Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 846 - Yin Energy

Chapter 846 Yin Energy

“Since we need her to open the final tomb, we really can’t kill her right away. But what if I don’t like her?”

“Boss, why don’t we remove her limbs?”

“Dark 4, are you stupid? Removing her limbs means that she has to be carried by someone. I haven’t even enjoyed that treatment.”

Dark 11 mumbled to Dark 4. Of course, Dark 11 was speaking the truth. The treatment for carrying her was so good. How could it work?

“Why don’t we cut her face?”

“11, your opinion isn’t constructive. Her face looks like it’s been under the knife. It’s fake. Besides, if we cut her face, it will affect our vision.”

Dark 20 was also coming up with a plan. Liu Yufei was so scared by these people’s words that she didn’t know what to do.

Kneeling on the ground, she trembled, but her hatred for Shen Xiaoxiao grew stronger.

“You hate me very much? That’s funny. From the beginning, you were the one who robbed me. What right do you have to hate me?”

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Liu Yufei’s desperate look and couldn’t help but speak above her head.

Liu Yufei did not dare to raise her head. She was afraid that her gaze would betray her. She could not afford to offend Shen Xiaoxiao, and she could not afford to offend her now.

“How boring. Take her with you and leave.”

“Boss, aren’t you going to teach her a lesson?”

“Teach her a lesson? Look at her skin. Can you do it? Don’t you think it’s dirty?”

After Shen Xiaoxiao said that, everyone realized that there were blisters on Liu Yufei’s neck. It was extremely disgusting to look at.

Liu Yufei did not expect that after entering the ancient tomb, the blisters on her body had become more and more serious. In less than an hour, the blisters that had previously formed scabs had all burst open. Now, she felt that her entire body was sticky and extremely uncomfortable.

The people who had escorted Liu Yufei also saw this scene. It was as if they were looking at a monster. They all took a step back at the same time. This woman was so disgusting.

Shen Xiaoxiao had just discovered the problem. There was something wrong with Liu Yufei. When she entered this place, Yan Kuan had blocked her line of sight, so she had decided to observe Liu Yufei. There was no scar on her neck just now, and it had only been ten minutes. The blister had already started to ooze. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with her, right?

However, no matter what the problem was, she must always pay attention to this woman.

With Dark 15 around, she could definitely guarantee that Lin Jiahui would not die even if she wished to. Moreover, even though she was clearly in pain, she would definitely be a hundred times more energetic.

What stimulated the body’s functions, what activated your life force in an instant, this would be used by Dark 15. Since this old woman was so vicious, then let her have a taste of the torture of feeling pain under the condition of spirit wings. Just thinking about it made her feel good.

“Shen Xiaoxiao, you, you…”

“What? You still want to scold me? If you scold me again, I’ll skin you again. You said you can’t let out the smell of blood.”

Hearing what Shen Xiaoxiao said, Lin Jiahui looked at the sealed stone door as if she was facing a great enemy. Yes, there shouldn’t be any wounds.

“Old woman, don’t worry. I’ll bandage your wounds so no smell can be emitted. But if you dare to make trouble, I guarantee that your whole body will smell of blood.”

After being warned by Dark 15, Lin Jiahui really lowered her head and sniffed her own arm. She really didn’t know how this person did it. There really wasn’t any bloody smell at all.

Lin Jiahui gritted her teeth. Now wasn’t the time for a fight of wills. She could endure for decades. She didn’t believe that she couldn’t endure a little girl.

There were plenty of opportunities for revenge. The most important thing now was to enter the ancient tomb immediately.

“Double Dragon Gate Guard, the stone mill just activated the array gate. You two go and open the stone gate. Everyone, go to the small stone house.”

Lin Jiahui could not afford to offend Shen Xiaoxiao. From the beginning, she actually understood that this Dark 1 would not listen to her commands. She could only reach the final stage and wait for Old Master Shen to come. Only then would she have a way out.

If she wanted to take revenge, it was fine. If she wanted to save Ouyang Jue, she could only reach the final stage.

No one knew how much danger lay ahead, but no one dared to underestimate what was going to happen in the future.

They all retreated, even putting on their gas masks. Yan Kuan even asked everyone to put on their protective clothing.

This protective clothing was the most expensive thing they had built in the mountain this time. It covered their entire bodies from head to toe. Not only was it impervious to any poison, it was also waterproof and fireproof.

Of course, only the dark guards had such equipment.

“Even if you wear the protective suit, when the stone door opens, remember to hold your breath. If it’s an ancient tomb that hasn’t been opened for a thousand years, the yin energy will definitely be very strong. You can’t underestimate it.”

At this moment, even Lin Jiahui was wearing a gas mask and had a ginseng in her mouth. Everyone else followed her actions.

The two people who opened the stone door looked at each other and slowly walked to the towering stone door.

Double Dragon Gate Guard meant that there were two relief stone dragons on the door frame, which just happened to seal the door

They had to open the door with force, which meant that the stone dragons were separated. The two people pulled the door with force. When they came, they could not move the stone door at all, but because they used two people as blood sacrifices, it slowly opened a crack.

The two of them looked at each other and moved behind the door at the same time. They became more and more careful when they moved.

The stone door slowly opened with a loud bang. Then, everyone saw a shadow that looked like a dragon head running out from the open stone door and running toward the small room in front of them.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s because the air is volatile. It’s caused by carbon dioxide. There’s no real dragon.”

Yan Kuan explained to Shen Xiaoxiao by her ear. However, despite Yan Kuan’s explanation, he still did not let go of Shen Xiaoxiao. This was because an extremely strong gust of cold wind immediately followed. The two people who had just opened the door were completely shocked by the dragon head that had run out. They did not expect that the greatest crisis had arrived.

The cold wind broke out of the door and charged at the two people.

The two of them were sent flying a few meters away by the cold wind. Their bodies trembled and their bodies were instantly covered in black. In just a few seconds, their bodies stiffened and they could not say a word.

The cold wind did not have the slightest intention of stopping. It moved around the two rooms and everyone’s clothes were fluttering in the wind.

Yan Kuan protected Shen Xiaoxiao in his arms. They felt a much smaller impact while hiding behind the stone door, but they also knew how terrifying the cold wind was.

“This is yin energy. Those two were careless.”

“This wind is really terrifying.”

“Yes, when yin energy enters the body, it is already like this. Once you are hit, you can only live in the yin wind for the rest of your life and eventually die from pain.”

“No wonder you spent so much money to make these clothes. Did you expect this?”

“I told you before, I treat this as an ancient tomb. As long as it is an ancient tomb, there will definitely be yin energy, not to mention an ancient tomb that has not been opened for a thousand years. Don’t talk anymore. Be careful, there is still a strong one.”

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