skin will be fine for the time being. As for the rest, when you see Old Master Shen, just put on a good show. However, looking at their scared faces, I don’t think they can do anything. Dark 15, go help our allies. Don’t let the old woman die.”

When Dark 15 heard Shen Xiaoxiao’s order, he immediately went forward. At this moment, Shen Xiaoxiao had become the perfect idol in their hearts. This skill, this style, wasn’t this a copy of their master? He admired, worshipped, and idolized her to the end.

Dark 1 gritted his teeth and did not speak. He could be considered to understand Shen Xiaoxiao. Today, she did not let anyone directly take the old woman down. She had already held back. With just the way she threw the blade, even he would not be able to block it. He knew that Old Master Shen did not understand his granddaughter. In the end, the grandfather and granddaughter would still have to go through a lot of trouble, but he did not know who would win.

“Alright, it’s your turn now. I heard that you have the blood of extreme yin? Is your blood very useful?”

“I, I… I beg you, please let me go, let me go.”

“Since the blood is useful, then let’s drain it dry. It’s a waste of manpower to bring a lump of meat on the road. You guys are really stupid.”

“Do you want to draw blood? I’ll go draw it right away.”

Dark 15 was simply not afraid of trouble. He had not finished bandaging the old woman’s wound yet, but now that he had heard of a new mission to draw blood, his admiration for his sister-in-law was like a torrential river. This way of doing things was too satisfying. It was, in one word, awesome.

“I know how to draw blood. I’ll do it.”

Dark 4 was not afraid of trouble and immediately wanted to step forward to help.

But at this time, Dark 1 had no choice but to step forward and speak up. “Miss, Old Master Shen has instructed that Liu Yufei is the key to opening the last main tomb. She cannot be killed. But, she can be injured.”

Dark 4 suddenly liked Dark 1’s words. What did he mean by not being killed, but she could be injured?

Was he joking? Or was he trying to curry favor with everyone?

Shen Xiaoxiao did not expect Dark 1 to add this last sentence as a supplement. She glanced at Yan Kuan, who had never said a word to Dark 1. At this moment, he said to him, “When you go back, you will be automatically punished in the punishment hall.”

“Yes, your subordinate obeys. Thank you, Master.”

To be able to let him go back to the punishment hall to be punished was to admit that he was a dark guard. If he did not even have the qualifications to go to the punishment hall, then he did not even have the qualifications to be a dark guard. He did not want this, not at all.

When the dark guards behind him heard Yan Kuan’s words, they heaved a sigh of relief. Even Dark 4 was so emotional just now because he was afraid that his brother would not even be able to be a dark guard.

Regardless of why this Dark 1 had to listen to Old Master Shen, he had to admit that in the past ten years, Dark 1 had never done anything to hurt them. He had never done anything to hurt them.

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